Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hoodoo Mirror Box Spell to Reverse a Curse Back At Your Enemy

Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to deal with a powerful enemy that is throwing evil curses using the harshest of methods. This hoodoo spell pulls together the power of doll baby magic with candles, magical sachet powders, herb magic and graveyard spell work all in one. This spell - often referred to as a Mirror Box Reversing spell - reverses all evil jinxes and curses back at the originator and then ups the ante by burying them in the graveyard for the spirits of the dead to take them out of this world for their wrong doing. Dr. E. performs this ritual in very special circumstances as part of a Private Rootworking Session, when an innocent person has been attacked with curses and suffered greatly because of it.

Do a Reading Prior to the Spell
First things first: get a psychic reading to determine the source of the curses, and verify this with a secondary reading using a different method. It is of the utmost importance with work of this gravity, to verify who the enemy is and make sure that the work is justified in the eyes of God to proceed. Once you determine who the enemy is, attempt to obtain some of their personal concerns - the more personal the link object is, the better.

A Mirror Box Spell to Reflect Curses Back at Your Enemy
The first thing you need to do is construct the mirror box. This is made by purchasing a mirror that has never captured your reflection, as well as a chipboard box large enough to hold the doll baby that represents your enemy. Crack the mirror with a hammer into small pieces and as you do so, state that the bad luck from the mirror breaking is directed at your enemy - the source of the curses. Next, glue all of the pieces inside of the chipboard box without ever capturing your reflection in any of the pieces - that's the most challenging part.

Making a Doll Baby To Target Your Spell
Next, create a small fabric dolly out of black flannel. Make sure it will fit inside the mirror box. Stuff it with spanish moss to cross your enemy with misfortune, ill health and misery. Place the personal concern of your enemy inside the doll baby. Blindfold the doll baby so that your enemy cannot see you - to protect your identity from being discovered. With a bit of whisky, baptize the doll baby and name it after your enemy. I like to say something akin to "you are no longer cloth and herbs, you are now flesh and blood, and I hold your fate and well-being in my hands!"

Now, punish the doll baby in a manner that is retribution for their evil deeds. Pins can be placed in various parts of the body, or the doll baby can be tied up to prevent it from being able to act. Powders can be laced over the doll baby to afflict your target (Goofer Dust was used in this case, along with blackberry leaf to trip up the enemy, gunpowder to explosively reflect their evil deeds back at them, and crab shell powder to reverse any magic back at the target.)

Funeral Ritual For Your Enemy
Next, close the lid of the box (I decorate the box to look like a coffin), and set it up in a mock funeral ceremony. I prepare a Reversing Candle (red on the inside and black on the outside) by cutting the tip off of the candle, turning it upside-down and carving a new tip in the butt of the candle. I then carve the target's name in mirror writing on one side of the candle and "All your Evil Returns to you 10x" on the other side of the candle. I dress it with Reversing Oil, place it in a holder and set it above the Mirror Box. I placed the entire thing on a mirror for good measure and then dressed it with more crab shell powder. The serpents are a touch I add in for style and effect. Once the Reversing Candle has burned all the way out, I take the box, the candle drippings and any powder remnants to the graveyard to bury the enemy.

Selling Your Enemy to the Souls of the Dead
Finally, I take a bottle of whiskey, a silver dime, a garden trowel, a black candle, a lighter and the mirror box and candle remnants with me to the graveyard. When I arrive, I start in the middle of the cemetery, announce myself by name and ask "Which of you is willing to work for me? Who is willing to take this wretched, evil person out of this world for the sins they have committed? Who is willing to do this work in exchange for whiskey and a silver dime?" I then silence my mind and listen to the spirits and let them guide me to the live grave that is calling. Once I arrive there, I verify that the spirit is willing to do the work for me using divination.

I then dig a hole in the ground and place the mirror box coffin inside along with the bits of candle wax that were left from that spell, saying "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I turn your body and soul over to the spirit of this grave to take you out of this world for your wicked ways, once and for all. AMEN!" I then stand over the grave and perform a mock burial, "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of (so-and-so) from this world and into the next. They were taken by the righteous hand of God out of this world for the evil sins they committed. They suffered death as a result of their own curses toward an innocent person and their soul rots in hell forever!" I then put the silver dime in the hole, cover it with earth and replace the sod, and finish by pouring a bottle of whiskey over the grave in payment to the spirit that contracted with me to do the work.

