Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hoodoo Spell to Reverse Slander Back at Your Enemies

There will always be people in this world who want to spew slander or spread lies. That's where a nice combination of stop gossip and reversing spell work can really be the best approach. This little spell is perfect for moments when you don't have time to build a mirror box, and really just need a fast spell to make the slanderer's words fly back in their face. They'll find their friends and the public turning against them, and their worlds will no longer hold any value to those who hear them.

Hoodoo Spell to Reverse Slander and Lies

This spell, like many reversing spells, uses mirrors or reflective objects as tools to reverse negativity back to its source. For this spell you'll need the following items:
  • 1 packet of STFU! Powder (Stop Gossip)
  • 1 bottle of Reversing Oil
  • 2 small mirrors of the same size (or a piece of tin foil if you don't have time to get mirrors) - make sure you do not catch your gaze in these mirrors
  • Black thread (sewing thread is fine)
  • A photo of your enemy 
  • A hammer
First take your enemy's photo and turn it over. On the back write their name seven times stacked. Then turn the paper counter-clockwise 1/4 turn and write "All your lies return to you" across their name nine times stacked. Dress the photo with Reversing Oil by dabbing a bit on each of the four corners, and one dab in the center over their mouth.

Next dust the photo with STFU! Powder (Stop Gossip Powder), on the front and back. Run your 3 fingers over the photo and command your enemy to shut their lying mouth, and for all of their words to blow up in their face and cause them public shaming. Shake the excess powder off of the photo and set it aside.

(Do all of this without catching your gaze in the mirrors) If you are using two mirrors, dress the four corners and center of each mirror with a dab of the Reversing Oil. Place the prepared photo in between the two mirrors with their shiny sides facing inward toward the photo. If you are using the tin foil, dress the four corners and center of it with Reversing Oil then wrap the photo inside the tin foil with the shiny side facing inward.

Then wrap the black thread around the mirrors (or foil packet) by wrapping it away from you as you recite Psalms 69 ("Pour out thine indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them."). Once your packet is all wrapped up in black thread, tie off the end so it will not unravel.

Take your packet out to a crossroad (any intersection that forms the shape of a +) with your hammer. Place the packet in the center of the crossroad and with great fury pray "All your evil lies return to you! May seven years of bad luck be upon you! I pray this in the righteous name of the Lord, Amen!"Then smash the packet with the hammer breaking the mirrors and casting the bad luck upon the face of your enemy within. Leave the packet there and walk away. (You can also do this is you are using tin foil. While the foil will not break the action of the hammer is sufficient to hammer your enemies words back into their mouth.)

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Jose Prado said...

Dr. E, I'm a fan of your work and with the information you share. I am an Aleyo in Santeria still waiting for my initiation into Palo Mayombe. At some point I would like to hear your thoughts on the religion since there seems to be lots of misinformation out there in the religion.