Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Intranquility Candle Spell

Now, as an alternative to reconciliation spell working, there's the intranquility spell. This comes into hoodoo from Mexican brujería, and takes a more coercive approach to making a man come back to you and be faithful. I recently had a client ask me for this service in conjunction with a candle lit to Saint Martha the Dominator so that she could dominate her man as well - so keep this in mind.

Intranquility Spell
The intranquility spell calls upon the intranquil spirit that wanders in hell, never able to reach heaven to torment your lover until he returns to your side. This is very similar to the hoodoo practice of "goofering" your lover to make him ill unless he is by your side. The key ingredient in any intranquility spell is the use of graveyard dirt to incorporate the spiritual element necessary to torment the lover.

The intranquility spell uses a pink candle (for reconciliation) into which coercive herbs and oils as well as reconciliation herbs and oils are added, along with a pinch of graveyard dirt. Since this particular client also wanted to dominate her man, herbs for female power and dominance were added in to "make him her bitch".

Once the candle is dressed and prepared, it is prayed over in a very SPECIFIC way. The following prayer is used while holding the candle in one hand and a crucifix in the other.
O, Intranquil Spirit,
you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven,
hear me, o, hear me.

I want you to grasp the five senses of [name of lover]
and do not let [him/her] rest in peace,
neither seated nor standing,
waking nor sleeping,
that [he/she] should think only of
seeing me,
smelling me,
hearing me,
tasting me,
and touching me,
that [he/she] should find [himself/herself]
as desperate as the waters of the seas
and as torn as the wind in the storm
until [he/she] returns to me,

that [he/she] should run and run
until [he/she] humbly falls at my feet
because nobody will help [him/her],

and that neither a divorced [woman/man]
nor a married [woman/man],
a [widow/widower],
nor a virgin [woman/man],
shall ever love [him/her],
but only me and me alone.

[Name of lover],
i conjure you
before the cross and God Almighty,
that you are to run after me
as the living run after the cross
and the dead run after the light.

In advance I prepared a name paper with the lover's photo and the client's photo stuck face to face with a dab of honey, dressed it with commanding and controlling oils and then folded this up and taped it to the bottom of the candle.

The candle was lit on a friday for love issues. This is one spell where you should look for specific signs, like popping and crackling coming from the candle - as this indicates that the spirits are working on it and communicating to him.


SaeBotPor said...


I was just wondering if I am the one performing the spell do I still need photos of myself and my intended. Also, when you mentioned using graveyard dirt, how would you dress the candle with that? And, can I use intranquility oil along with compelling and commanding oil at the same time on the candle? Will it be too much?

Dr. E. said...

Yes, use photos regardless of who it is for. They are the "personal concerns" that tie the magic to the intended targets.

As for the intranquility candle just a pinch of graveyard dirt, properly bought from a grave, will do the trick.

As for the combination of oils, you certainly could, but it's important to note that a good intranquility oil will already have commanding and compelling ingredients in it (like mine does). ;-)

SaeBotPor said...

Thanks Dr. E. You've been really helpful!!!

I was confused when I read about goofer dust. Is that the same as graveyard dirt?

Dr. E. said...

Goofer dust is a magical powder used to make people sick and eventually kill them. You can see it here - I sell it. Graveyard dirt is one of the ingredients used in it, but they are not the same thing. And graveyard dirt can be used for helpful workings like love draw and uncrossings, as well as baneful workings like curses. It is a neutral ingredient that pulls the involvement of a spirit of the dead into the mix.

SaeBotPor said...

I see what you mean. Now, how do I properly "buy" graveyard dirt? I know I can't just walk in and take some from any grave. Will it help if the dirt is from a loved one or can it be from any? There are so many small details I'm just afraid I'm going to mess up the spell.

Dr. E. said...

Regarding buying graveyard dirt properly:

I already wrote a blog article on that very thing. :-)

SaeBotPor said...

WOW... Extremely informative but I don't think I'm bold enough to enter a cometary at night and call forth a spirit to help me. If I paid for your services, what would you need form me?

Dr. E. said...
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SaeBotPor said...

I sent you an email Dr. E.

pinky said...

This is the first version where I have seen graveyard dirt used in the spell. What is the graveyard dirts purpose in the intranquil candle spell?

leticia said...

for the dirt i have read it has to be someone who loved you, But what if you don't have a loved one that has died, at least in these country?

and how long doest it usually take to work?

Dr. E. said...

