Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doll Babies, Voodoo Dolls, Poppets - or whatever you want to call them

Doll babies, poppets, or voodoo dolls (as they are inappropriately called) are little dolls made in the likeness of an individual you seek to target. Doll babies (as they are called in hoodoo) are very firmly rooted in the concept of sympathetic magic. "If this looks like that, when I affect this, it will in turn affect that". The same magical concept is used when burning figural candles, skull candles or working with evil eye charms that are shaped like eyes.

Interestingly, the use of doll babies in magic isn't a native Congolese/African practice, per se. It actually comes from European magic that African-American slaves were exposed to through their magical interactions with other cultures.

Doll babies are usually made out of cloth and stuffed with herbs and personal concerns tied to the intended target. They can also be made out of clay, wax, sticks ... just about anything as long as it looks like a person. I've grown to love crafting doll babies out of clay because it calls upon the creation story from the bible.

I usually use a clay of the color that pertains to the magical goal I am aiming for: black for cursing, white for protection, healing or blessings, red for love, pink for reconciliation, etc. The doll baby pictured above was used for a very powerful curse to put a man in jail. He molested two children and righteously deserved to be behind bars. It was crafted out of black modeling clay and the target's personal concerns were put inside the head. Make the doll baby detailed enough to affect it where it counts. Give it hands, feet, eyes, a mouth, etc. That way you can affect these areas of the person's body when you cast the spell.

Baptizing the Doll Baby
Once you have created the doll baby, regardless of what it is made of, it is traditional to baptize it with a bit of whiskey and name it. Name the doll baby with the identical name of the target it is intended for and always baptize it "In the Name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!" From this point onward, only call the doll baby by that name and restate that everything you do to it, you are doing to the person it represents.

How to Use a Doll Baby in Spells
Now that the doll baby has been "brought to life" you can use it in your spell work. Here are some ideas for how you can affect it - and remember every time you do something to the doll baby, call out the target's name as if you are doing it to them.
  • Tie up its hands - to bind your enemy
  • Tie up its feet - to trip up your enemy
  • Blindfold it - so your enemy doesn't know who is cursing him, to blind him
  • Hog-tie it - to completely incapacitate your enemy
  • Twist the feet backward - to undo any of your enemy's progress, to trip them up
  • Stab it with pins - to hurt your enemy or pin them down (in the eyes, mouth, genitals, heart, hands, etc.)
  • Tie it to another doll baby - to tie someone to another, make them faithful
  • Cut parts off - to maim them or disfigure them

Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, you can put doll babies in boxes with items like powders, condition oils, herbs, minerals, etc. Anything that touches the doll baby will affect your intended target.

Check out this spell to imprison the aforementioned child molester. The doll baby was bound up in wire, set over a photo of the local central prison facility, dressed with Command! Oil and Crossing Oil, laced with crossing and reversing herbs and minerals including crab shell powder, sulfur, vandal root, agrimony and more. The figure was encased in a square of wire representing the prison walls. A piece of devil's shoestring was placed at each wall so that he could not cross them and would be locked inside. The four black candles were burned down over the mirror to reflect back at him all of the harm he caused to those two kids. Once the spell was done burning I collected everything and took it to the Men's Central Prison facility and dumped it in a trash can inside the prison - to deliver that man into custody.

Doll babies are not just for cursing. You can also use doll babies for reconciliation spells to tie a lover to you or bring him back. They can be used to sweeten someone's disposition toward you by putting a whole doll baby inside a honey jar along with Attraction Powder or a few drops of Love Me NOW oil! You can even create a doll baby for a person that is ill, and then place them in a box with healing herbs to help them recover. Just take very good care of a doll baby that you fashion for someone that you seek to do blessing or love work with.

I use doll babies as part of my arsenal in the Rootworking Consultation that I offer to the public. Doll baby work takes a lot of time but is a very powerful and effective way to hit someone on a very physical level with rootwork, and it is DAMNED hard to counter it magically speaking.


North East said...

May I ask if any personal concerns were used in that spell?

I am hoping to create a doll baby using the Command Oil but I have no personal concerns.

Dr. E. said...

Hi North East: Yes, personal concerns were used in the constructions of every one of these doll babies. Without the personal concern you just can't really target their physical bodies as well, and that's what doll baby magic is all about.

North East said...

The only thing I have is a photocopy of the persons handwriting, I'll have to work on getting some other personal concerns.

Graza25 said...

I'm just wondering where is the full document on this spell where the instruction to go to the graveyard and use divination etc went?

Graza25 said...

I got it, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Is a photo and birthdate enough for personal concerns?

Unknown said...

This has been a very fascinating article. My sister is so ill and her husband has made it difficult for us to have it enjoy the bond and closeness we shared all our lives till she got married. I want to help her heal. She's had a kidney transplant, is terribly overweight, has been having tremors and seizures and if she's happy where she is, that's cool, I get it, I'll catch her on the next life time, but what she's got seems to be beyond reiki, good wishes and she has given me permission to "do my thing".

What would I use to make one for her to be able to want to heal herself, help her love herself, she loves everyone else. Thank you SO much in advance.

Blessed be.