Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Speedy Honey Jar for a Court Case

Speeding up a Honey Jar
Honey Jar workings are known for taking a slow but steady approach to a problem. They sweeten the parties involved to think favorably toward you and they gently break down their defenses until they are fighting for your cause (or drawing toward you in the case of love honey jars). But in general, they aren't a very "quick" type of working, but I added a few magic ingredients to make this one fast. In this case I used cayenne pepper and petitioned St. Expedite.

Using a Honey Jar to Speed Up a Court Case
I was recently approached by a client to speed up the arrest and trial of a known child molester. In addition to some powerful workings to put him in prison using a doll baby (to be featured in a future posting), I decided to take a sweeter gentler approach with the parties involved. One of the unique issues around this case was that there were family members supporting the child molester who were telling the authorities that the case was a fraud and that the children accusing him of molesting them were lying to get back at their mother.

In order to get the district attorney, Child Protective Services, the detective on the case and the trauma counselor to get on the side of the children, I employed a honey jar spell (seen here). IN the honey jar, I included slips of paper for each of the parties I wanted affected (including the defending lawyer) - to sweeten them to my client's side of the case. I also added some Court Case Root (to win the trial), some tobacco (to win a trial), some black mustard seeds (to confuse and trip up the opposing side's lawyers), some deerstongue (for eloquence in the trial), a High John the Conqueror (to conquer the trial), some licorice root (to control the parties involved and make them act on the accusations quickly) and a pinch of cayenne pepper (to heat up the proceedings and get the trial MOVING). I set the jar on a saucer covered in Court Case Powder for added power.

Additionally, I started by burning red candles over the jar, inscribed with "Arrest (the child molester's name), start the trial NOW!" dressed with Court Case Oil and Fast Luck Oil. And I petitioned St. Expedite to quickly get the investigation going, to apprehend the child molester and to get the trial started so that no more children will suffer.

St. Expedite
St. Expedite works whenever you need things done FAST! He is typically petitioned by offering him his "due pay" in exchange: A piece of pound cake and a glass of water. He was a Roman soldier and as such he worked for pay - not just for glory. He is never petitioned for evil causes, as he is a saint and will only work for good. In this case, stopping a child molester is one of the best things for the community and the children involved, so I felt justified in calling on his assitance. Always employ an image of St. Expedite when working with him. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but you want his image to be there. I also like using Saint Expedite Oil on my candles when I petition him.

Once the child molester is arrested, I will pay St. Expedite his piece of pound cake and a glass of water and then I'll switch over to brown candles carved with "(Child Molester's Name) is judged guilty, Life in prison" and dress them with Court Case Oil and Success and Eloquence Oil, applying them weekly until the case is tried and the man is convicted.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis The Season ... To Be Trickin'!

You never thought you'd be saying "trick or treat" around Christmas time, but this is the best season to hit people with some hoodoo when they least expect it. Does this make me hard-hearted and a grinch? No, but I am a very practical rootworker, and I understand that people who are stressed out and have their guards down are easy targets for magic. 'Tis the season, indeed!

Holiday Cards Laced with Powders
This idea actually came about when working on a case for a client. He is faced with a hostile work environment where his job has been given to another guy in the office, his coworkers are a bunch of gossips and his boss is weak-minded and unwilling to give him back his job (even though the replacement is completely incompetent.) The premise is simple; use magical powders to affect everyone in the office by tricking holiday cards and giving them to people.

For the guy that took his job - a Merry Christmas card dusted with Hot Foot Powder. He opened the card, touched the paper and got the magical hit - then he promptly hung the card up in his cubicle. Jackpot!

For the gossiping coworkers matching Happy Holidays cards each dusted with STFU! Powder to stop their gossip and protect him from their nasty rumor spreading. Some took the cards home (where they sit as time-release protective amulets affecting them as they rest in the comfort of their homes). Others put the up outside their cubicles, affecting the entire atmosphere in the office. No more gossip, and that's a good thing.

For the boss, a Happy New Year card with warm wishes for the year to come - laced with Boss Fix Powder. He propped the card up on his desk where everyone could see it, and where he could be affected all day long to work in accordance with my client's will, for his best interest, and to stay out of his personal space when working.

Holiday Treats with Irresistible Magical Power
Christmas cookies and other holiday treats are a great way to affect others - be it your coworkers, your neighbors, family members or a love interest. Simply mix in the magical affects into the frosting on those cookies, or into the batter itself!

