Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shattering a Curse - Uncrossing Baths

A client contacted me for a Spiritual Cleansing service regarding something that had been plaguing him for quite a long while. 6 years ago, this gentleman was offered a pastry by a coworker, and then the problems began. He started having recurring cases of awful luck, money problems, unexpected expenses striking over and over, and then physical effects like lethargy, listlessness, disturbed dreams and paranormal experiences.

I spoke with him on the phone and conducted a reading to get at the root of the situation. My reading concluded that he had indeed be given a sneaky trick in the food he ingested that could have included but not been limited to the use of graveyard dirt. There was a paranormal element to this man's troubles.

Through the reading I recommended a series of 13 magical cleansing baths using an uncrossing herbal blend that included 13 different ingredients like hyssop, angelica root, rue, saltpeter, white mustard seeds, lemongrass and many other uncrossing plants. After bathing, he was to use a portion of his bathwater along with an ordinary floor cleaning product like Pine-Sol or Ammonia, and mop the floors of his house to cleanse any negativity out of the house that might have been coming off of him as a residual effect of the initial cursing. The last part involved him using Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to dress himself, his home and his loved ones to prevent future magical attacks.

Interestingly, I had a second client that I was working with at the time who was experiencing obstacles with getting his career off and running, and additionally was experiencing paranormal visitations in his sleep. I recommended a series of 13 uncrossing baths alone, and he reports excellent results. He thoroughly enjoys his magical baths, feels the energetic shift that has happened in his life and reports that more work opportunities are manifesting in his life and he is making more money than before. Additionally, he is sleeping restfully and has no repetitions of the previous visitations in his sleep.

New Formulas Just Added

It's funny how art imitates life. In this case, my magical arts are imitating the real conjure work that I do. As I get clients who need specific work done, I often find a need to whip up a new blend or resurrect one that I formulated a long while ago and never posted on my online store. Some of my recent clients have motivated me to dig up these two formulas and add them to my online store.

Presenting's latest additions:

Good Job Oil:
This traditional hoodoo blend brings together benzoin and gravel root to create a powerful tool to help you get a good job or keep an existing one.

Reconciliation Oil:
Balm of gilead, rose and other herbs come together to help reunite estranged lovers, bring back a hurt ex or bring quarreling friends back together.

I'm also looking into how I can start processing credit cards without needing to use paypal. Paypal is so awkward to use and they are very slow to process payments.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Testimonial - Fixing Slander in the Workplace

I recently had a pleasant gentleman approach me to assist him with a situation at work where his coworkers were slandering his good name, accusing him of threatening them with violence and more. This client - we'll call him Henry - had such a quiet and shy demeanor it would be completely impossible to imagine him as ever being violent, and yet there was action taken against him by the human resources department at work.

He came to me with the desire to save or improve his job situation, and to stop the slander. I created a custom mojo to deflect any negativity sent at him, and to gain the respect and admiration of his coworkers. Along with his mojo, he received a bottle of Success and Eloquence oil to succeed in arguing his situation at work in his favor.

Henry recently wrote me back explaining what had transpired in the last month. Below is his direct testimonial:

Hello Dr. E.,

I have been wanting to update you on how my problem got finally solved ... I was called with an offer to be transferred to another department and work in another program permanently, they also notified me that the result of their "Investigation" was closed because they found that I was not at fault and the accusations had no merit.

I accepted the transfer and on August 9th I started working for a new department, in the same employee status as I was before but with different duties that are required. Now, I work closely with a group of 15 people in my area. 4 people do the same thing I do which is front desk reception, and registering clients.

ALL of my coworkers are very friendly and they all treat me with respect. The work atmosphere in this office is as different as day and night compared to my other office. No one curses in my office!! Well a couple of people do, but only once in a blue moon. No one is backstabbing each other and the supervisors are so much more flexible than the ones at my other place.

Well, all I can say is that despite being so super, super busy at this new job, I do feel much more relaxed every day that I go into work and also at the end of the day, I do not come out of there stressed out. I am so blessed and happy to have this job.

Despite having gone through such a stressful episode, I did technically get a month's paid vacation in a weird sense, and also I got to start a new life now at this job.

