Friday, October 24, 2008

Ethics of Cursing/Hexing

There is great debate about whether casting destructive spells (like curses, hexes, jinxes, crossings, etc.) is acceptable or whether it should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to this question I always defer to ethical questions to test the situation. I ask myself the following questions:

1) Would it be what I desire, or what is necessary? (does it come from my own feelings of vengeance or is it because the person needs to be stopped for the greater good of the community?)

2) Is it just in the eyes of God? (A reading is done to determine what the outcome would be if the spell were cast and whether it is just in the eyes of God or not. God is just and will not stand to see the innocent hurt or taken advantage of. Psalm 18, Psalm 35, Numbers 14...)

The notion of "harm none" when it comes to magic is a recent evolution that comes out of the modern religion of Wicca, and has very little to do with traditional witchcraft or magical practice. This "witches' rede" isn't adhered to within the tradition of Hoodoo. Hoodoo (Conjure) is instead based on African-American traditions that are the result of a melding of original African magical practices and a Protestant understanding of a just and vengeful God.

Cursing/Hexing a Rapist - Ethical or Necessary?

Recently a client came to me with a situation. A relative of his (we'll call Jane) had been raped by one of her school mates. She is a tender 14 years old and this bastard not only violated her, but turned the situation back against her and lied about it, getting all of her friends to turn against her leaving her abandoned and broken in spirit and body. I did a reading on the situation and it came out that the rapist had struck again since having raped this girl, and that it was likely a "date rape" scenario. The reading revealed that not only was it necessary to stop this bastard from perpetuating his crimes against young girls, but it was just in the eyes of God. The problem is that Jane was unwilling to give up the rapist's name and so we were in a situation where identifying the criminal or rather flushing him out and holding accountable with the law, was the main part of the goal.

The spell took the form of a 3 step process. The first step involved a black devil candle carved with the name "Jane's Rapist" on the back. The mouth of the candle was then hollowed out and stuffed with a blend of herbs and minerals including sulfur, red chilies and deerstongue (for eloquence of speech) so that he would boast about his deeds to everyone around him and thus be turned in by one of his friends. The candle was coated with Command! Oil to compell and command the rapist to abide by the client's will and speak about his crimes to those around him.

The second step involved destroying the rapist's sexuality so that he could never function sexually again, and never hurt another girl again. This involved using a black penis candle inscribed with "Jane's Rapist", dressed in Black Arts Oil and dusted with Goofer Dust (to kill his sexuality.) It was then wrapped round and round in steel wire and then nailed to a wooden board in a 5-spot pattern with an "x" of chain. Finally, one by one, pins (an entire box worth) were heated off of the flame of the devil candle and stuck into the black penis candle (that his thoughts and actions be the cause of having his dick cut off in an accident, or getting a shotgun blast in his balls, etc.) The black penis candle was burned down along side the black devil candle on a waning moon starting on a tuesday night (Mars' night - for acts of violence and war.)

The third part involved a white female figural candle with Jane's name carved on it, burned far away from the negative working. It was coated in Blessing Oil and Love Uncrossing Oil to help her recover her sense of lovability and femininity. A photo of the victim was placed under the candle to direct the blessings toward her, and an image of a Saint (Saint Michael) was placed before her candle to protect her always and help her heal.

The remains of the black devil candle were deposited at the front door to a police station (to lead the rapist into the hands of the police). The remains of the black penis candle working were placed in a hole in a tree where no one would ever find them that he might rot for eternity. The remains of the blessing candle were buried in Jane's backyard so that she could keep the healing influence with her always. The bottle of blessing oil was gifted to the victim as a personal fragrance for her to wear day to day.

The client wrote back to me reporting positive results from the burning of the candles. He reported the wax melting to surround the black devil candle like a hand gripping around it. The black penis candle burned steadily and slowly over the course of a day and a half, all the way down to the wooden plank it was on. He reported that as the flame from the black candle hit the substances packed into the mouth, the flame crackled and made noise - indicative of the client's "blabbing" about his acts. That's an excellent sign. The client reported that there was a column of negative black energy left after the cursing work and that he is proceeding with a house cleansing and finished with a cleansing bath to remove the negative influences of the working.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stopping Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip is such a destructive and common thing to find in the workplace. It draws uninvolved parties into other people's drama, it spreads negativity and breeds distrust. In this case, it led to an entire department ganging up against one of my clients.

He came to me with a situation where he felt his job was being threatened by gossiping coworkers, wanted their venomous words to stop and to feel protected while working. I performed a reading on the situation and came to the conclusion that a Fiery Wall of Protection Spell for him would be best, coupled with some STFU! work around the office for everyone's benefit.

The Fiery Wall of Protection Spell involved a white crucifix candle into which was carved a prayer for protection on behalf of the client. That candle was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Next that candle was surrounded by 7 purple offertory candles each carved with the named of an angel or protective spirit that was also dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Additionally an image of a protective saint - in this case, St. Michael - was placed in the circle with the candles, and Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was sprinkled in a circle around the white candle in the middle. Finally, a single Angelica Root was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and laid at the foot of the candle.

Now, outside of this protective circle, a single black offertory candle was carved with the names of the gossiping coworkers and then dressed with STFU! Oil to stop their vile gossip. It was placed over a name paper with the same coworkers' names. I burned the candles while praying to the Angels to protect my client from the vicious rumors and vile gossip going on at work. When the black candle was half way burned down, I extinguished it in a dish full of Slippery Elm with the statement, "May your venomous gossip stop immediately and be your own undoing!" to the gossipers. When the candles finished burning down, the remaining butt of the white crucifix candle, along with the saint card and a bit of the Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was wrapped up in a piece of white cotton with 4 knots in it for the client to conceal in his cubicle at work to protect him all day long.

The final touch was that I gave my client a bag full of STFU! Powder to put pinches in the corners of the office that he works in, and a dash under each coworkers' desk for good measure. No more gossip, and a respectful and safe environment is restored in the workplace.