Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Cut Away Spell - Getting Over a Break Up

I'm proud to announce the release of two new products on Cut Away Oil and Cut Away Herb Bath! Both are used in cutting emotional ties to past relationships so that you can clear your heart and your mind to move forward with your life.

Below is a great spell I've posted before, but modified to take advantage of Cut Away products for maximum effect.

The Cut Away Spell
Too often, the emotional charge surrounding a break up will color the true experiences we had with someone. This can affect future relationships we have with people when we unjustly hold them accountable for the past actions of others. The purpose of this spell is to simply let go and allow your former friend or lover to follow their path in life, and to focus on the good things you shared, as well as purge the negative memories from your system. This is a healthy spell to do after a lover has broken up with you, or you've had to push a friend out of your life.
Supplies needed:
  • Blessing Oil
  • Cut Away Oil
  • Cut Away Herb Bath
  • Lavender flowers
  • Salt
  • A photo of you
  • A photo of your former lover or friend
  • a lemon
  • a knife
  • a white figural candle representing you (of the appropriate gender)
  • a black figural candle representing your former lover or friend (of the appropriate gender)
Take your photo and write your name 7 times, turn the paper 1/4 turn clockwise and cross the block of your names with "I love and heal myself". "5-spot" your photo with Blessing oil by dabbing a bit on the four corners of the photo and one in the center. Put a pinch of lavender flowers on your photo, then fold the photo in half toward yourself. Turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and fold it in half again toward yourself. Repeat one more time for a total of three folds. Place this prepared name-paper aside.

Take the photo of your former lover or friend. Write their name out 7 times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise, and cross the written block of text with "I release you from my life" 7 times. Dab some Cut Away Oil on the photo in a "5-spot" pattern, saying "I cut ties with you and release you to the 4 corners of the earth. Your path leads you away from me, and you no longer hold any power over me, nor does any connection exist between us any longer!" Put a pinch of salt on the photo to gently cleanse their influence out of your life. Then fold the photo in half away from you. Turn it 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and fold it away from you once more. Repeat this one more time for a total of 3 folds. Set this aside.

Take the white figural candle that represents you and carve your name into it. On the other side of the candle write "Blessed and healed". Dress the candle with Blessing Oil, stroking the oil toward yourself to invoke blessings and healing into your life. Set this on your working surface, to the left of center on top of your prepared name-paper, facing toward the left. Now take the black figural candle and write your former lover's name on the candle. On the other side of the candle write "I cut ties with you". Dress this candle with Cut Away Oil to cleanse away the negativity that this person brought into your life - stroke the oil away from you as you dress it. Place this candle to the right of center, on top of the name-paper for your ex, facing toward the right.

You should now have two candles, sitting atop their respective name-papers, facing away from one another. (Leave a little space between them - they should not be touching.)

Light your candle saying "May the light of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost bless me every day of my life. Heavenly Father burn away the bitterness of unkind words. May the tears that I've already shed cleanse away the pain and baptize me into a new life of peace, love and tranquility. Protect me, Lord. Guide me, and may my future be filled with blessings and love."

Light your ex-lover or friend's candle saying "I release you (person's name). Your fate leads you elsewhere, far away from here and out of my life. I cut ties with you. You no longer are a part of my life and I deliver you into the hands of God. May he do with you as He sees fit."

Now, using the knife, cut the lemon in half and say "With the cutting edge of this knife may the sour fruit that was born out of our relationship squeeze you out of my life forever! AMEN!" Now squeeze the lemon juice out of the fruit in the shape of a line that is drawn between the two figural candles - an impenetrable wall of clear-cutting power.

Then, move the figural candles away from one another little by little over the course of the next hour being careful to not burn yourself. Make sure you move the name-papers too so they stay under the candles. When the candles are finally about a foot apart, let them burn all the way down. Take the remnants of your candle and name-paper and bury them in your backyard to keep the blessings in your life. Take the remnants of your ex-lover or ex-friend's candle and name-paper, and throw them into a river that runs out of town. As the water in that river flows out of your town, so shall that person flow out of your life.

Finish by taking a Cut Away Herb Bath to cleanse away any emotional upheaval from the ceremony. Make sure to capture some of the used bath water and throw it out toward the west. As the sun sets that day, so too shall the sun set on that chapter of your life and you'll be refreshed and able to move on with your life.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Really like this one...i need to do this to move on and be in peace. how many times we need to do this to work the best. How long before we start seeing results in spell like this one. Incase we do decide later to work things out would this have negative effect or prevent us from feeling love & connected ???

Dr. E. said...

Dear Peanut. This is a "shit or get off the pot" kind of spell. Once you do this, you're done. There's no going back. And you'll feel the separation immediately, and it will continue to grow.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dr. E. this is really good one then...i will talk to you before i go ahead do anything...will do consultation & go from there

Unknown said...

I am so glad that I saved your email from when I had a reading with you last year. This spell is perfect perfect perfect. I need to do it because the friend keeps coming back when the chips are down and I always seem to feel sorry enough to give some of my energy away. So thank you again for making this a kit! Can't wait to do it!

Unknown said...

Dr. E....what if we do not have river that runs out of town???? where else can we get rid of this remnants??? thanks

Dr. E. said...

You could also deposit the remains at a crossroad outside of town.

Unknown said...

Thanks very much for this spell. This is what I need to extract myself from a messy, ill-managed break up. I have a question: while doing this spell, my figure candle sparked and made LOTS of noise: really fizzing and crackling. The figure candle representing the ratbag I'm getting rid of burned slowly and steadily, no sparks, no noise. Can you tell me what this means? Thanks for your help.

gaiagem said...

So, I really like this spell as well. As I have recently gone thru a pretty intense break-up with a lingering emotional charge. Although the break up was best for us both. We have children together, so would like to transform the relationship into one of peaceful co-parenting and possible friendship, as opposed to ousting him out of our lives altogether. Love the idea of cleansing myself of the negative charge and associated painful emotions and memories so that I can move forward feeling more empowered and confident.
Would a consult perhaps be in order for this type of work thats a bit more specific to my life.

karen said...

Can a cut away spell be done prior to a reconciliation spell? Bit of a stupid question because I know the cut away intends to cut ties with a past relationship or ex lover in order to move on. But I was thinking a cut away spell is used to remove emotional attachments and negativities and bitterness attached to it. Is there a way or spell to remove first the hurts and pain caused by the breakup because they can be big hindrance to having a reconciliation or a new beginning with the same person?

Dr. E. said...

Hi Karen,

No, Cut Away is not appropriate for using before a Reconciliation. It literally cuts and kills any emotional connection between the two. What you should do is perhaps some Love Uncrossing baths prior to the reconciliation work to help heal the feelings of resentment. You can find those at

Dr. E.

karen said...

Thanks for that. Are there any Bible verses one can pray while doing a Love Uncrossing spell? Also with a Cut Away/Cut & Clear Spell, for future references. I've been trying to look for one but can't find any.

Chantal Dixon said...

If this needs to be done to remover several people from your life should each one be done individually or can all the names be grouped together? Also I live on the go so I do not have a permanent residence to bury the candle and name paper. Should I keep it somewhere else or bury it in a forest somewhere?