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Closed for Christmas Break

Hello faithful fans and customers! Season's Greetings to you all. Dr. E. Products will be closed from December 19 - 26. Any orders placed after December 16th will be processed once we get back from our holiday break. Thanks for understanding and have a blessed holiday!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reconciliation Spells - Things Every Client Should Consider

Reconciliation spells are best for healing
a misunderstanding.
About 75% of the client work I do is some type of Reconciliation Spell work. It seems that many people are having relationship issues and immediately run to a rootworker to "get their man back". In this article I'm going to discuss the recurring issues that I see with clients and point out things that every client seeking reconciliation work should consider.

Factors Determining Success in Reconciliation Spells

Reconciliation spell work is a sticky topic. Most rootworkers won't do it for several reasons. First there are MANY issues that affect the success of a spell. I'll discuss the biggest issues below:

Proximity - Do you live close to one another? If you don't live anywhere near your ex, then your chances for reconciliation are almost impossible. You have to live near one another and you have to be able to visit one another. A healthy long-distance relationship is hard enough to maintain, let alone one that is faltering and falling apart.

Communication - Are you frequently communicating or seeing one another (no, facebook, email and texts don't count)?

In this modern age, clients seem to think that texting and email qualify as communication. Flat out NO! They do not. The whole reason why communication needs to be present by voice or in person, is because your partner can hear the emotional inflection in their voice and can understand clearly how they are feeling. Texts are dry. Emails are emotion-less and easy. Tossing off an email to someone doesn't convey any forethought nor does it indicate care and emotional caring. Communication needs to be either by phone or in person. Additionally, I've been experiencing a phenomenon where the person's ex lives with a parent that cuts off all communication. I'll tell you right now, if your ex is an adult and his or her mommy isn't going to let them talk to you, then they aren't mature enough to hold a relationship in the first place . They probably need to work on their parental issues before dedicating themselves to any kind of relationship.

Nature of the Break Up - Why did the relationship end, and who ended it? This can give you a clue as to whether the relationship is able to be reconciled. Did your girlfriend dump you because you slapped her in the face? Then I don't blame her for leaving you. You need to get some anger management classes and don't bother with any reconciliation work. If there was any kind of violence, reconciliation is OFF THE TABLE. Did your ex leave you because you're controlling, and you've tried working with 17 rootworkers to get them back but none of the spells are working? Perhaps that should make it abundantly clear that you have control issues and you need to work on your own self-esteem and heal the fear that is within your heart. Fear and insecurity are what breed controlling. Did your ex leave you because he went back to his wife? Well, the wife has more rights in the world than you do. She has a religious bound and oath before God to that man - she will win out. That's just the way it works. So think about why the break up happened and see if you've healed those issues first before you seek reconciliation or you won't be able to maintain anything if you DO get back together.

Marital Status - Is your ex still single or are they in a new relationship? Are you two still married? If your ex has moved on to another partner, then don't waste your time. Someone else who they likely view in a healthier light than you is occupying their heart. You're not going to have much success getting in there. Remember you not only have to repair the damage that was done but you then have to rebuild trust - and that's on BIG mountain to get over. If you're still married to your man, that's positive leverage in your favor. You can use your divine oath before God to magically pull him back to you, but keep in mind what I said before about trust and reasons for the break up. Those still need to be healed before reconciliation will really happen.

Emotional State - Is your ex still emotionally open to being with you as a friend or are they utterly repulsed by you?

If your ex said, "I hate you and never want to see your living face again!" then don't waste your time. Moving someone over from hate to love is virtually impossible. If they said, "I miss you and wish we could have worked things out" then you have an opportunity for reconciliation.

Time Elapsed - How long have you two been apart? If your break up happened last week - good, you have a better chance for success. If it happened two years ago - give up. I personally don't like to do reconciliation on a break up that has elapsed 6 months.

Additionally, you're dealing with the hearts of two people who have gone through tremendous emotional upheaval. They are raw, vulnerable and hurt, or angry, isolated and defensive. Remember that reconciliation work is about softening hearts and minds and making people receptive to getting back together. If they are staunchly opposed to it, you're not going to have much success.
A reconciliation spell by Dr. E.

Client writes: "Dr. E. the situation isn't improving! I think the magic failed!!!"
How Long Before I'll See Results?!

I write: "Give it some time, be patient and stop worrying about it!"

