Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four New Blends at

I've just formulated four new oils to add to the site. Two of these blends are hoodoo condition oils, and the other two are religious devotional blends inspired by the Unnamed Path.

Reversing Oil - $6.00
Reverse the nasty tricks and hexes your enemy has thrown at you BACK AT HIM with this powerful reversing oil. Agrimony, sulfur, devil's shoe strings and other powerful herbs turn their hateful magic right back at them, giving them a taste of their own medicine. Dress black/red reversing candles with this oil and burn them down over your enemy's photo. Anoint evil eye amulets with this oil and wear them as a mighty protection that reflects any malicious magic back to its source.

Love's Fire Oil - $6.00
This special blend of love herbs and passion herbs stokes the fire of a relationship that has lost its sexy spark. Wear a dab behind each ear and behind each knee to draw your lover's passion out of him. Dress a red penis or vagina candle with this oil and burn it over a photo of you and your partner to make your love's fire burn hot!

Light God Oil - $10.00
The bearer of light rises in the morning, wielding the golden circlet and staff of creation. His pitch eyes see through the fabric of time and space, prophesying the ways of fate. Notes of bay, frankincense, petitgrain and cistus open the vision of the inner mind and draw in the brilliance of the Light God.

Light Goddess Oil - $10.00
High in her white tower overlooking the ever spinning wheel of creation, at the tip of the spindle of undying fate stands the beautiful lady that is without mercy - the Light Goddess. Queen of healing, weaver of worlds, surrounded with lush gardens of rose, neroli and other exotic flower and fragrances, she peers relentlessly into our hearts and reminds of the truth that lies within.

I've also just harvested my first batch of Thorn Apples from my datura plants and am drying them out for use in Flying Oil. Check out the latest offerings above and thanks again for dropping by The Conjure Blog!

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