Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New and Improved

Our website is new and improved! We've added programming to directly submit your photos and petitions when ordering a Setting of Lights service and when ordering Mojo Bags. Our checkout confirmation process now allows you to directly book your reading with Dr. E. without having to wait for a confirmation email. To top it off our site has a whole new look. Head on over and check out all the improvements at!

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NakwachAshurKan said...

Love this Hardwood stain floor look!

sorry man, i gotta brag on ya with this comment.

I'm sure most of you folks know that Dr E, is an accomplished root worker and reader.

well his mini-phone reading, said i wasn't crossed at all, tho' I ordered a 13 item Uncrossing bag for me anyway. Didn't tell him I was terribly hooked on smoking tobacco and was trying to quit. I get the mojo bag, felts its powerful effect immediately w/ my 3rd Eye chakra, 3 days later, no more cravings, which were dropped quite low. Low enuff to break the habit. I've been Smoke free for 2 yrs plus :)

I deal with a lot of ppl's negative thoughts daily, so i feel this helps to dissolves that type of negative energy or habits.

Cheers mate,