1 month later, Client writes: "This was a rip off, your magic failed! I hate you!"

6 months later, Client writes: "OH MY GOD, Dr. E. you're wonderful! I got my man back. All I needed to do was just be patient and stop worrying about it!!!!"

This is classic. What clients seem to forget is that reconciliation work is SLOW STEADY WORK. It is probably the slowest magical work out there to show results. You're dealing with people's free wills, with their emotional baggage and it takes a long time to turn someone from anger to love. So be patient. The best thing you can do with a reconciliation case is to have the spell cast, then walk away and stop worrying incessantly about it. Once you release the NEED for results, you'll finally see them. But constantly fretting, contacting your rootworker on a daily basis because your ex didn't return a text message or going to six different rootworkers because you want faster results, is only going to ruin the work you are doing.

A very wise person once told me "If you feel urgency it really isn't important. And if it really is important, it won't require urgency!" Slowly is holy - relax, turn your mind away from obsessing over the spell work, and go about living your life.

She Cast a Spell on Him! I KNOW it!

I often have women requesting rootwork because they feel their husband's mistress cast a spell on their husband and that's why he's behaving differently. They want me to remove the spell from the husband and someone repair all the damage that has been done. Let's dissect this bit by bit.

1) Curses are actually quite uncommon - Most people are untrained and uneducated when it comes to cursing others, and most don't know the right way to go about it. 9 times out of 10, when I client comes to me convinced they are cursed, they actually aren't. If you have ANY doubt, and you're CONVINCED he's cursed, then slip some Uncrossing Oil into his shampoo or body wash and watch his behavior for a week. If he's still behaving the same, then it isn't a curse. Case closed.

 2) His behavior has dramatically changed! This isn't the man I love and know - Of course it isn't because you didn't marry a cheater, he became one for whatever reason. I'd say the vast majority of cases where the man is cheating occur with men going through a mid-life crisis. Their relationships have gone flat, the sex is uninspiring, and they seek to regain an element of macho bravado. They want to feel like studs, so they go seek a new woman to have sex with. Same goes for ladies too. It has nothing to do with curses or spell work, and everything to do with a normal period of evolution in the human mind that happens in the early forties. 

3) The damage has already been done - Whether your partner was cursed or not, cheating has taken place and a huge breach of trust has transpired. You need to work on serious forgiveness between the two of you because even if he does come back, you'll need to be ok with what happened in the past or you won't be able to have intimacy and openness in your repaired relationship.

The Best Cases for Reconciliation Spells

Reconciliation spells are really best employed when a misunderstanding has taken place and you are trying to smooth over arguments and bring the two of you back together. Another good use of reconciliation spells are for relationships that have lost their passion; they can be used to rekindle the sex and intimacy. Reconciliations spells are best done steadily and slowly over time. For this reason I prefer to employ either jar spells with honey or sugar, or mojo bags that can be carried in conjunction with deployment of magical powders in letters, gifts or on clothing. Feeding your ex sexual fluids is also a good idea (hidden in cooked foods) to keep them hooked on you. One off spells can help with critical matters, but for best results, remember: Slow and Steady Wins the Reconciliation Race!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dr. E. On the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!`

Dr. E. will be today's guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. Listen live while Dr. E., Catherine Yronwode and ConjureMan Ali read for callers and recommend rootwork to help them with their situations.

Listen to the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

If you'd like to sign up to be a caller for the possibility of being selected for a free reading and rootwork advice, simply visit this link and sign up before the show! (The link is for this episode only)

Sign up to be a caller on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour

Friday, July 12, 2013

Women's Power Products and Spell Ideas

"I am woman, hear me roar!" Boost your female power and your self-confidence with Women's Power Hoodoo Products by Dr. E. Products. Women's Power is a hoodoo formula for condition oils, herb baths, powders, mojo bags and candles designed to boost a woman's personal power so that she can walk tall and proud, command the respect of others (in particular men who do not respect women) and to help her recover from any painful or difficult times in her life.

Dr. E.'s Hoodoo Women's Power Products and Women's Power Spells

Women's Power Oil ($7.00) - Dab some Women's Power Oil on your wrists and behind each ear before going to work to boost your personal power, command the respect of male co-workers and to make you a pleasure to work with. Women's Power Oil has a lovely light rosy scent that will go well with most perfumes, but test it out before blending it with your favorite scent.