Cleaning Up
The finishing touch is a black candle lit and placed on the headstone of the grave to offer that spirit light for its assistance in the working. I then walk away and don't look back. The work is done, the curses are neutralized and the enemy is buried in the ground for the spirits of the dead to take care of. Head home and take an uncrossing bath to cleanse yourself, cleanse your altar with Uncrossing Herb Bath or Chinese floor wash, and dress in white for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

whooee... That's a heavy spell Dr.E. I'm gonna have to try that one soon I think. There's a nice cemetary next to my house that's big and really old but there is a family of caretakers that lives on the site. Might be hard to get any kind of work past them, especially if there is candle light to tip them off in the middle of the night.

Carolina Dean said...

Great spell!

TheMoonlitSea said...


Hello said...

What if you don't necessarily want this person to die? What if you want this person to suffer his own curses without having to die? do i have to still bury him in a graveyard? or are there any alternative methods? thanks!

Dr. E. said...

to Hello: I recommend you look up another spell on my blog. Check out the articles tagged with "reversing".

Unknown said...

(Dr. E, third time repost-- many, many apologies! my browser isn't cooperating, pls remove the previous two post under the wrong thread)

My question is whether this mirror box is meant to physically get rid of the enemy of the person you are working for? What are the symptoms observed on the target after doing it? And how can this spell be removed, if at all?

Again, many thanks and apologies for the inadvertent multiple posts

Dr. E. said...

Ancestors: The spell turns the enemy over to the spirit you struck the deal with and it is up to them to decide how the enemy will end up. Symptoms will vary depending on the nature of that person's evil they did. Usually they will experience the very same things they did to others only magnified back at them and worse. Spirit also add an element of madness, confusion, haunted thoughts, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of money, relationships and jobs, etc. The way I do my spell, no one can remove it.

Unknown said...

What do you do if you know your enemy is watching you & would be aware of what you are doing?

Also what if you know that four people are all watching participating in the hex they have placed upon you?

Unknown said...

Would i do four mirror boxes, a grave for each enemy?

Place them all under the same candle?

And finally would blind folding them prevent them from watching me bury them in the cemetery through their hex?

Dr. E. said...

BINC: you can prevent this by blindfolding the doll babies before you work with them, as well as placing bay laurel leaves at the four corners of your workspace, and the four corners of your room. Doing this spell on the dark moon will also help hide you from being seen.

Dr. E. said...

BINC: You can do one large mirror box with all four doll babies inside of it.

Unknown said...

Great Stuff, Great info, Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

One more thing i need to get clear before i set to work, is the uncrossing bath necessary? what is it's purpose if the mirror box has reversed the condition?

Is it to rid any bad energy from laying the mirror box reversl ?

Unknown said...

Also how many uncrossing baths would be needed? one - 3 day - 7?

Graza25 said...

Hi Dr. i like this spell and the the power behind it.

I carried this spell out a few nights ago and found myself being redirected all over the graveyard.
All went well until i got there and asked for a spirit to help. Within a matter of 30-40second i felt myself being directed to a particular grave, once i got there i was being pulled away to another, everytime i arrived at a grave, i was being pulled to another. This happened 6 times and i decided to leave. I went to small clearing in a nearby forest and burned the box in a hole and covered it after.

What was happening? Also, did i do that correct thing to burn the box?

Thank You Dr.

Dr. E. said...

No, you do not burn the box. That was a mistake and you messed up the spell in doing that. What do you think will happen by burning a doll baby of a person?

For spells of this magnitude it is better to hire a professional rootworker to do the spell for you than to take matters into your own hand.

You pick a grave, do divination to see if that spirit wants to handle the situation and bury it there. Do NOT alter spells, do NOT modify the way they are done.

Graza25 said...

Thanks for you're reply...

Well, the reason i burned the box was to end the spell after the confusion in the graveyard.
My pure intention was to destroy and put an end to it right there.

Dr. E. said...

Unfortunately, intention is not everything. I highly recommend you get a reading or consultation to follow up and find out what your actions did.

Graza25 said...

Should i not just get a working to reverse what effects there may or may not be?

yuzuru said...

hi, Dr E
I remember a spell where the doll is put into a box-coffin, and set on fire with sulfur to hurt the enemy. You said to graza25 to not burn the doll. Do you think this practice is wrong?
best regards

Dr. E. said...

Yuzuru: that spell is not this spell. Do not confuse the two.

Unknown said...

What is your fee for this work Doctor? Really need to know.


Unknown said...

Dear Dr. E,
I am wondering how much is your fee for doing this spell. I am considering having this done.

Please do let me know.

Much Peace,