Leticia: In this instance of the spell, it is better to use graveyard dirt from a strong spirit (like a soldier, worker, etc.) than from someone who loved you because the spell is essentially a torturing one in nature. For other love drawing spells it is traditional to use graveyard dirt from the grave of someone who loved you, but for this instance it isn't necessary. I've been doing Intranquility Spells using dirt from a lumberjack's grave for quite some time with excellent results.

shaletastar said...
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sugarp1umfairy7 said...

How do I dispose of the name paper for this spell?

darrkmistress said...
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Dr. E. said...

To sugarp1umfairy7: You can place the name paper in the ground by your front doorstep (if you don't have earth there, be creative) to draw him back to your door.

To darrkmistress: I'm sorry, my dear, I don't give out free spell advice.

darrkmistress said...

thanks just the same.

sexyassyrian said...


i was wondering if i do the INTRANQUILITY spell will it drive him crazy because you metioned it really only works on certain types of people. Usually it results in tormenting the lover which ends up driving them mad, not back to you. Again... change your tactics. Try a honey jar, or a lodestone spell - but don't beat them over the head or you'll only drive them away. can you help me understand that a little better

Dr. E. said...

Hello Assyrian,

It's really simple, actually. Different situations call for different tactics. The Intranquility spell has limited uses - typically when dealing with a lover that is very prone to infidelity. It usually isn't the best tactic for getting a lost lover back, in my experience. To determine whether to use a honey jar, or a lodestone spell, or the Intranquility Spell, you need to do a reading to be sure.

This is why looking up any old spell on a blog and just doing if flat out isn't usually a wise course of action. You should always get a reading to determine what's really going on before taking magical action.

assyrian said...

the part where you say : pink candle (for reconciliation) into which coercive herbs and oils as well as reconciliation herbs and oils are added, along with a pinch of graveyard dirt. im just wondering where do we put all these oils and herbs in the candle ?im confused so sorry

Dr. E. said...

To Assyrian: Glass encased candles can be dressed by poking holes in the wax from the top and then adding the oils, herbs and curios in the top.

assyrian said...

do i have to use graveyard dirt, and what kinda of herbs do i use. or do u have this candle ready ?

javi said...

Hi,Dr. E. I properly bought some graveyard dirt...and im performing the spell tonight. i was just wondering what do i do with the peice of paper where i wrote down the name of the person i bought the graveyard dirt from and will be assisting me. Do i just throw it away?

tink999 said...

i did the spell in nov i buried it on doorstep in ground but in a plastic small bag. Is this ok or should i rebury in ground. He has been in touch but could be many reasons. Sould i just leave it or rebusy. pls reply. thanks

North East said...

On the comments you say you need to see if the spell is justified in the eyes of God. If you did that and it was unjustified, could someone do the spell themselves and it would work?

A friend was very close to someone, but hadn't kissed this person but did love them. Would the spell have been able to be cast on her by her former friend?

Dr. E. said...

Tink: leave it - it's fine. Besides, if he's in touch, then it's working, right? It doesn't matter WHY he's in touch - you got what you wanted. :-)

Northeast: The eyes of God are the eyes of God. If it is unjust in the eyes of God for one person it's still going to be unjust in the eyes of God if another person does it. Period. The second part of your question I don't really understand, but I will say that anyone can cast this spell on anyone else - they just need to be VERY careful when they do. If you cast this spell and it is unjust in the eyes of God, He will serve you your just punishment.

North East said...

Thank you for your reply.

I was just trying to understand the way Hoodoo worked, I didn't know if it was down to the reader, but I understand now.

My friend was able to get a reading from a reader on AIRR, the spell is justified but I have convinced them to try other methods first.

Royskopp said...


So I casted the spell and it did work- he did make contact with me. And then began to fight with me again and demand sexy photos from me. He then proceeded to inquire about my dating life and get all huffy. What should I do from here?



lotuspflower said...


I was wondering, with the spell of Intranquility, can I do this on any day and any moon phase? I normally don't go along with moon phases and such when doing spells, unless it specifically says so. I've tried to find something everywhere and nobody says anything about whether they were using a waxing moon or not. I suppose I should wait until Friday, since it is a new moon, plus it's the day of love. What is your advice? I asked my local rootworker and she said wait until Friday, but I didn't exactly tell her what I was doing. I normally like to keep things a little secret.


Dr. E. said...

To be perfect clear, I don't give out free spell advice. This is a service I do for payment, and I make a living off of it.

Please do not send me further responses or correspondences asking me to guide you through this spell. I simply speak about this spell here to discuss the work I've done for past clients.