Women's Power Sachet Powder ($5.00) - Blend Women's Power Sachet Powder with your talcum powder or foot powder before using it. You will surround your body with female power and walk in your personal strength and confidence all day long. You can also dust business cards with Women's Power Sachet Powder before handing them to difficult men you work with. Once they touch them they will be overcome with your female power and be more flexible and willing to work with you.

Women's Power Herb Bath ($4.00) - Take a bath with Women's Power Herb Bath before performing any Women's Power spells to boost your personal power and increase your spell's success. Take a course of 7 or 9 baths using Women's Power Herb Bath after a traumatic period of your life to recover your personal power and confidence. You can also use Women's Power Herb Bath as a sprinkle to encircle any candles you burn for your own confidence.

Women's Power Mojo Bag ($30.00)- Carry a Women's Power Mojo Bag with you after enduring a difficult period in your life. It will boost your self-confidence and help you recover from the traumatic experiences you endured. It is also good to carry a Women's Power Mojo Bag if you work in an environment with men who are discriminating against women. It will help you walk with your head held high and to garner their respect in time.

Women's Power Setting of Lights ($25.00) - Can't burn candles in your own home? Let Dr. E. do it for you. Dr. E. offers a Women's Power - Setting of Lights service. We'll dress, bless and pray a candle for you in your name to help boost your personal power, restore your strength as a woman and help you gain the respect of others.

Learn More About Women's Power Hoodoo Products and Women's Power Hoodoo Spells

To learn more about Women's Power hoodoo products and Women's Power Hoodoo Spells, visit Dr. E.'s Women's Power Products Page on his website

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Evil BEGONE! Hoodoo Products to Break Habits and Addictions

Evil BEGONE! Products are Dr. E.'s version of the traditional hoodoo formula known as "Run Devil Run."  Evil BEGONE! Products are perfect for driving away evil influences, breaking bad habits and beating addictions. Powerful cleansing herbs like eucalyptus help give Evil BEGONE! Products their power to blast away evil and keep your clean and sober.

Dr. E. Products' Line of Evil BEGONE! Products

Dr. E. offers a full line of Evil BEGONE! Products for your hoodoo needs. To learn more about how to use the products read the Evil BEGONE! Hoodoo Products and Hoodoo Spells page at

Evil Begone! Herb Bath
Take Evil Begone! Herb Baths prior to doing an Evil Begone Spell to drive away evil influences. It will boost your personal power and cleanse you of any evil. You can also take Evil Begone baths when you are trying to kick and addiction and need to keep sober. You can also use Evil Begone! Herb Bath as a floor wash to mop the floor and clean up any evil cursing powders someone may have laid for you to walk through. Evil Begone! Herb Bath will neutralize the evil influence of those powders.

Evil Begone! Oil
Use Evil Begone! Oil on white candles and burn them to help you overcome addiction and beat bad habits. You can also dab Evil Begone! Oil on items that you think may be cursed. Dab some Evil Begone! Oil on your doorknob in case you think someone has tricked it. This oil will neutralize the evil.

Evil Begone! Powder
Use Evil Begone! Powder to sprinkle on top of any cursing powders someone may have sprinkled as a trap for you to walk through. The powder will neutralize the evil of those cursing powders and make them safe to clean up. You can also roll white candles through Evil Begone! Powder and burn them to help combat addiction and stave off any cravings you may have.

Evil Begone! Mojo Bag
An Evil Begone! Mojo Bag is the perfect charm to carry when you are trying to stay sober and fight off addiction. It will trip up any evil influences within you to make sure you don't fall victim to your cravings. An Evil Begone! Mojo Bag is also good to carry to make sure you aren't hit by any evil influences from a magical attack.

Evil Begone! Candle - Setting of Lights
If you cannot burn any candles in your own home, let Dr. E. do it for you! With my Evil Begone! Candle - Setting of Lights Service, I will dress, bless and burn an Evil Begone! Candle for you to help you overcome any bad habits, conquer addictions or to drive away evil influences. Once your candle is done burning, we will email you a candle burn report with the results and interpretations of the candle's burn.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Redesign of the Store!

Little by little we are overhauling and redesigning our website to accommodate a bunch of new products that are being offered. We've recently updated our main navigation to separate out our services from our products, and we even give you the option to browse our products by product type or by magical use! Check it out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is valuable to us.

