Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Formulas Just Added

It's funny how art imitates life. In this case, my magical arts are imitating the real conjure work that I do. As I get clients who need specific work done, I often find a need to whip up a new blend or resurrect one that I formulated a long while ago and never posted on my online store. Some of my recent clients have motivated me to dig up these two formulas and add them to my online store.

Presenting's latest additions:

Good Job Oil:
This traditional hoodoo blend brings together benzoin and gravel root to create a powerful tool to help you get a good job or keep an existing one.

Reconciliation Oil:
Balm of gilead, rose and other herbs come together to help reunite estranged lovers, bring back a hurt ex or bring quarreling friends back together.

I'm also looking into how I can start processing credit cards without needing to use paypal. Paypal is so awkward to use and they are very slow to process payments.

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