Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shattering a Curse - Uncrossing Baths

A client contacted me for a Spiritual Cleansing service regarding something that had been plaguing him for quite a long while. 6 years ago, this gentleman was offered a pastry by a coworker, and then the problems began. He started having recurring cases of awful luck, money problems, unexpected expenses striking over and over, and then physical effects like lethargy, listlessness, disturbed dreams and paranormal experiences.

I spoke with him on the phone and conducted a reading to get at the root of the situation. My reading concluded that he had indeed be given a sneaky trick in the food he ingested that could have included but not been limited to the use of graveyard dirt. There was a paranormal element to this man's troubles.

Through the reading I recommended a series of 13 magical cleansing baths using an uncrossing herbal blend that included 13 different ingredients like hyssop, angelica root, rue, saltpeter, white mustard seeds, lemongrass and many other uncrossing plants. After bathing, he was to use a portion of his bathwater along with an ordinary floor cleaning product like Pine-Sol or Ammonia, and mop the floors of his house to cleanse any negativity out of the house that might have been coming off of him as a residual effect of the initial cursing. The last part involved him using Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to dress himself, his home and his loved ones to prevent future magical attacks.

Interestingly, I had a second client that I was working with at the time who was experiencing obstacles with getting his career off and running, and additionally was experiencing paranormal visitations in his sleep. I recommended a series of 13 uncrossing baths alone, and he reports excellent results. He thoroughly enjoys his magical baths, feels the energetic shift that has happened in his life and reports that more work opportunities are manifesting in his life and he is making more money than before. Additionally, he is sleeping restfully and has no repetitions of the previous visitations in his sleep.

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