You can check out the changes we've made, including product photos, and our navigation redesign by visiting our store at

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Rootwork Consultation and Reading Slots Available

A whole new block of available appointments have opened up for Rootwork Consultations, Tarot Readings and Diloggún (Santeria Cowrie Shell) Consultations on April 22 through April 24. Book while they are still available because these appointment slots go fast! To sign up for a Rootwork Consultation, Tarot Reading or Santeria Cowrie Shell Consultation, visit Dr. E.'s website at!

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Van Van Spiritual Supplies and Van Van Hoodoo Spells

Van Van is one of the most commonly used and requested hoodoo formulas available. It's lemony vibrant scent let's you know that it contains lemongrass - the quintessential ingredient to remove negativity, attract influential people and lend you luck with love and money. Van Van products are great to use when you want a general product that does over-all good and is applicable to multiple magical goals like success, love and money.

Van Van includes a complete line of spiritual products: Van Van Oil, Van Van Herb Bath, Van Van Powder, Van Van Candle - Setting of Lights and Van Van Mojo Bag.

Van Van Spiritual Products for Love, Money, Luck and Cleansing

Van Van OilVan Van Oil is great for dispelling negativity and drawing luck with money and love. Made with lemongrass oil, Van Van Oil is a classic recipe from New Orleans use for all kind of positive magical work. Dress yellow candles with Van Van Oil and burn them on top of a petition for love, money or luck. Dab a bit of Van Van Oil on the corners of your bed for a restful sleep free from any negative vibrations. Put a bit of Van Van Oil on a lucky rabbit's foot for luck with gambling, money or love. Buy Van Van Oil today!

Van Van Herb BathVan Van Herb Bath is perfect for removing negativity and drawing general positivity with love, money and luck. Take a Van Van Herb Bath before any spell work as a general cleansing and to boost your personal energy with your spell. Sprinkle the liquid from a Van Van Herb Bath around the home to dispel negative vibrations, draw in positivity and refresh the home. You can take the left over herbs after making a batch of Van Van Herb Bath and sprinkle them out in your garden to surround the home in positive energy too. Buy Van Van Herb Bath today!

Van Van Powder
Van Van Powder can be used in spell work or on your body as a way of cleansing away negativity and drawing influential people, good luck in money and love. Dress yellow candles with Van Van Oil and dust them with Van Van Powder then burn them for good luck with money and love. After taking a Van Van Herb Bath, dress your body with Van Van Powder and head out to a social event to meet people of influence. You can also dust business cards with Van Van Powder for good luck, or dust your hands with Van Van Powder to win big when gambling. Buy Van Van Powder today!

Van Van Mojo Bag
A Van Van Mojo Bag is a great magical tool to carry on your body to attract love, money, influential people and good vibrations. Carry a Van Van Mojo Bag when engaging in business deals for a fortunate outcome. Wear a Van Van Mojo Bag when gambling to have a run of good luck and win big. Place a Van Van Mojo Bag in your desk at work to keep a positive work environment and stave of any negative feelings from coworkers. Buy a Van Van Mojo Bag today!

Van Van Candle: Setting of LightsVan Van Candle Setting of Lights is a service we offer at Dr. E. Products where we burn a Van Van Candle with your petition and photo to help you dispel negative energy, draw people of influence and draw good luck with money and love. Purchase a Van Van Candle - Setting of Lights today!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dr. E. Products Closed March 22 - 25 and Dr. E. Products will be closed for vacation from March 22 through March 25, 2013. All orders including Setting of Lights, Candle Burn Reports and any pending orders will be completed once we reopen on March 26th, 2013. Thanks!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learn About Fast Luck Hoodoo Products and Fast Luck Spells

Fast Luck Products are one of the oldest and most cherished line of products used in hoodoo. For generations, rootworkers have depended on the deliciously spicy sweet blend of Fast Luck to bring in good luck with love, good luck with money issues and good luck with gambling and other games of chance.

Dr. E. Products offers a whole line of oils, herbs, mojos and candles to quickly turn your luck around in areas of love, money and games of chance. Learn all about Fast Luck Products as well as some Fast Luck Spells at our new Fast Luck Hoodoo Products Page!

We currently offer:

Coming soon:

  • Fast Luck Powder
  • Fast Luck Spell Kit!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Amazing Lucky Hand Root - Now Available at

We've just added another cool hoodoo curio to our shop for your conjuring pleasure - the Lucky Hand Root. This incredible looking root is shaped like a little hand - fingers and all! Like many hand-shaped things in conjure it is great for good luck, money luck and gambling luck. Here are some ways you, too, can use Lucky Hand Roots.

