Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mercury (Silver) Dimes

Silver Dimes, also called Mercury Dimes were minted between the years of 1916 and 1945. They were composed of 95% silver / 5% copper and depicted the mythological figure of Liberty donning the phrygian cap (winged cap) indicating freedom of the mind. The winged figure was misinterpreted to be the Roman God Mercury of communication and business. These dimes are a powerful and useful magical curio that is often employed in Hoodoo workings around luck, protection and wealth. It is said that a Mercury Dime from a leap year was the most powerful amulet for gambling luck and if it was from your birth year, even better!

Mercury Dimes for Protection Against Tricks

One of the most effective and powerful amulets against being "poisoned through the feet" (being cursed or hexed by walking through a magical trick someone laid for you) is by wearing a Mercury Dime on a chain around your ankle. Anointing the mercury dime with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil would add to its protective powers. If the dime turns black then it is a warning that someone tried to cross, goofer or hot foot you, and that you have been protected from its influence and warned. It is still a good idea to take an uncrossing bath after discovering that your dime has turned black. The science behind the magic is quite simple. Sulfur is a common component in Crossing Powder, Goofer Dust and Hot Foot Powder, and sulfur turns silver black. Thus, if you have come into contact with sulfur, the dime will tarnish and alert you its presence. If the anklet breaks for any reason, it is said that the dime "took a hit for you" and absorbed the negativity of a powerful curse that someone threw in your tracks.

Mercury Dimes for Gambling Luck

Mercury dimes are a powerful gambling amulet, and are often included in mojo bags carried by gamblers into casinos, or when playing dice. A good gambling mojo bag would include a lucky hand root, a mercury dime and five finger grass. Place this in a red flannel bag, smoke it with a gambling incense blend (like Lucky 777 or Fast Luck) and then feed the mojo with Lucky 777 Oil or Fast Luck Oil. Carry it in your pocket whenever you gamble.

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Curious Curandera said...

I have a large collection of mercury dimes which I started collecting about 5 years ago. I use them for alot of things.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to be at work one day when this ollllddddd man came in and paid for his purchases with two hands fulls of dimes.

Later I remember how "shiney" they appeared and checked their dates. They were all silver and from the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

I don't know what possessed that man to spend those dimes but it was obvious he had held on to them for years.

Like Curious Curandera, I use them for lots of things. Money spells, protection, to represent 'earth' on altars, etc.....

My favorite is a Mercury Dime that was a gift from an old boyfriend. It's from 1918 and it's edges have been filed off, which makes me think that somewhere in it's past someone had used it in a spell.

It still holds a lot of magick for me.....

Carolina Dean