Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Speedy Honey Jar for a Court Case

Speeding up a Honey Jar
Honey Jar workings are known for taking a slow but steady approach to a problem. They sweeten the parties involved to think favorably toward you and they gently break down their defenses until they are fighting for your cause (or drawing toward you in the case of love honey jars). But in general, they aren't a very "quick" type of working, but I added a few magic ingredients to make this one fast. In this case I used cayenne pepper and petitioned St. Expedite.

Using a Honey Jar to Speed Up a Court Case
I was recently approached by a client to speed up the arrest and trial of a known child molester. In addition to some powerful workings to put him in prison using a doll baby (to be featured in a future posting), I decided to take a sweeter gentler approach with the parties involved. One of the unique issues around this case was that there were family members supporting the child molester who were telling the authorities that the case was a fraud and that the children accusing him of molesting them were lying to get back at their mother.

In order to get the district attorney, Child Protective Services, the detective on the case and the trauma counselor to get on the side of the children, I employed a honey jar spell (seen here). IN the honey jar, I included slips of paper for each of the parties I wanted affected (including the defending lawyer) - to sweeten them to my client's side of the case. I also added some Court Case Root (to win the trial), some tobacco (to win a trial), some black mustard seeds (to confuse and trip up the opposing side's lawyers), some deerstongue (for eloquence in the trial), a High John the Conqueror (to conquer the trial), some licorice root (to control the parties involved and make them act on the accusations quickly) and a pinch of cayenne pepper (to heat up the proceedings and get the trial MOVING). I set the jar on a saucer covered in Court Case Powder for added power.

Additionally, I started by burning red candles over the jar, inscribed with "Arrest (the child molester's name), start the trial NOW!" dressed with Court Case Oil and Fast Luck Oil. And I petitioned St. Expedite to quickly get the investigation going, to apprehend the child molester and to get the trial started so that no more children will suffer.

St. Expedite
St. Expedite works whenever you need things done FAST! He is typically petitioned by offering him his "due pay" in exchange: A piece of pound cake and a glass of water. He was a Roman soldier and as such he worked for pay - not just for glory. He is never petitioned for evil causes, as he is a saint and will only work for good. In this case, stopping a child molester is one of the best things for the community and the children involved, so I felt justified in calling on his assitance. Always employ an image of St. Expedite when working with him. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but you want his image to be there. I also like using Saint Expedite Oil on my candles when I petition him.

Once the child molester is arrested, I will pay St. Expedite his piece of pound cake and a glass of water and then I'll switch over to brown candles carved with "(Child Molester's Name) is judged guilty, Life in prison" and dress them with Court Case Oil and Success and Eloquence Oil, applying them weekly until the case is tried and the man is convicted.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis The Season ... To Be Trickin'!

You never thought you'd be saying "trick or treat" around Christmas time, but this is the best season to hit people with some hoodoo when they least expect it. Does this make me hard-hearted and a grinch? No, but I am a very practical rootworker, and I understand that people who are stressed out and have their guards down are easy targets for magic. 'Tis the season, indeed!

Holiday Cards Laced with Powders
This idea actually came about when working on a case for a client. He is faced with a hostile work environment where his job has been given to another guy in the office, his coworkers are a bunch of gossips and his boss is weak-minded and unwilling to give him back his job (even though the replacement is completely incompetent.) The premise is simple; use magical powders to affect everyone in the office by tricking holiday cards and giving them to people.

For the guy that took his job - a Merry Christmas card dusted with Hot Foot Powder. He opened the card, touched the paper and got the magical hit - then he promptly hung the card up in his cubicle. Jackpot!

For the gossiping coworkers matching Happy Holidays cards each dusted with STFU! Powder to stop their gossip and protect him from their nasty rumor spreading. Some took the cards home (where they sit as time-release protective amulets affecting them as they rest in the comfort of their homes). Others put the up outside their cubicles, affecting the entire atmosphere in the office. No more gossip, and that's a good thing.

For the boss, a Happy New Year card with warm wishes for the year to come - laced with Boss Fix Powder. He propped the card up on his desk where everyone could see it, and where he could be affected all day long to work in accordance with my client's will, for his best interest, and to stay out of his personal space when working.

Holiday Treats with Irresistible Magical Power
Christmas cookies and other holiday treats are a great way to affect others - be it your coworkers, your neighbors, family members or a love interest. Simply mix in the magical affects into the frosting on those cookies, or into the batter itself!

