Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Ritual to Stop Gay Teen Suicide

There has been a rash of teenage suicides in the last few weeks that should be brought to the public's attention. Each of these kids was a gay teenager that chose to end his life because of the bullying and tormenting he was receiving from his peers. Asher Brown and Seth Walsh were 13 years old. Billy Lucas was 15, Tyler Clementi, 18 and Raymond Chase, 19.

To honor the memory of these brothers, many of us have opted to wear purple in an act of solidarity for today (Wednesday Oct. 20th). A public action is good for raising awareness, but as a conjurer I feel motivated to do more. I've written up a ritual here that you are welcome to do as well, to help end the hate, end the violence and torment, and mend the social division around what seems to be the last remaining prejudice that people are unashamed to declare publicly : homophobia.

A Ritual To Stop Hate and End Gay Teen Suicides
I'll be performing this ritual tonight, but you can certainly perform it at any time. Your support and energy are always good toward this social cause.

You'll need:
  • A white glass-encased vigil candle
  • Blessing Oil or Holy Oil
  • Five purple offertory candles
  • Printed photos of the kids above
  • Lavender flowers

Carve each boy's name into one of the purple offertory candles. Dress each candle with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil. Using a pointed tool, poke three holes down into the wax of the white vigil candle and drip a bit of Blessing Oil or Holy Oil into them.

Pray over each of the purple offertory candles in the honor of that person, that the light of the candle cleanse away their pain and torment and that they find their way quickly to heaven. Place the 5 candles in a circular arrangement and place that boy's photo at the foot of the candle in his honor. Then pray over the white vigil candle for love to conquer hate, for the violence to stop, for the community to be united against bullying and for the Ancestors to help any LGBT youth out there that's suffering, to let them know that it does get better and to have strength. Tap the white vigil candle three times on your table, then place it in the center of the circle of purple candles. Place a pinch of lavender on top of each photo and a pinch in the white candle, then light the white candle followed by all of the purple candles.

As the candles burn, open your heart and radiate love out into the community. Pray for the souls of these boys that they will be healed, find peace and comfort and that the violence, bullying and hatred will stop. Sit quietly in contemplation while you reflect on the burning candles before you.

Allow them to burn all the way down. Then collect all of the photos of the boys along with the pinches of lavender and dispose of them in a beautiful peaceful park at the foot of a large tree.


Balthazar said...

This is beautiful Dr. E - count me in. Will be linking this up on my blog, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I will also be adding this to my blog.

ConjureMan Ali said...

I'm in as well Dr. E! This directly effects all of us because we all have a friend, a colleague, or a family member who has been tormented by a bully because of their sexual identity. It's time to end the hate and restore the love.

I'll be linking this to my blog today.

kmj said...

This is really touching. Thank you. I'd also like to do pre-emptive work at the local schools for the protection of our children and the binding of such horrific behavior.