Every morning I make sure that my "mojo" is in my pocket and I do try to anoint it at least every week. I also meditate a few minutes before I go to work. Needless to say, I don't think I will ever have a bad day like every day that I had at my other job.

I want to thank you so much again for all your help, Your prayers and all my family's prayers helped me in getting through this situation in one piece. I am really happy and grateful for all the help I received.


PS. If I ever have a friend that needs a lot of help, I hope you don't mind me recommending you. You do great work!!

This is the reason I love Hoodoo so much. It gives reliable, powerful results to better peoples' lives. Real problems, real powerful magic, real solutions.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Restructuring my Product Line?

I'm currently looking at restructuring my line of products at At the moment I offer many different Hoodoo Condition Oils, and many soaps, but some other basics are missing. What I'm thinking of doing is reducing down some of the oils that I offer - maybe rotating them out of the mix for a while - and replacing their slots with other items like magical bath salts, powders, spell kits or standardized mojo bags.

Powders are an area that have great magical application. You can sprinkle them in someone's track, blow them in their direction, add pinches of them to mojo bags, roll candles in them, use them to dust your body after a magical bath, dress letters with them and mail them to unsuspecting targets and more. The problem is that they are very messy to make and I would have to make batches of them in advance. I think the best route would be to make a few (maybe 5) different blends that have common usage and then offer those as a test run.

I'm thinking of adding the following blends: Road Opener, Goofer Dust, Crossing or Jinx, Boss Fix, Good Job, Commanding or Bend Over.

What are your feelings on them?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lodestones to Draw Money

One of the best spells you can perform to consistently draw money to your home or business is a lodestone spell using Money Draw products. This type of spell work uses the magic of natural magnets - lodestones - to "draw" prosperity into your home.

Lodestones are unique in that they are chunks of iron that have become magnetized through natural forces. They are treated as living being in hoodoo, are considered powerful magical allies and are treated with great respect. But how does a chunk of iron become magnetized in nature? The answer is simple and powerful - lightning! Lightning, is one of the most powerful and destructive forces in nature. These huge charges of electricity actually polarize the chunks of iron that are close to the surface of the earth where the bolts land, and thus breathe life into these stones. It is also interesting to note that lightning is associated with several of the African gods that the slaves who were brought to America worshipped, and as such, these lodestones carry the sacred signature, the life force, the "ashe" of these deities within them. It is no wonder that they were used by the first root doctors that came to the States. This lore was lost over time, as African root workers and their descendants converted to Christianity, but the magical power of these objects was continually respected and used effectively.

In order to set up a lodestone spell to draw money, the first thing you need to do is baptize it using whiskey. Clean the stone with a few splashes of the alcohol while praying over it. Give the lodestone a unique name and consecrate it in "the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." From now on, speak to your lodestone by its given name.

Next, you'll need a $100 bill. (A $20 will suffice, but if you really want to see your prosperity take off, you should aim higher with a $100 bill.) Sign your name under the treasurer's name. Lay the $100 bill in a small saucer. Then you want to dress your lodestone with Money Draw Oil. Put a few drops on your fingers and rub down the entire stone with it while speaking to your new ally. In your own words, tell it to draw money into the house (or business), to continue to attract money, that money loves you and that money stays with you. Once you have sufficiently dressed the stone and given it its assignment, lay it on top of the $100 bill in the dish. Speak to it explaining that it is to bring more of "that" (the $100 bill) into your home.

The final step is to "feed" the lodestone so that it can effectively to its work. Give it a pinch of magnetic sand explaining "I'm giving you this pinch of magnetic sand so you are strong and so that you will work hard for me by drawing money into my home (or business)!" Magnetic sand is merely iron filings, but they work to feed the lodestone so that it can effectively accomplish its duty.

Every day, talk to your lodestone, tell it to bring you more money, and give it a pinch of magnetic sand so that it can accomplish its work. Once the lodestone is so covered in magnetic sand that it can no longer adhere to the surface of the stone, then merely dust all of the magnetic sand off and collect it in a container. You can then reuse the magnetic sand to continue your spell indefinitely.

For a business, you can even place the lodestone in your cash register and feed it every day with a pinch of magnetic sand. You can also lay it on top of a $100 bill for the best results.

Much prosperity to you!
-Dr. E.