Monday, October 8, 2012

Introducing Our New Line of Mastery Products!

Introducing our new line of Mastery Products! These products are great for gaining self-mastery or mastery of any topic or skill.

Our line includes:

Visit today and see how Mastery Products can help you master whatever skill or topic you are learning.

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Anonymous said...

Good Day Dr E,

I can say how glad i came across your site!! just what I needed!!

I was thinking of uing all the Mastery products for different sets of skills...physical skills mostly like language learning, musical instruments and dancing.

I have a few questions due to that.

a.Do I have to continue doing this over and over again? Till i gain mastery?

b. Does it help quicken learning time? if so is there a time frame?

c. I plan on mastering 2 skills at a time does this mean i should use two Setting of lights?

d.How long would i have to continue with the first batch?

Sorry if these questions seem rudimentary i jut wanted to be clear on certain things.

Thank you for taking the time to answer!