To make that guy you like love you even more, put a tiny bit of your menstrual blood into that red frosting on heart shaped cookies. Or add a pinch of Attraction Powder into the frosting.

To get those obnoxious upstairs neighbors that stomp around all day to move out and leave you in peace, make up a batch of "Aztec Chocolate Cupcakes" that are nothing more than chocolate cupcakes that you put some Hot Footing herbs into. Now... you don't want to poison them, so just use red chilis, a bit of cayenne and black pepper.

And if you really want to hurt someone (which I don't recommend unless it is a justified case in the eyes of God - like a rapist or a murderer) you can put Goofer Dust into their rum balls to leave them crawling on the ground, howling like a dog. Or you can putting live things in them. Try putting some ground up horse hair in a cookie, or spider's eggs in their vanilla creme frosting-topped cake.

A Present For You - WITH A PUNCH!
Once of the most handled items in the holidays is WRAPPING PAPER! Just turn that paper over and sprinkle your powders on the back of them, then dust off the excess, give it a snap with your finger and wrap up the present for your intended target. If they rip through it, they'll get the powder on them. If they carefully work their way through the paper in order to "save it" that's even better! They'll take the magically affected paper into their homes and keep it for quite a while.

Here are some ideas for powders to affect people:
  • Money Draw Powder - to get delinquent clients to pay their bills, or to influence your rich relatives to be a bit more generous
  • Attraction Powder - to get that cute guy or girl to pay more attention to you, or you can send out promotional gifts to prospective customers to draw them back to your business
  • Evil Begone! Powder - to affect a mate that's trying to stop a bad habit like smoking or drinking
  • Love Me NOW! Powder - to make someone fall in love with you (great when wrapping up romantic gifts like a box of truffles)
  • Success and Eloquence Powder - when trying to win or succeed at something (especially potential new employers)
  • Hot Foot Powder - to drive someone away, get rid of them
  • Goofer Dust - to make someone sick and curse them - only when justified in the eyes of God (like a murderer, child molester or rapist)

Holiday Ornaments to Protect and Bless Your Home
Well I can't have a holiday posting be so harsh and heavy-handed, so here are some "nicer" applications for magical products during the holidays.

A wreath was originally a protective emblem that was placed on the door to keep death away from the house. You can still use a wreath in the same way, with a few hoodoo twists. You can make an all-pine wreath our of trimmings that you can get for free from the local Christmas tree lot to keep ghosts and unwanted entities away. Or, try hanging spices like bundles of cinnamon, whole nutmegs and oranges on the wreath to attract wealth into the home. Another idea is to weave in some Devil's Shoestrings and branches of bay leaves into the wreath to make it a powerful protective amulet. Finish it by dressing the back of the wreath with some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and there you have it - a powerful protective amulet for the home that can also double as a prosperity-drawing spell.

Ornaments that you hang on the tree can be dabbed with a little Blessing Oil to bring blessings in the year to come. You could do this with any of the many condition oils that are available. Some good options would be Money Draw Oil, Attraction Oil, Holy Oil, Blessing Oil, Fast Luck Oil, True Love Oil, etc. Use your imagination - you can even use color symbolism in your selection of ornaments to amplify your spell working.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Products! Follow Me Boy and Follow Me Girl Oils!

Announcing two new blends in the Dr. E. Products line of hoodoo condition oils. Follow Me Boy Oil and Follow Me Girl Oil!

Both of these blends are formulated with a combination of powerful commanding and domination herbs along with some love herbs to hook your mate into loving you, being under your control and on a VERY short leash!

This condition oil blends together the commanding power of Calamus with the man-attracting powers of Queen Elizabeth Root and other powerful herbs to keep your man in love with you and under your control. Stop his wandering eyes, stop his philandering and his sneaking out once and for all with Follow Me Boy Oil. This condition oil is also traditionally used to feed a Nation Sack - a special kind of mojo bag used by women to tie their man's nature, keep him under control and have the upper hand in the relationship.

This oil combines the commanding power of Calamus Root along with domination herbs like High John the Conqueror and love roots including Sampson Snake Root, to hook your woman and keep her by your side. End the mind games and manipulation. Stop her screwing around with other guys. Take control of your relationship with the aid of this hoodoo condition oil.

Both blends are now available at - check them out today!