Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 19 - Saint Joseph's Feast Day

Below is a message from Sindy Todo of TodoMojo. Every year she holds a large Saint Joseph celebration on his feast day in honor of this wonderful saint that has done so much to help us. Sindy Todo was my mentor as I was learning hoodoo and we often work in tandem on projects. Please take a moment to read her message below and see if you'd like to contribute your petitions to St. Joseph on her altar. I know I am!

From Sindy Todo:

March 19, 2010 is the celebration of the feast day for St. Joseph. It is our pledge and honorable tradition to build an altar and prepare a feast in tribute to this wonderful saint and our personal guide who helps us all year to achieve that which we request.

St. Joseph is who we invoke and pray to for all things related to real estate, home improvement, job seeking or changing. He is the highest of “father figures” and is devoted to helping the poor and hungry. By writing your petition or prayer to him and having it placed on the altar you will receive his blessings. All petitions are kept active for one year. Donations are made in turn to feed the poor and no amount is too small.

We also honor those who have passed on at this time of year and make a special area for our ancestors and others.

This is the time to manifest for the entire year and receive the support and miracles from this beloved Saint.

To send petitions to Sindy Todo, please email her St. Joseph website describing her celebration or email her directly with "St. Joseph Petition" in the subject line. You can also make donations on her St. Joseph website. Donations are tax deductible so make sure to include your address to get a receipt that you can use to write off your donations.

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