Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Animal Curios in Hoodoo

One of the hallmarks of hoodoo spells is the use of more than just herbs in magical workings. Rootworkers will often couple together roots, herbs, minerals and zoological curios (animal parts) for maximum power in their spells. If you ever get a mojo bag and it has more than just plant material in it, then you can pretty much bet it was made by a genuine rootworker. I normally make a point of including some kind of animal curio in my 13-Item Custom Mojo Bags.

Animal curios are usually something very rare or difficult to get your hands on. Their rarity is what lends them such power. Of course, the magical attributes associated with each curio is often reflective of the Doctrine of Signatures - a philosophy used by many herbalists that attributes powers to curios according to what they look like. Consequently, animal hands or feet were good for luck with anything you laid your hands on. Animal genital parts were for love or virility, etc. Here is a list of some of the more typical animal curios a rootworker would use in their work - particularly in the construction of mojo bags.
Raccoon Penis Bone - "Coon Dong"
Raccoons have bones inside of their penises. These bones can be extracted from dead raccoons, cleaned and used in mojo bags for love, sexual prowess or even for luck - especially in gambling luck.

It is said that you can tie a red string around a raccoon penis bone making it into a necklace and give it to a girl you like in order to make her fall in love with you and stay in love with you. Dress the coon dong with Love me NOW! Oil for added power first!

Alligator Foot
A gator foot is a great curio to include in any gambling mojo bag. As it resembles a hand, it would be particularly good with dice gambling or craps. You can add it to a mojo bag or just carry it on its own - like a keychain.

One particularly good gambling luck mojo bag takes a silver dime and puts it in the grasp of an alligator foot. Try to use a silver dime that was minted in a leap year. Put that into a green flannel bag along with a lucky hand root, and a pinch of five-finger grass. Dress this with Lucky 777 Oil and carry it on you when you're playing craps or just having a friendly game of dice with your friends.

Lucky Rabbit's Foot
This is one of the most classic and universally known hoodoo animal curios; the rabbit's foot. Again, being a paw, it is considered good luck with games of chance where you manipulate the item with your hands: dice, cards, etc.

A rabbit's foot can be placed in a flannel bag and carried as a gambling luck mojo, but it is more typically made into a keychain and carried in that manner. Traditionally, a rabbit's foot is dressed with Van Van Oil for fortunate out comes and luck with money and love. Rub your lucky rabbit's foot before shooting dice or playing cards but keep it out of sight as with any luck item. You don't want people to know you have an advantage over them.

Cowrie Shell
A cowrie shell is the home of a little aquatic snail that lives in the ocean. The shell itself resembles a vagina, and as such, can be used in any spell dealing with female sexuality, or by women looking to attract others.

A great mojo bag for women to draw men as sexual partners can be made by obtaining a cowrie shell, dressing it with some of her vaginal fluids, and placing it in a red mojo bag along with queen elizabeth root and cubeb berries. Dress this bag with Hot Fucker Oil and carry it on you either tucked into your panties or into your bra and watch the men come running your way!

Badger Tooth
Here we have a unique animal curio that came into hoodoo from European tradition. Badger's teeth are used in gambling luck work. You can include one in a mojo bag or even wear it as a necklace or a charm off of a watch or bracelet.

Another good gambling mojo bag would consist of a green flannel bag with a badger's tooth inside, along with a pair of dice that were used in a winning run, a piece of pyrite, devil's shoestrings, a whole nutmeg, alfalfa and marigold petals. Dress this with Fast Luck Oil or whiskey right before gambling and make sure to rub your hands with the bag before you play your game of choice.

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