Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crossing Spells and Curses

Ah, the dreaded curse! You've been crossed up! They double-crossed you! You've been jinxed to hell!

One of the most feared magical acts is the curse, and many people who come to me for magical advice are convinced they are crossed up or cursed. The truth of the matter is that about 1 out of every 10 people who come to me thinking they are cursed actually are. Usually, a person's misfortunes are just a matter of their own negative thinking, or irresponsible
behavior, or just plain "life happening".

When you're cursed, you exhibit very specific symptoms and your life circumstances take a very unusual turn for the worst. A seasoned rootworker knows how to identify a crossed client by asking what their symptoms are like. They usually confirm the cursing with a reading just to be sure. Treatment usually requires the client to perform a series of Uncrossing Baths or 13 Herb Baths to remove the affliction from their body. I usually tell these clients to also perform a house cleansing because 90% of the time that person has tracked whatever cursed them (powders and such) into their home.

So, this begs the question... how do you cross someone up? Well, I'm not going to give you all of my secrets but I'll share a typical crossing spell for your curiosity. Keep in mind that you should perform an Uncrossing Bath on yourself after doing such spell work - to get the nasty energies off of you.

Crossing Candle Spell
This is a pretty typical crossing spell that uses candle magic, pins and some kind of personal concern to affect the targeted enemy on a very physical level.

You'll need:
Carve your enemy's name on the vertical part of the cross candle. Carve "Sickness and Devastation" on the cross bar of the candle across the name. (You can substitute any affliction for what I selected above... such as bad luck, misery, impotence, poverty, divorce, etc.) The idea is that you are "Crossing" the person's name with the affliction. Dress the candle with Crossing Oil by stroking the oil away from you, all the while cursing (using cuss words) and declaring with great emotion what misfortune you'd like to see your enemy hit with. Dust the candle with Crossing Powder.

On a large plate, lay out an equal armed cross of crossroads dirt. Retrace that cross by sprinkling vandal root. Retrace the cross again with sulfur. Set the personal concerns of your target in the middle of that cross and state clearly "I cross you up (Enemy's name)! Anything you go after fails, anything you try to accomplish slips through your fingers, and your path through life is filled with misery, suffering and devastation!" Place the candle on top of the personal concerns.

Light the candle and once the flame is steady, take 13 pins and one-by-one, heat the tips in the flame of the candle and poke them into the sides and arms of the candle. As you poke each one, curse the target with some kind of misery or affliction. Once all the pins are in the candle, leave it to burn.

At this point, take your Uncrossing Bath.

When the candle is done burning, dispose of the remains at a 4-way crossroad, or by tossing them over the wall of a cemetery. Walk away without looking back.

The photo above was a crossing spell I performed for a client. The target was publicly discredited and immediately removed from his job and out of my client's life. Good stuff.

Crossing an Enemy Using Foot Track Magic
Hitting an enemy through the feet using foot track magic is one of the most common and well-tested spells you can do. Crossing usually involves laying out something in the form of an equal armed cross where your enemy will walk over it. Typically Crossing Powder or Hot Foot Powder are used. To really hurt an enemy and make them crawl around on the floor on all fours, howling like a dog, use Goofer Dust.

It's simple, really. Just take your powder, mix it half-and-half with local dirt to hide the color, then sprinkle it on your enemy's porch or doorstep in the shape of an equal armed cross. You can also sprinkle it on the ground by the driver's side door of their car for them to tread on it when they get in. When you sprinkle the powder make sure you are walking bent over, backward and calling your target's name for it to afflict them. It will only hit the person you name, all others will tread over it and be fine.

Make sure to take an Uncrossing Bath when you get home to remove the evil powders from your body.

The crossing work that I perform is much more elaborate but still based on some of the fundamental principles in this posting. I tend to work more with spirits and using them to cross or torment people, and I also get a lot of mileage out of reversing spells to get back at people. You might want to consider a reversing before resorting to crossing someone up.


Bootzey said...

fi someone gets hold of your fingernails, how long will a curse last and how strong will it be?

Dr. E. said...

Serenity: As long as they decide it will last, and it will be powerful because it is targeting your physical body - your DNA.

That's why you don't want your personal physical concerns to get in the hands of your enemies. There are spells you can do to detach yourself from the physical concern and undo the curse, but it's hard work.

Carolina Dean said...

Glad you're writing again!

I always flush my nail pairings and since I started cutting my own hair that goes down the drain too. But I always make sure it goes down alone, if you know what I mean.

Carolina Dean

)0( Gabe )0( said...

Good spell, however..the person my brother wants me to cross, lives in san antonio. and we dont have nails, fluid, hair, i know a picture would work but i know not as strong?...Any suggestions for using a picture? and any substitutions for sulfur?

Dr. E. said...

Gabe: You can use a photo instead, but like I said it won't be as strong in affecting the person. There is no substitution for sulfur.

laly said...

i just wrote to you and i refreshed to see if you recieved and replied to my post..but they're not there anymore. hope you recieved it. i will be checking.
thank you :)

Dr. E. said...

laly: I do not give out free spell advice. I recommend you visit my website and either pay for a private rootworking consultation or do the work yourself. If you have any other questions please read the Frequently Asked Questions page on my website at:

laly said...

Hello Dr.E.
Thank you so much for your reply, I appreciate it I understandit. I will visit your website or do otherwise...


Unknown said...

I'm not looking for cures, I'm looking for curses. Any way you could point me in the right direction?