Additionally, I do not perform this spell 99% of the time that people ask for it because it is typically NOT the right course of action. This spell is best used on mates who are cheating or have a tendency to flirt and get around. If you are not communicating with your ex, this spell is most likely NOT going to get them talking to you again. Try calling them on the phone, apologizing and mending the hurts of the past. You'll get much further with that tactic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. E.

marisol said...

Hi Dr. E, I am totally new to magic, but have always been extremely drawn by it. I am trying to get my daughter's father back and am not sure if this is the correct spell to cast. I also wondered if you work magic for other people? I am willing to pay. I don't know if I would know HOW to do the spell myself. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Blessings

SuccessIsAMindset said...

I was told by a practitioner tha the reconciliation spell would work for me. I havent seen or talked to the person via phone in almost 3 months. We have no contact and she was the one who left the relationship. This was a lesbian relationship by the way. She left with no real reason and as I tried to get an answer I angered her and eventually she just asked me to not contact her at all. she sent a certified letter requesting that we cut all contact. So would reconciliation work in this situation?

SuccessIsAMindset said...

I was told by a practitioner tha the reconciliation spell would work for me. I havent seen or talked to the person via phone in almost 3 months. We have no contact and she was the one who left the relationship. This was a lesbian relationship by the way. She left with no real reason and as I tried to get an answer I angered her and eventually she just asked me to not contact her at all. she sent a certified letter requesting that we cut all contact. So would reconciliation work in this situation?

PlanetJeannie said...

I have a comment and a couple of questions:
I really like all of the information that you have on your blog. Its very useful!
Now for my questions:
How long does it take (after performing this spell correctly)to see any results. ALSO: Do you recommend any specific day of the week, time of day or specific Lunar phase to perform this spell? Thanks!

jinxnine said...

Following performing this incantation, the effects were nearly immediate. Unmistakably evident within 48 hours of casting, with a pronounced though gradual increase of effect over the duration of the first week. Given that due a lack of appropriate source of graveyard dirt to be bought, thus not used. I am amazed that such a simple incantation can be performed to such powerful effect. Thank you for your guidance.

jinxnine said...

After purchasing the appropriate graveyard dirt and repeating the incantation at one week with a fully dressed candle the effects were enhanced at least five fold. Clearly, this spell would be torturous to a target that no longer harbored any love for the other party, a borderline curse under ill circumstances.

buubblytoes said...

I want to use this for crossing someone who has HUMILIATED me. No talking me out of it, I already have everything I need and in my mind he deserves it, I have even let my emotions die down and gave it a few months. I figure if he contacts I win, if he doesn't I win
My alter is in my room but I was thinking about envoking the spirt else where. It that wise? I was thinking the bathroom.

jess said...

dr e 1 week i lit 3 red glass candles all prepared in a shop for me 1 intranquil 1 hummingbird and 1 come to me for my lover who is afraid to return. the intranquil turned gray on top and went clear. all fires burning well strong but the intranquil finished before all. the next week i lit all 3 again i noticed the intranquil had all the herbs to one side...they caught on fire and broke the glass. i took this as an error so i relit another intranquil spirit candle and made sure all the herbs were well dispersed. this time the top of the glass cracked horizontaly and turned gray on top. does this mean his will is broken and he will return? that is what i am understanding. all three candles have been tied together with red cloth with the intranquil candle leading.

jess said...

Dr E I worked an intranquil, humming and come to me all red for a couple of days. the intranquil turned gray on top and went clear on the bottom...finished before all. the next week i noticed the intranquil candle herbs were all in a little mountain on one side but i decided to light anyway. they caught on fire and made the right side of the glass crack and break. i relit another intranquil candle and this time made sure all the herbs were well dispersed. this time the candle cracked horizontally and the glass turned gray on top. im taking this as his will was broken and he will return or am i incorrect?

Dr. E. said...

Dear Jess - I don't interpret candles that I haven't burned myself but most rootworkers interpret a broken candle as a sign that the person is resisting the work and fighting back.

jess said...

Tnx! In general how can someone "fight back" somenoe that is fighting back??? I would like to get your help on this...I've been getting help for about a year now and it's not going well with the other person that is helping me. If someone has a lot of protection are there actual ways to break down that protection or should one just move on?

Andraj said...

Dr.E what if O used a red candle instead of pink for the intranquility spell would it not work?

anita sandhu said...
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Dr. E. said...

That's a perfectly normal burn and indicative of success.

sandra Davis said...

Dr E I want to know how much are your readings