Monday, October 6, 2008

Stopping Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip is such a destructive and common thing to find in the workplace. It draws uninvolved parties into other people's drama, it spreads negativity and breeds distrust. In this case, it led to an entire department ganging up against one of my clients.

He came to me with a situation where he felt his job was being threatened by gossiping coworkers, wanted their venomous words to stop and to feel protected while working. I performed a reading on the situation and came to the conclusion that a Fiery Wall of Protection Spell for him would be best, coupled with some STFU! work around the office for everyone's benefit.

The Fiery Wall of Protection Spell involved a white crucifix candle into which was carved a prayer for protection on behalf of the client. That candle was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Next that candle was surrounded by 7 purple offertory candles each carved with the named of an angel or protective spirit that was also dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Additionally an image of a protective saint - in this case, St. Michael - was placed in the circle with the candles, and Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was sprinkled in a circle around the white candle in the middle. Finally, a single Angelica Root was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and laid at the foot of the candle.

Now, outside of this protective circle, a single black offertory candle was carved with the names of the gossiping coworkers and then dressed with STFU! Oil to stop their vile gossip. It was placed over a name paper with the same coworkers' names. I burned the candles while praying to the Angels to protect my client from the vicious rumors and vile gossip going on at work. When the black candle was half way burned down, I extinguished it in a dish full of Slippery Elm with the statement, "May your venomous gossip stop immediately and be your own undoing!" to the gossipers. When the candles finished burning down, the remaining butt of the white crucifix candle, along with the saint card and a bit of the Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was wrapped up in a piece of white cotton with 4 knots in it for the client to conceal in his cubicle at work to protect him all day long.

The final touch was that I gave my client a bag full of STFU! Powder to put pinches in the corners of the office that he works in, and a dash under each coworkers' desk for good measure. No more gossip, and a respectful and safe environment is restored in the workplace.

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