Friday, March 19, 2010

Lemon Break Up Spell

There are many different hoodoo spells out there with the intended purpose of breaking a couple apart. The main idea with any break up spell is to use magical curios that either sour the relationship, inflame their miscommunication into arguments, or pair contrasting magical curios typically associated with fighting together (for example, the hair of a black cat and the hair of a black dog - so they fight like cats and dogs).

The spell below comes from the hoodoo material that Hyatt compiled in his travels across the states. It is a simple working that uses a lemon to sour the relationship, along with name papers, and black thread. I've added a few details to the spell just to make it work a bit faster and more dramatically.

The Lemon Break Up Spell
You will need the following items for this spell:
Start by tearing the paper into two strips small enough that they would fit entirely in the lemon without folding them. Write the name of one person in the relationship you seek to break up on one strip of paper. Write the name of the other person in the relationship on the second strip of paper. Set these aside.

Using the knife, cut the lemon in half lengthwise. Place a pinch of Inflammatory Confusion Powder on the back of one name paper, then place the other name paper on top of it (crossed) and back to back (so the names are facing out). Place these between the two halves of the lemon (reassembling the lemon). Now wind the black thread (away from your body) around and around the lemon, covering it entirely until you cannot see any of the yellow peel. As you do so, curse aloud against the two people in the relationship you are breaking up. Pray for them to argue, lie, fight, back-bite and more. Make sure to use lots of emotional intensity and profanity as you do it. Once the lemon is fully wrapped, tie the string off securely and set it on the saucer.

Next, take the black cross candle and carve one person's name on one arm of the cross, and the other person's name on the other arm of the cross. On the stem of the candle carve "Break up!" or "DIVORCE!" (if they are married). Rub Inflammatory Confusion Oil on the candle stroking the oil away from your body as you again curse and scream profanity against the couple, saying that they will betray each others' trust, hurt each other, lie, scream, fight and break up once and for all. Powder the candle with Inflammatory Confusion Powder, then insert pins into the arms and top of the candle. Each pin that you insert is an argument, a fight, a miscommunication and more irritations for each of the people in the relationship; irritations they will not be able to get past.

Finally set the black candle on the dish behind the lemon. Light the candle and pray with intensity and great desire for the two people to fight, argue and break up never to be together again. As the candle burns down, the two arms will fall away from one another just like the two people will split apart.

Once the candle is done burning, take the remains of the candle and pins and hide them in the hole of a tree somewhere, where no one will find them.

After you've done your spell, it's important to clean the negative energy of the Inflammatory Confusion products off of you. You don't want to carry that energy around all day. Use the packet of Spiritual Purification Herb Bath in the traditional manner to cleanse away the evil from your system.

Keep the lemon at home and place it on a sunny windowsill. As it sits and dries up, the love between the people in the relationship will sour and dry up. They will argue, fight and scream at one another until they cannot stand each other any more - at which point they'll break up and go their separate ways. Once that has happened, you can put that lemon in a hole in a tree, where no one will ever find it.


Pirate Girl said...

Can the candle remains and lemon be disposed of in a river? Especially since the targets both live elsewhere?

Dr. E. said...

Jen: The spell is as it is written. Items are disposed of in the described locations for a reason.

Pirate Girl said...

Guess I need to go for a hike once this heat breaks then! ;-) Thank you as always Dr. E.

Unknown said...

sir, can i buy the candle from you? is this guaranteed to work?

mzqjm said...

Where can I purchase a cross candle and what size do I need? Also how long before things for the couple fall apart?

Michele said...

I don't know her name. Can I still do this spells? Or is there another.spell that does not need both names? Please help

Dr. E. said...

You need at least her name to do any spell on her. You can't target someone without some connection to them.

shoe man said...

Is this all done in a day ? I know I have to find a tree with a hole inn it but the ritual part and the candle burning is what i'm referring other word do I allow the candle to burn completely out during the ritual?

Anonymous said...

I had a strange result with this one. The wax flowed from her side to his side until even though the two arms fell apart, her wax grabbed his arm still. I also found a large flow of wax had melted down under the lemon, and after the spell I couldn't get the lemon out without cutting a piece of the string and retying it.

Does this all mean anything? Is there any chance of this working now after all that?

Unknown said...

What if u don't no her name but have a picture of her