Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Filling a Large Order

I received a large order of my supplies from a friend of mine and it has taken me a LOT longer than I originally thought it would. The problem is that the hand-made soaps, while FANTASTIC products, take much longer to make than the magical oils. First I have to melt the base, then blend the oils into the base, then pour the base into the molds and let it cool, then the next day I have to pop the soaps out of the molds and bag them up for delivery. I only have so many molds, so I can make about 6 bars a day. This is far too slow. I need to purchase some more molds so that I can make these faster, or just stop offering them.

I'm also pondering the possibility of offering magical powders for sale. Powders are really traditional in hoodoo, and while many western magicians don't really know how to use them, they usually get very excited when I explain how they can be applied. You can sprinkle them in someone's tracks to affect them. You can roll candles in them to add their effect to the spell. You can put a pinch of the powders inside of mojo bags for added power. You can use them in bottle spells to affect someone either positively or negatively. You can blow them in the direction of the person you seek to affect. They are so very versatile and useful, if only more people knew how to use them.

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