Monday, October 5, 2009

Reconciliation Spell + Cut out a Meddling Person

Often, a meddling party is interjecting themselves into a relationship that has fallen apart, or is starting to suffer. This "meddling party" syndrome can pose a real problem for people trying to work reconciliation spells to bring their partners back to them. Here's a great little spell I've done in the past to not only cut out that third interfering person, but also to reconcile the two lovers who have grown apart.

Reconciliation Spell + Cutting Out a Third Person
This is primarily an elaborate candle spell with a few extra props added in for good measure. Here are the supplies you'll need:
Step 1 - Prepare the Name Papers
Take one of the pieces of paper and write one lover's name across it 7 times in a row. Turn the paper clockwise 1/4 turn and then cross that person's name with the second lover's name 7 times. Now draw a shield with two inter-locked hearts on it at each of the four corners of the paper (to protect their love). Dab the paper on all four corners and in the middle with Reconciliation Oil. Fold the paper toward you in half. Turn 1/4 turn clockwise and repeat. Do that one last time for a total of three folds. Set it aside.

Take the second piece of paper and write the interfering person's name on the paper 9 times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and write GO AWAY NOW! on it 9 times crossing their name. Next draw arrows point outward from the name matrix on all four corners of that paper. Dab the paper with GTFO! Oil on all four corners and in the center. Fold the paper in half away from you. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and fold again. Repeat one more time for a total of three folds. Place this paper aside.

Step 2 - Carve and Dress the Candles
Carve one lover's name on the candle of the appropriate gender. On the back of the candle carve "Reconciled love, protected love". Do the same with the other candle, carving the second lover's name in it along with "Reconciled love, protected love". Dress the candles by putting a few drops of Reconciliation Oil on your fingers and stroking the oil onto the candle toward yourself (to draw your lover to you). Place both figural candles on top of the name paper, side by side (so the wax from the two candles will melt together) facing in the same direction.

Now take the black figural candle and carve the interfering person's name on it. On the back of the candle carve "GO AWAY NOW!" Dress this candle with GTFO! Oil by stroking the oil away from you (to drive the person out of their lives). Place this candle about a foot away back-to-back from the couple candles (they should be facing away from the black candle) on top of its appropriate name paper. Sprinkle Hot Foot Powder on the feet of the black figural candle saying "Just as this burns your feet so shall it light a fire under your ass to drive you out of their lives forever! AMEN!"

Protecting The Couple
To protect the reconciling love of the couple, put some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil on your hands and draw a circle of oil around the paired couple of candles. As you do this state "Surrounded in the fierce protection of God, and protected from all evil and interference, walk on to your new lives together, protected in love and protected in life! AMEN!"

Cutting the Person Out!
Take the pair of scissors and dress the cutting edges of the blade with Van Van Oil. Hold the scissors up to heaven and say "By the mighty blade of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit I CUT YOU OUT OF THEIR LIVES FOREVER! AMEN!" Set the scissors in an open position with the cutting blades facing the black candle.

Light the couple candles, then the black candles and allow them to burn. When the black candle is half burned, powerfully exclaim "Walk away from this situation as it involves you NOT! Run away from this couple as you serve them NOT! GET AWAY from this relationship, for it includes you NOT! In the highest power of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, I banish you from the Eden of their love forever and cast you out into the shadows with your kind, where you shall gnash your teeth and wail in solitude forever! AMEN!" Then sprinkle some Hot Foot Powder into the flame of the black candle. Allow it to burn itself all the way down.

Planting the Various Parts of the Spell
Take the remnants of the black candle (any wax, and the name paper). Wrap it up in tin foil, go to the nearest river that runs out of town and toss it over your left shoulder into the water. As you do so, state "Run out of town, Run out of the state, Run out of their lives forever! AMEN!" The meddler will now go away, moving into another town, or just as simple as getting out of the couple's lives by whatever means.

Take the remains of the couple candles (the wax should have melted together into one puddle) as well as the name paper. Wrap it in pink cloth and bury it under the front doorstep of the person who is trying to draw back their lover. The work is complete.

For an extra good measure, you could take a Spiritual Purification Herb Bath after the working to remove any negativity that might be around from the hot footing part of the spell.


Tony said...

Thank you for posting this spell in such depth. Your pictures are a great help also.

Rev. Sister Pixie Snakes said...

your pictures are always so beautiful! Do you think this could be adapted for break-up and/or cut and clear workings?