Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sow the Seeds of Discord with Inflammatory Confusion Products

... the art of using troops is this: When ten to the enemy's one, surround him; When five times his strength, attack him; if double his strength, divide him...
The Art of War, Sun Tzu

One of the best tactics when doing enemy work is to separate them from his supporters. This is a great approach when dealing with court case issues where family is supporting your enemy, or where friends are their critical witnesses. Another good case for the "divide and conquer" strategy is when facing a whole slew of gossiping people, or a small crew of people who are working roots against you.

What's the best way to divide them up and turn them against one another? Inflammatory confusion work! Inflammatory confusion works not only to befuddle and confuse your enemies but drives them to the point of anger, arguments and flat out fighting with one another. Viper turns against viper and the whole nest ends up poisoned. It's a drastic strategy but an effective one. Here are some inflammatory confusion spells that you might be able to use to your benefit.

NOTE: Make sure to cleanse yourself with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using any Inflammatory Confusion products so you don't track that chaotic energy into your personal life.

Inflammatory Confusion Candle Spell
This is a pretty straight forward candle spell, but it uses pins to stab at your enemy's thoughts. You'll need a black skull candle (to get inside your enemy's head), and a box of pins.

your enemy's name on the back of the candle and the words "Inflammatory Confusion" on the forehead of the candle. Set it aside. Then get a photo of your enemy, write their name 9 times stacked on the back of it, turn it 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and cross their name with "Confused Arguing and Fighting" stacked nine times. Dress the four corners and the center of the photo with Inflammatory Confusion Oil. Fold the photo away from you in half, turn it 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and fold it in half away from you again. Repeat this one last time for a total of three folds.

Place the photo under a plate. Dress the black skull candle with Inflammatory Confusion Oil by stroking the oil in erratic swirling patterns all over it. As you do so, state your enemy's name aloud and say "Confused are your thoughts! Befuddled your words! Your temper is flaring and your blood-pressure rises! You can't take it any more and you lash out in ferocious anger at everyone around you making a God-damned fool of yourself for all to see!" Now dust the candle with Inflammatory Confusion Powder praying something similar in your own words. Place the candle on the plate.

Now, light the candle and one by one, take the pins from the box and heat them over the candle's flame, then stick them into the skull candle. As you do so, curse your enemy out loud. Say horrendous things about them, call out their insecurities, command them to lose their temper and scream and fight with others. Do so until the entire box of pins is in the skull candle. Make sure to stick one in each eye to warp their vision of the world, one in each ear to distort what they hear, and several in the mouth to twist up their words.

Burn the candle all the way down, then dispose of the remains in a hole in a tree so that your enemy cannot track down who did the working to them. If you want to be a bit more "fair" in your rootwork, you can couch everything you did above with the statements "UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME!" so that the enemy has a chance for redemption.

Chaos and Confusion Bottle Spell
This is a great bottle spell to cause a group of people to break their friendships and turn their backs on one another. A perfect application would be a if a group of people are ganging up on you constantly at work. Another situation where I used this spell was to get a group of family members to stop covering up for a person's crimes, and to turn him in to the police.

You'll need:
Take each person's concerns and add them to the glass jar. Then add in an entire packet of Inflammatory Confusion Powder. Add in the chili peppers. Now take the 9 needles and very carefully insert them into a cork so their points stick out the other end. Toss this cork into the jar as well. (An effective alternative at this point is to fill the jar with vinegar if you want to sour their relationships, but it's not really necessary and it can get messy. BUT IT'S EFFECTIVE!) Cap the jar, and start shaking it up (swirl it if it's filled with vinegar) and as you do so, the needles will poke all of the people inside and cause them to get irritated and angry with one another and break out in fights. As you shake the jar, curse those who are in it.

Set the jar down. Take your red candle and carve "Angry and Confused Arguments" on it. Dress it with Inflammatory Confusion Oil by stroking the oil on away from you. Melt the bottom of the candle a bit and stick it to the top of the jar, then light it and let it burn all the way down. Every day for 3 weeks, shake up the jar, cursing all those inside of it. I burn down red candles on the jar every 3 days or so.

The enemies will bicker with one another, then argue, then fight, turn their backs on one another and break up their friendships and part ways. Once your spell has been accomplished, take the jar, unscrew the lid and toss it into a river that is flowing out of town to wash these people out of your life, out of town and away to another place. Again, if you want to leave a chance for redemption for those involved, as you curse you can add the disclaimer "UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME AND CHANGE YOUR WAYS, THEN THIS CURSE SHALL BE LIFTED FROM YOU!"

Remember to do your Uncrossing Bath afterward to cleanse the chaos of these products off of your body.


Eskarrina said...

I did this spell on my sister, who has been against me since I was born, she has narcissistic personality disorder and wants to do anything she can to destroy my life. she tried to destroy my wedding, and then went and spread lies about what happened to my relatives. I did this vinegar jar to make her true colours known to all my relatives. I also dusted the thank you cards for my wedding with some of the powder I used in the spell and mailed them off!

Her husband had an aneurysm in august and she went on the family website talking about how terrible this was for HER! All she did was talk about how my family should be ashamed for not flying in from all over the country to see HER after what happened to HER! Her husband has mentioned divorce (he has since recovered) because of her lack of support for HIM. Dunno if he means it but he certainly noticed she is all about herself! being involved in shady dealings he may realize he can't get any better anyways and might have stayed, she refuses to post on the family site anymore because its not a site about her and since I wont speak to her I dunno what else has transpired!

Thank you so much for this spell!

Susie said...

Would you please tell me what to do next? Last night I did the Inflammation Confusion Candle spell on someone who has done very wrong to me. I finished the spell, got my uncross herbs bath and sleep around 4:am. At 10am the candle was off and the wick so soft. I fire it again by cursing my enemy with my own words. Got back in 1 hour to see the candle and the same thing the wick was off. This time I did hold the wick with other 3 pins and cursed my enemy again. Do I need to repeat the spell again? Please let me know so I can order again the oils. This is for an Immigration case, he did use me to come from overseas to usa. The most painful thing for me is that he did all this damage knowing that I am a sick person with at big list of illnesses. He cursed me and left me emotionally ill with financial problems and more. Please your reply would be appreciated.

TyroneG said...

I want to do this with my younger brother's girlfriend, but also reveal the smooth tricks my younger brother, our younger brother and cousin pull to get away with the stuff they get away with and reverse on me, to have reverse back to them, her and them have been manipulating the system their whole lives and I want it to stop, so that I can move forward with my life.