Monday, March 28, 2011

Beef Tongue Shut Up Hoodoo Spell

People can't seem to shut their mouths and mind their own business. That's where the good old beef tongue shut up spell comes in handy. This is a classic example of sympathetic magic. In this case, a beef tongue is used to represent your enemy's wagging tongue and the spell uses very clear symbolism to tie that tongue up and stop them from speak out against you.

Just to be clear - don't substitute anything, and don't reply asking if you can change the spell. Please perform it as it stands.

For this spell you'll need:
  • A beef tongue
  • black string
  • a needle
  • a piece of brown paper (a clean, unprinted grocery bag is a good source of this)
  • a pen
  • sulfur
  • alum
  • slippery elm
  • STFU! Powder
  • STFU! Oil
  • A black candle of any size (preferably a jumbo candle - the ones that are about 8" long by 1" in diameter)
  • A knife
  • A plate
Preparing the Items
Cut a slit lengthwise down the tongue - deep enough to shove stove in it. Place the tongue on the plate and set it aside.

Take the brown paper and cut a 3" x 3" piece for each target of your spell. One piece of paper will be dedicated to each target. On the papers, write the target's name 3 times stacked, then turn it counter-clockwise and write "Shut your fucking mouth!" across the names three times, criss-crossing them. Dress each one of these name papers by dabbing STFU! Oil on the four corners and center. Dust each paper with a little bit of STFU! Powder. Then fold each paper in half away from you, turn it counter-clockwise 1/4 turn. Repeat that two more times, for a total of three folds. Set these aside.

Take the candle and carve the targets' names on the candle along with "Shut your fucking mouth!" Dress the candle with STFU! Oil by stroking the oil away from you along the length of the candle praying for God to tie your enemies' tongues, to shut the mouths of the wicked and for them to suffer the consequences of their gossip. Dress the candle with some STFU! Powder my sprinkling it on the candle.

Assembling the Beef Tongue Shut Up Spell
Take the folded name papers and insert them into the slit in the beef tongue. Now, sprinkle some ground up alum, sulfur and slippery elm into the slit and all over the top of the tongue. Thread the needle with black thread and use it to sew up the edges of the tongue forcing it to fold in on itself capturing the items inside the slit. Tie up the tongue very thoroughly with the string, praying the entire time for your enemies' tongues to be tied, and lashed shut. Insert the candle into the tongue so it is standing upright. Sprinkle the rest of the STFU! Powder all over the tongue.

Now light the candle, and watch over it as the candle starts to melt the wax and take light. Pray for God to stop the mouths of your wicked enemies, for their tongues to swell in their mouths, for their words to become sour and bitter and turn against them, and for them to shut up and stop speaking against you.

Let the candle burn all the way down. Once it is done, take the beef tongue to the cemetery and dispose of it by either tossing it over the wall of the cemetery or by burying it over the grave of a spirit that agrees to assist you (as determined by a form of divination). If you opt to employ a spirit to handle the situation, make sure to pay the spirit with some whiskey and a silver dime.

As an option, you can also fill a large glass jar with vinegar and store the beef tongue in there to make your enemies' words turn against them and to make them suffer for what they have said.

If you're not comfortable doing this spell, you can hire me to do it for you as part of a Rootworking Consultation. When I work this spell I add in some elements of traditional African magical practice from Palo.

Next article I'll be showing you a "sweet" alternative to the traditional beef tongue shut up spell.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview on the New World Witchery Podcast!

Hello friends and hoodoos! I was recently interviewed by Cory of the New World Witchery podcast, and it's up and published. Listen to the episode either by subscribing to New World Witchery through iTunes or by visiting their website.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Cory and I just love their podcast. It's a great way to learn more about hoodoo and other American forms of magic and witchcraft. Good stuff!

Fight Enemies with Changó War Baths

Changó is the African god of thunder, lighting, fire and tactical warfare. He is a powerful spirit who fiercely defends his followers. Here's a great article I just posted on the Hoodoo Crossroads Blog with a recipe as well as instructions for using these baths. The baths are formulated with a combination of hoodoo and traditional African spiritual practice and they work like crazy. Enjoy!

Shipping, Production Times and Things to Know About

People don't read my Frequently Asked Questions page and just drop me an email wanting to know if their order has shipped. So I decided to write up an article here about how I run my business, and just reference it when people email me in the future.

Conjure Doctor a Very Small Shop! is a very small online hoodoo product shop. Basically I run the show by myself with the occasional assistance of a hoodoo apprentice. I am not a full time rootworker. I work full time during the day and then run my rootwork business on nights and weekends. Because of this products take more time to make. I am not available for phone conversations about your individual unique problem. I try to write clear and concise product descriptions so the choice is easy for you.

I Do Not Give Out Free Spell AdviceWhile I do like helping people, I am a business man and in this day and age, information is the most precious commodity a person can have. I don't give out free spell advice, mainly because it's a paid service on my site. If you need spell advice you can purchase a Rootworking Consultation and we'll arrange a time for your reading and advice.

All Products are Hand Made and Take Time
I make each of my products by hand in small batches to assure the highest product quality. I pray over my products and put energy and work into them. Because of this, and because I am basically a sole proprietor, orders take up to 7 business days to assemble. Sometimes there are back orders. Please be patient. Emailing me two days after you placed an order wondering where it is will not help expedite your order. There are no rush orders, and you cannot pay extra money to get your order faster. I have two hands that can only work so fast.

Shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail
We use USPS Priority Mail as our shipping option. The USPS has greater access to homes and businesses than UPS or FedEx. We do not offer any other shipping options. Priority Mail typically takes 2 to 3 business days to ship. Once your order is shipped you will receive an email from the US Postal Service with your package tracking number. Do not email me asking for a tracking number - the USPS sends them directly to you once you order has shipped. If you have not received an email from the USPS it means your order has not yet shipped.

We Only Process Payments Using Paypal
Paypal is the ONLY method of payment processing we accept. This grants our customers a higher level of privacy and protection than transmitting credit card information through phone calls or emails. You do NOT need a paypal account to pay using paypal - you can select credit card as your method of payment. We do not accept money orders. We do not accept Western Union payments either. Thanks for your cooperation.

Private Rootworking Takes Longer Than Ordering Products
If you receive a Private Rootworking Consultation, it will take longer for you to get your products because they are all custom made for your unique situation. Please be patient. Checking in to see if rootwork is done will not expedite your work. Work is done according to the best astrological and magical timing for the work. This is why I do not take rush clients, emergency rootworking or last minute readings.

Readings and Consultations Are Booked Out Three Weeks in Advance
I have a lot of readings each week and limited availability. Readings and consultations are typically booked out three weeks in advance and the time slots I have available are typically on Tuesday and Thursday nights (7 and 8pm PACIFIC time), and Saturday mornings (9am and 10am PACIFIC time). Available time slots will be presented after you pay for your reading or consultation.

If you have any other questions about how runs or our policies, you can ask them in the questions below or you can read the Frequently Asked Questions page on our site.