Lucky Hand Root Mojo Bag

In a red flannel bag combine together a Lucky Hand Root, an Aligator Paw and Five Finger Grass. Dress this with Van Van Oil or Lucky 777 Oil and carry it for good luck with money and gambling/lotto. Dress the bag with some of the oil right before going into a casino or when you are looking to have another wave of money come into your life.

Lucky Hand Root Hand Rub

Grind together a Lucky Hand Root, some sugar and some marigold petals until they form a fine powder. Before you play lottery tickets, play dice, play cards or any other form of gambling, take a pinch and rub it between your hands. Clap your hands three times saying "I WIN!" with each clap, then go play your game. Don't take anything from another person's hand (unless it is that lottery ticket) or they'll take your good luck away from you. Once you're done gambling you can wash your hands with cool water and go about your day. You can always reapply some more of your Lucky Hand Root Hand Rub if you're going to have one of those long days playing in the casino or the bingo hall.

Lucky Hand Root Cologne / Table Wash

If you're going to host a gambling night at your house and play some poker with your friends, here's a great way to trick the table so the cards will play in your favor. Take a Lucky Hand Root, a High John the Conqueror Root and a Lodestone, and place them inside a bottle of Hoytt's Cologne. Let them sit in the bottle for 7 days before using this. When you're going to host that poker night or other gambling night, put a dash of the tricked Hoytt's Cologne on a damp rag and use it to wipe down the seat of the chair you'll be sitting in - but NOT ANYONE ELSE'S chair. Then wipe down the table stroking toward your chair saying "All the good luck in the room is mine! I win every hand! All the winnings come to me!" Make sure to do this well before your guests come to play and the odds will be tipped in your favor. You can also wear this cologne on your hands when you go gambling.

Buy a Lucky Hand Root!

If you'd like to buy a Lucky Hand Root, visit and while you're there check out the other great hoodoo curios we offer including High John the Conqueror Root, Lodestones and Magnetic Sand!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Come to Me Hoodoo Products and Come to Me Spells

We've just added a page consolidating all of our Come To Me Hoodoo Products as well as suggesting several spell ideas to make that special person come back to you over and over again until they fall in love with you.

Dr. E. Products' Come to Me Hoodoo Products include:

Check out our page on Come To Me Hoodoo Products today!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Announcing Dr. E.'s New Come to Me Spell Kit!

Make the person you love and desire come to you and be with you with Dr. E. Product's new Come to Me Spell Kit. This fantastic spell kit includes herb bath, oil, powders, a lodestone and even a red figural candle of the gender of your target; everything you need to cast a powerful and effective Come to Me Spell!

Spell Kit Includes:

  • Red figural candle (of the gender you select)
  • 1 bottle of Come to Me Oil
  • 1 packet of Come to Me Powder
  • 1 packet of Come to Me Herb Bath
  • 1 lodestone
  • 1 packet of magnetic sand
  • Complete instructions for casting the powerful and effective Come to Me Spell that Dr. E. has created

Visit today and purchase a Come to Me Spell Kit of your own!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dr. E. on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour

Dr. E. is today's guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. Listen live while we take calls, give reading and recommend rootwork for those in need. You can also listen to the show after it has finished airing live in the archives.

Show date: Sunday Feb. 24, 2013
Time: 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific)

Listen to the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour now!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dr. E. Products Closed Feb. 14-18, 2013

Dr. E. Products will be closed February 14-18, 2013 for travel. When we return from travel we will complete any orders and return any correspondence. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now Offering Fast Luck Herb Bath

Dr. E. Products is proud to offer Fast Luck Herb Bath. Our Fast Luck Herb Bath is formulated with real herbs and botanicals used in hoodoo/rootwork to bring quick lucky results in love, money, gambling and all games of chance.

Fast Luck Herb Bath

Take a Fast Luck Herb Bath before going to the casino so you'll be more likely to win and hit the big numbers. Use Fast Luck Herb Bath to wash your hands before shooting dice or scratching lottery tickets. Take a Fast Luck Herb Bath and dab some Fast Luck Oil on your wrists and behind each ear before a date so that you'll get lucky and meet the right person that evening. Fast Luck Herb Bath can even be used as an herb sprinkle to ring candles in Fast Luck Spells.

