Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spells and Rituals for Psychic Power

As a spiritual worker, I always have to be ready to perform a reading at the drop of a hat, but sometimes the gears get stuck and your psychic abilities just seem to go into hibernation. That's where the following spells and products come in handy. Some of them work to keep your perceptions clear, while others boost your powers. Even a novice who is just starting to develop their psychic perceptions would benefit from these spells as they train and practice.

It's important to keep in mind that in spite of the workings below, one of the most important things when performing spirit work, is to avoid self-doubt. That sounds very easy for me to say, but it really is the greatest obstacle there is to developing your abilities as a reader. Once you pray and enter into a meditative mental state to conduct a reading, you need to listen to your hunches and those gut reactions - that's your psychic channel opening up and receiving good information. The more you act on your instincts and first impressions, the more powerful your psychic perceptions will become over time.

Spiritual Baths for Psychic Power
A simple and effective ritual before doing heavy psychic work is to take a spiritual bath. Now, these are a bit different than traditional hoodoo baths, but they use many of the same ingredients. The objective here is to pump up your helper spirits and open your perceptions so that communication is more easily conducted between you two. This bath can be performed right before a reading or a seance as an effective way of increasing your psychic power.

  • Holy Water
  • Florida Water
  • Anise Seeds
  • Liquid laundry bluing
  • White Flower Petals
  • Vision Oil
Place a tablespoon full of anise seeds in a coffee cup and pour boiling water over it. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes to let the essences leech out into the water. Strain the herbs out of the water and throw them away. Get a large basin and fill it with water that is slightly cooler than bath-temperature water. Add the anise water and holy water into the basin along with a nice big glug of Florida Water. Add a little squirt of liquid laundry bluing to the water - just enough to die it a very pale blue. Then take your white flower (a white carnation will do), and hold it over your third eye. Pray the Lord's Prayer and ask your spirit guardians and guides to open your sight and give you the gift to hear their guidance. Rip the petals off of the stem and scatter them into the basin. Run your hand through the water and pray for this bath to cleanse away any psychic disturbances and for it to open your perceptions to hear the messages of your guides.

Place two white candles on ether side of the tub, disrobe and enter into the tub with your basin of prepared bath. Dump the bath over your head and you pray the Lord's Prayer and allow it to pour all over every part of your body. You will immediately notice energy and shivers running through your body - those are the spirits opening up your channels. Wipe as much of the bath off of you as you can, then step out of the bath tub and towel yourself dry. Dab a bit of Vision Oil on your temples and the bottoms of your feet. Dress in white clothing and conduct your psychic readings as normal.

You'll notice this bath doesn't require the disposal of captured bathwater in any ritual way, nor does it require you to pray any particular psalm. It comes from the tradition of Kardecian Spiritism as it was practiced in the Caribbean. I was taught this formula when I was learning to be a spirit medium back in the day.

Vision Mojo Bag for Strong Psychic Powers
A mojo bag is always a great way to keep an intended magical goal near your physical body. One great recipe I came up with is my Vision Mojo Bag. This bag couples together herbs and seeds that are all suited to enhance clairvoyance, spiritual perceptions and psychic abilities. Anyone who works as a professional reader should carry this mojo bag on her person to keep the abilities going strong all day long. It comes with its own bottle of Vision Oil to feed it and keep it strong.

Honoring Your Ancestors - Talking to Spirits
Everyone should have a nice strong relationship with their ancestors. The ancestors give us wisdom, guidance as well as protection, and they have a vested interest in seeing us succeed. In many ways we are the pinnacle of their lives' efforts - so they don't want to see us fail.

Everyone should honor their ancestors in some way. For some this is just a matter of setting out photos of the dead on a special shelf. Others - like myself - honor them by communicating with them, making offerings to them and fostering relationships with them that one can call upon for spiritual assistance. This is actually a very easy thing to do and it has deep roots in many different cultures.

You'll want a special space or surface that you can dedicate to working with the spirits of your ancestors. A shelf or top of a dresser will work fine. Lay out a white cloth (I use a doily) and on that doily place framed photos of your deceased family members. If you are adopted, it doesn't matter if they aren't blood relatives - they are your ancestors of heart; the people who were your family in life and who welcomed you to their lineage. Only place photos of dead people on that space - no living people at all. Then put out small offerings of the kinds of beverages they liked. Often people will place a cup of coffee or tea, or a shot glass of whiskey or the like. You should at least have one glass of water for the dead - to refresh and cool their spirits. Then, get a white jar candle and put a few drops of Blessing Oil in the top. Some folks like to use a screen-printed candle that has an image of a saint, or Jesus or Mary on it - that's fine too. Let your personal tastes dictate how you handle it. You can also place a small vase of flowers on that space for the ancestors - just throw them away when they die. Food is also an acceptable offering, just make sure it isn't salted. Salt drives away the dead.

Once you have light and water for your ancestors on that space, then you pray. Pray the Lord's Prayer or the Hail Mary - or pray from your heart. Communicate with your ancestors, thank them for everything you have and ask them to guide you in your heart as well as protect you every waking and sleeping moment of your day. Then sit and listen in stillness for any messages that come to you. They might give you an idea in your mind, or a gut feeling - that's the ancestors communicating with you on a very basic physical level.

If you do this every day even for just 5 minutes a day, you'll start to notice real progress in your ability to detect the spirits of the dead. You'll have an easier time talking with them and opening up your perceptions and abilities.


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