Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clean Both Physically AND SPIRITUALLY!

Cleaning is such a mundane chore. The mopping, the vacuuming, the windows - it all gets to be such an exhausting task. But there's a way to make the most out of your weekly chores around the house: make them MAGICAL! You're already scrubbing away the dirt, you might as well scrub away any dark energy and negativity while you're at it! Here are a few great ways to make cleaning your house a clean both physically AND spiritually.

Mop the Floor and Clean the Ambiance
I find one of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is to lace your floor cleaning products with condition oils. If you're working a lot of hoodoo and you need to keep your house clean, or if you have a lot of foot traffic in your home, a good thing to do is convert your ordinary lemon-scented floor cleaner with Chinese Wash. Here's how I do it:
  • 1 bottle of Lemon Pine-Sol
  • 1 bottle of Van Van Oil
  • 1 bottle of Chinese Wash

Open up your bottle of Lemon Pine-Sol, add in about an eye-dropper full of Van Van Oil, and about 1 capful of Chinese Wash into the container. Give it a really good shake while you pray to God to empower the blend to shatter any evil hexes laid against you, sweep out the Devil and his darkness, and to keep your home clean like a temple in his Most Holy Name.

The next time you mop your house, you'll be using Chinese Wash instead of plain ol' Pine-Sol, and you'll notice the energetic difference.

Protect Your Windows From Prying Eyes
The windows of your home are one of the weakest points when it comes to protection. People can look in and see your business, or they can even break in by jimmying a window open. A great thing to do is add some protection to your window cleaner using Fiery Wall of Protection Herb Bath. Because you don't want streaking on your windows, you'll be making an infusion of the herbs in ammonia instead of using a condition oil. Here's how you'll do it.
Pour the Fiery Wall of Protection Herb Bath into a glass container. Pour the ammonia over it and cover it up to protect you from any fumes and to keep the ammonia from evaporating. Let the mix sit for about 20 minutes. Strain out the herbs and pour the mix into your window cleaner bottle, making sure to prevent the herbs from going into the bottle. Pray over the blend for God to protect your home from any enemies known and unknown and to keep your home safe. The next time you clean your windows, you'll be using protection-infused cleaner to keep your home safe.

Keep Your Body Clean, Body and Soul
This one is a personal favorite of mine. You can add any condition oil to a body wash or shampoo that you regularly use to keep that magical influence on your body. I like to put some Van Van Oil in my hand soap, some Fiery Protection Oil in my body wash or even some Success and Eloquence Oil in my shampoo. The applications here are unlimited!

Want to draw more money into your life? Get a spicy-smelling body wash and add some Money Draw Oil to your body wash (just the smallest bit - you don't want to irritate the skin). Want to attract a particular guy? Put some Love Me NOW! Oil in your floral shampoo and give him a tight hug - when he smells your hair he'll be hooked.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I add van van oil to my general purpose house cleaner, body wash and shampoo, and Fiery Wall of Protection to my hair conditioner.

Now showers really 'wash the day away'.

I also make a FWoP winder cleaner using vinegar instead of ammonia (vinegar seems to take on the scent of the herbs better and mask the smell).

Thank you for posting this article, Dr. E!