Purchase your own Fast Luck Herb Bath today!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Reconciliation Hoodoo Products and Reconciliation Spell Ideas

We just updated our site to include a Reconciliation Hoodoo Products page describing our entire line of Reconciliation Hoodoo Products and Hoodoo Spell ideas:

Reconciliation Oil

Reconciliation Oil is a versatile tool for many spells used to heal a broken relationship, mend feelings between people and bring back an estranged lover. Dress a pink candle carved with your name and your estranged lover's name, with Reconciliation Oil. Roll it through Reconciliation Powder and ring it with Reconciliation Herb Bath. Burn the candle in a holder on top of a photo of the two of you. Take the remnants and gather them together in a red flannel bag and carry it close to your heart or in your underwear to draw your ex back to your life and your home. You can dress the bag once a week with Reconciliation Oil to keep it strong.

Reconciliation Herb Bath

Reconciliation Herb Bath is great to use prior to performing any Reconciliation spells to amplify your power.  You can also take a Reconciliation Herb Bath before seeing your ex to make them forgive you and want to reconcile their relationship with you. Make a cup of Reconciliation Herb Bath and add it to the laundry when you wash your husband's clothes to rekindle the passion in your marriage when it has grown cold. You can also wash your sheets in Reconciliation Herb Bath to make your estranged lover come back and share your bed once again. Reconciliation Herb Bath also makes a good herb sprinkle to ring candles burned in Reconciliation Spells.

Reconciliation Powder

Reconciliation Powder is a wonderful way to affect your estranged lover and heal a broken relationship without the knowing. Dust letters with Reconciliation Powder and mail them to your ex. When they touch the letter the powder will affect them and make them want to reconcile with you and be in a relationship with you once again. Powder pink candles that have been dressed with Reconciliation Oil with some Reconciliation Powder before burning them in reconciliation spells. You can also sprinkle Reconciliation Powder where your estranged lover will walk over it to affect him through his feet and make him want to walk back into your life.

Reconciliation Mojo Bag

A Reconciliation Mojo Bag is a powerful charm to carry to heal a broken relationship, mend hurt feelings and reunite you with your estranged partner. Carry a Reconciliation Mojo Bag when you are going to see your ex or communicate with them, to soften hearts, soften minds and make you both want to heal any rifts between the two of you. Place a Reconciliation Mojo Bag hidden in a box under your bed to rekindle the passion between you and your spouse when the relationship has run cold. Wear a Reconciliation Mojo Bag until your lover comes back to you and remember to feed it once a week by dabbing a bit of Reconciliation Oil on it to keep it strong.

Reconciliation Spell Kit

Reconciliation Spell Kit has everything you need to cast a powerful Reconciliation Jar Spell. This kit includes Reconciliation Oil, a pink candle, a screw-top jar, Reconciliation Herb Bath, Reconciliation Powder, and all of the items needed along with complete instructions. Upon casting the spell you'll have your own Reconciliation Jar Spell that you can continue to work in perpetuity by burning pink candles dressed with Reconciliation Oil on top of the jar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while praying Psalm 32. This is a great value for those looking to work long-term Reconciliation Spells.

Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights

A Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights is great for bringing back an estranged partner, healing a broken relationship or rekindling the passion in a relationship that has grown cold. We will dress, bless and burn a Reconciliation Candle for you on Dr. E's altar (candles typically last about 5 days). Once your candle has finished burning we will write up a candle burn report and email it to you with any signs and interpretations of the candle's burn. We recommend sticking to one setting of lights per month as to not overload the situation.

Reconciliation hoodoo products are perfect for mending a broken relationship, bringing back an estranged lover and rekindling the passion in a relationship that has cooled off. Before you use any Reconciliation products or try any Reconciliation spell I highly recommend you read the article Things Every Reconciliation Client Should Consider.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dr. E. is Offering Workshops at the Annual Hoodoo Workshop Weekend - May 4 and 5, 2013!

Dr. E. will be presenting a workshop at the MISC Annual Hoodoo Workshop Weekend in Forestville, CA. on the construction and use of rustic hoodoo oil lamps that burn vegetable oils for money, luck, love, protection, blessings and jinxing.

