Monday, June 6, 2011

Client Testimonial

One of my clients recently sent me this testimonial. I did some work for her to advance in her career even in the face of a hostile workplace. She had excellent results. Here are her words:

June 5, 2011
Dr. E’s is a very professional and positive spiritual worker with superior products. Dr. E is very straightforward with his consultation reading and advisory; the results are fast and effective. If you were serious about getting help with a matter that is troubling you, I would recommend you to consult with a real spiritual worker who has your best interest at heart. Dr. E provided a private service for my job promotional issues, whereas my supervisors were not pleasant to deal with and he worked on uncrossing blocks that were hindering me from getting a career promotion position. I am here today to testify on Dr. E.'s behalf with the awesome private work he has performed for me to achieve my heart desire(s) with the true guidance of God’s gifted abilities to help others get positive results without ill will. - G. C.

The work I did included a sugar jar on the supervisors, some uncrossing work on the client and work to help the powers that be notice her skills and qualifications for advancement at her job. With her cooperation and my rootwork, G. C. got the results she was looking for!

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