Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reversing a Curse

There are several ways to deal with a curse or hex that has been thrown at you. One way is to remove the curse through an uncrossing, another is to set up a protective barrier and cleanse yourself to prevent attacks in the first place, and yet another way is through the use of magical reversals. These are akin to a magical counter-attack; a big middle-finger back at your enemy who has sent attack magic your way.

The concept is really simple: you're invoking retribution and making a person experience the very pain and destruction they sent at you. Because of the reflecting/reversing nature of these workings, common symbols include reflections in mirrors, things written backward, moving backward or doing things in a reversed order.

Reversing Candle Spell
If you find yourself the target of a magical attack, you can send the attack back at the original person using this simple but effective spell. Obtain a reversing jumbo candle. These are a black candle that has a red core (like the one pictured to the right). Using a coffin nail, inscribe the name of your enemy in mirror-writing onto one side of the candle, and on the other side inscribe "Cursed by his/her own hand!" in mirror writing. Dress the candle with a Reversing Oil, place it in a candle holder and burn it on top of a mirror to reflect their actions back at them.

You should complete your work by taking a cleansing bath (like a 9 herb bath or an uncrossing bath), dressing yourself with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and putting up protections around your home to prevent future attack. Once the candle has burned all the way down, interpret the candle drippings for signs of how well the spell worked. If the mirror breaks, then you should repeat the spell as this means they have protections in place preventing a reflection of the spell at them. You might want to take a different approach if that's the case. The same goes if the candle self-extinguishes.

Ethics of Reversing Spells
Many folks are much more willing to do a Reversing Spell than to do a curse, and yet, they are both attack spells, really. There is an ethical deal that many strike with themselves, where they rationalize their actions because the original curse caster was the one who started the movement and you are merely redirecting it back at them. They don't view it as a counter-curse. I can certainly understand that line of reasoning. In any case, personal cleansings and protections should be used in conjunction with reversals as they certainly aren't warm and fuzzy spells.

Upping the Ante
In my personal practice, I prefer to use Reversals or Curses with an ancestral element. I include graveyard dirt from a soldier, police officer or other "strong" spirit to take them to task and haunt them for their actions in addition to reversing the magic. Many folks never take into account a spirit counterattack when dealing with magic. But the spirits of the dead are my "peeps" and I work with them a lot, after all.


Anonymous said...

Great Posts. Very good and useful information here.

Dean :)~

Anonymous said...

What if you don't know who cursed you?

geomante said...

"You should complete your work by taking a cleansing bath"

Why is this necessary if it is a reversal spell?
I mean, only evil is returning to its origin, is not cursing someone.

geomante said...

"I can certainly understand that line of reasoning. In any case, personal cleansings and protections should be used in conjunction with reversals as they certainly aren't warm and fuzzy spells."

I understand your reasoning, but my question is because a reversal spell is also a cleaning spell for who does it, in addition to returning the damage. So I do not understand the need to clean again, cleaned of what?

Unknown said...

I have a question. Will the reversal spell work if someone is conjuring spirits every day and sending them to attach to me? Meaning, will the spirits turn and go to him and attach to him instead of me if I do this, since this is a spell that gets the spirits to me in about 20 minutes from spell being said. Thanks so much.