Workshop: Rustic Hoodoo Oil Lamps by Dr. E.
Date: Sunday May 5, 2013
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Lucky Mojo Curio Company
6632 Covey Road, Forestville, CA 95436
Price: $40.00

Eventbrite - Rustic Oil Lamps in the Conjure Tradition

Join Dr. E. as you learn how to construct and use rustic hoodoo oil lamps in your own conjure work. He'll explore the use of various hoodoo curios to include in the lamps, different types of oil to use for various magical goals, and how to use hoodoo condition oils to boost your lamp's performance. This is a unique experience where you'll get to learn hands-on with Dr. E. about one of his favorite techniques to use in spell work.

In addition to this event, there are many other workshops being presented over the weekend including ConjureMan Ali's Skull Sorcery workshop, Lou Florez' Catholic Saint Packets workshop, Khi Armand's Contact Conjure workshop, and miss cat yronwode's Candle Magic and Candle Ministries workshop.

This amazing weekend will also include the opportunity to sit with many members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers for readings. Dr. E. will be offering Tarot Readings, Throwing of the Bones and Santería Diloggún Readings in-person at a discounted rate (first come first served basis)!

Learn more at the MISC Annual Hoodoo Workshop Weekend Website - where you can also sign up for Dr. E.'s Rustic Hoodoo Oil Lamp Workshop.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Command! Hoodoo Products and Commanding Spells

We've expanded our line of Command! Products to include Command! Oil, Command! Herb Bath, Command! Powder, Command! Mojo Bag and Command! Candle Setting of Lights. Command products are a powerful way to control, command and dominate another person into doing as you will. Our Command! line of products draw their power from herbs, roots and essences including calamus and licorice, traditionally used to dominate another's mind and command them to do your bidding.

Command! Oil 

Use Command! Oil by dressing purple candles and burning them on your target's photo to make them follow your orders. Dress your hands with Command! Oil when writing e-mails to make people comply with your demands. Dab Command! Oil on the inside of your target's hat and order your target to do as you wish. When they wear their hat next time it will affect their mind and they will follow your orders. Read more ideas for ways to use Command! Oil on Dr. E. Products' Command Hoodoo Products page.

Command! Herb Bath

Use Command! Herb Bath prior to performing any commanding spells to boost your power and authority. Take a Command! Herb Bath before going into a meeting for negotiations, legal arguments or business, to powerfully command and dominate the meeting and have your terms accepted over the other party's. Sprinkle Command! Herb Bath in a ring around skull candles and burn them against your target to dominate their mind and make them fulfill your wishes. For more ways to use Command! Herb Bath visit Dr. E. Products' Command Hoodoo Products page.

Command! Sachet Powder

Sprinkle Command! Sachet Powder in a line where your target will walk over it to influence him and force him to do as you will. (Mix it half-and-half with local dirt to hide its color.) Sprinkle Command! Sachet Powder under your supervisor's desk to command them and make them do what you want. Dust the back of offer letters, contracts or negotiation letters with Command! Powder before handing them over or mailing them to your target to make them sign the papers. For more ways to use Command! Sachet Powder visit Dr. E. Products' Command Hoodoo Products page.

Command! Mojo Bag

Carry a Command! Mojo Bag when dealing with people that you want to dominate. Its powerful influence will make your targets obey your commands and compel them to act in accordance with your will. Place a Command! Mojo Bag in your desk at work to make coworkers (superiors and employees) follow your orders, respect your authority and do as you command. Use a Command! Mojo Bag to gain dominance in relationships, and to have your friends or mates do what you say. For more ways to use in Command! Mojo Bag and other Command! products, visit Dr. E. Products' Command Hoodoo Products page.

Command! Candle Setting of Lights

Command! Candle Setting of Lights are the perfect tool to make people follow your commands and compel them to act in accordance with your will in specific instances in your life. We will dress, bless and burn a Command! Candle on our altar with your photo and specific petition. Once your candle has finished burning we'll write up a candle burn report with any signs/interpretation of the candle's burn and send it to you via email. For more ways to use a Command! Candle Setting of Lights or other Command! Products visit Dr. E. Products' Command Hoodoo Products page.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dr. E. Products is Moving - Delay in Orders

Dr. E. Products' is moving to a new location in Southern California! If you have placed an order between January 6th and January 16th there may be a bit of a delay in processing your order as we pack and move our entire inventory of herbs, oils and supplies. Once our shop has been moved to the new location we will rush to complete all orders placed during the move. We appreciate your patience during this transition.