Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reversing Hateful Slander Back at an Enemy

I recently had a client come to me regarding a hateful woman that was slandering and threatening her through various methods. The target, we'll call her Mabel, was not only attacking my client's legitimate business online, but was going a step further, sending her threatening photographs via email, posting stalker-ish images of herself online, and threatening my client with witchcraft. Mabel is involved in Wicca (modern European witchcraft) and has some interest in fringe groups that play with blood imagery as a fetish.

Determining the best magical approach
I performed a tarot card reading on the situation and consulted my spirits and guides. The one thing they made incredibly clear to me was that Mabel was a malcontent who deeply hated herself, and was doing everything in her power to knock down everyone around her who she idolized at one time, in order to make herself seem better by contrast. My spirits gave me a very powerful image of a mirror as the key to this working. I decided to take a "reversing spell" approach to the situation to hold a mirror up for Mabel to see her own hateful behavior clearly and stop it once and for all.

A reversing candle spell to repel malicious slander
I started by taking a photograph of Mabel (that she so conveniently posted of herself holding her magical knife - the primary energy wielding tool of Wiccans) and flipped it over and created a name-paper out of it. I crossed her full name with "All your evil returns to you" 9 times, dressed the paper with crab shell powder and folded it appropriately. I set it aside and prepared the candle.

Using a reversing candle (a candle that is red on the inside and black on the outside) is the perfect tool for these workings. I cut the tip off of the candle and carved a new tip on the butt of the candle (effectively flipping the candle so that it can be burned backward). In reversed writing (mirror writing) I wrote Mabel's full name on one side of the candle and "All Your Evil Returns To You" on the other side. I dressed the candle with Reversing Oil and dusted the candle in crab shell powder and put it in a candle holder on top of the prepared name-paper. All of this I set on top of a sheet of heavy-duty foil to act as a mirror to reflect it back at her (I would use a mirror tile in very bad cases, but foil really does suffice in most cases). I then laid a circle of crab shell powder, agrimony and sulfur counter-clockwise around the candle to reverse the energy back at Mabel. I lit the candle and let it burn all the way down. Here you can see the candle toward the end of its burn. It was a tall, powerful, strong and fast burn - a positive sign.

Interpreting the results
When the candle was done burning, I observed the wax drippings pictured here. I interpreted the signs to resemble a mouth biting a bleeding tongue or blood coming out of a mouth. This indicated to me that Mabel would taste the bitterness of her own words very quickly and would stop her malicious actions against my client.

Because I used foil, i was able to wrap up all of the left overs from the spell, encasing them in a mirrored packet. I disposed of the items by throwing them into the middle of a crossroads over my left shoulder and driving away without looking back.

Additional protections
To protect my client from future attacks or other enemies, I prescribed performing a Protection Floor Wash on her home using a custom-blended Fiery Wall of Protection Herb Bath mixed into conventional floor cleaner. Additionally, she was to anoint every window and door to the house with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and wear it as a personal fragrance oil whenever she wanted to keep herself protected from any evil.

I learned from my client that Mabel was found three days after the spell was performed, crumpled on the floor of her bathroom sobbing, unable to look at herself in the mirror. She checked herself into counseling to deal with her malicious anger and her emotional baggage.


Carolina Dean said...

thanks for sharing this one, so relevant to something going on in my life now.

I may just try this.

Dr. E. said...

Hey Dean. If you need any tips on the particular steps I did, feel free to email me - you can find my email in the HRC list.

Anonymous said...

I love to hear of successes in workings... thanks for sharing this one. The wonderful thing too is that not only has she been punished for her negative actions but it seems she is now on the right path to self healing through therapy to truly end her spiral of negativity.

Carolina Dean said...

thanks for the offer, i filled in the blanks myself and its seems to be working.

Nasty co-worker called me a dirty name (for gay men) in front of the wrong customer!

I should

North East said...

Would I be able to use your attraction oil rather than the powder for dressing a letter for love?

Dr. E. said...

North East: Unfortunately, no. The oil will leave stains on the paper - giving away what you did. You want to use powders so that no one can tell what you did.

Eskarrina said...

I just did this spell on my sister who is spreading lies about me to all my relatives after I did the inflammatory confusion on her. The inflammatory confusion spell worked great, I dusted all my thank you cards for my wedding with the powder. Unfortunately one person who didn't attend my wedding and therefore didn't get a card has now allied with my sister against me. However, the rest of my relatives are quite aware what a crackpot my sister is, thanks to the inflammatory confusion vinegar jar! thank you so much for posting these! I will let you know how it turns out!