To make that guy you like love you even more, put a tiny bit of your menstrual blood into that red frosting on heart shaped cookies. Or add a pinch of Attraction Powder into the frosting.

To get those obnoxious upstairs neighbors that stomp around all day to move out and leave you in peace, make up a batch of "Aztec Chocolate Cupcakes" that are nothing more than chocolate cupcakes that you put some Hot Footing herbs into. Now... you don't want to poison them, so just use red chilis, a bit of cayenne and black pepper.

And if you really want to hurt someone (which I don't recommend unless it is a justified case in the eyes of God - like a rapist or a murderer) you can put Goofer Dust into their rum balls to leave them crawling on the ground, howling like a dog. Or you can putting live things in them. Try putting some ground up horse hair in a cookie, or spider's eggs in their vanilla creme frosting-topped cake.

A Present For You - WITH A PUNCH!
Once of the most handled items in the holidays is WRAPPING PAPER! Just turn that paper over and sprinkle your powders on the back of them, then dust off the excess, give it a snap with your finger and wrap up the present for your intended target. If they rip through it, they'll get the powder on them. If they carefully work their way through the paper in order to "save it" that's even better! They'll take the magically affected paper into their homes and keep it for quite a while.

Here are some ideas for powders to affect people:
  • Money Draw Powder - to get delinquent clients to pay their bills, or to influence your rich relatives to be a bit more generous
  • Attraction Powder - to get that cute guy or girl to pay more attention to you, or you can send out promotional gifts to prospective customers to draw them back to your business
  • Evil Begone! Powder - to affect a mate that's trying to stop a bad habit like smoking or drinking
  • Love Me NOW! Powder - to make someone fall in love with you (great when wrapping up romantic gifts like a box of truffles)
  • Success and Eloquence Powder - when trying to win or succeed at something (especially potential new employers)
  • Hot Foot Powder - to drive someone away, get rid of them
  • Goofer Dust - to make someone sick and curse them - only when justified in the eyes of God (like a murderer, child molester or rapist)

Holiday Ornaments to Protect and Bless Your Home
Well I can't have a holiday posting be so harsh and heavy-handed, so here are some "nicer" applications for magical products during the holidays.

A wreath was originally a protective emblem that was placed on the door to keep death away from the house. You can still use a wreath in the same way, with a few hoodoo twists. You can make an all-pine wreath our of trimmings that you can get for free from the local Christmas tree lot to keep ghosts and unwanted entities away. Or, try hanging spices like bundles of cinnamon, whole nutmegs and oranges on the wreath to attract wealth into the home. Another idea is to weave in some Devil's Shoestrings and branches of bay leaves into the wreath to make it a powerful protective amulet. Finish it by dressing the back of the wreath with some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and there you have it - a powerful protective amulet for the home that can also double as a prosperity-drawing spell.

Ornaments that you hang on the tree can be dabbed with a little Blessing Oil to bring blessings in the year to come. You could do this with any of the many condition oils that are available. Some good options would be Money Draw Oil, Attraction Oil, Holy Oil, Blessing Oil, Fast Luck Oil, True Love Oil, etc. Use your imagination - you can even use color symbolism in your selection of ornaments to amplify your spell working.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Products! Follow Me Boy and Follow Me Girl Oils!

Announcing two new blends in the Dr. E. Products line of hoodoo condition oils. Follow Me Boy Oil and Follow Me Girl Oil!

Both of these blends are formulated with a combination of powerful commanding and domination herbs along with some love herbs to hook your mate into loving you, being under your control and on a VERY short leash!

This condition oil blends together the commanding power of Calamus with the man-attracting powers of Queen Elizabeth Root and other powerful herbs to keep your man in love with you and under your control. Stop his wandering eyes, stop his philandering and his sneaking out once and for all with Follow Me Boy Oil. This condition oil is also traditionally used to feed a Nation Sack - a special kind of mojo bag used by women to tie their man's nature, keep him under control and have the upper hand in the relationship.

This oil combines the commanding power of Calamus Root along with domination herbs like High John the Conqueror and love roots including Sampson Snake Root, to hook your woman and keep her by your side. End the mind games and manipulation. Stop her screwing around with other guys. Take control of your relationship with the aid of this hoodoo condition oil.

Both blends are now available at - check them out today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Success and Eloquence Spells to Win!

Success Spells Help You Win!
Most clients come to me seeking assistance with a common magical goal: "bring me my lover back!" or "help me get a job" or "protect me from my enemies!" But what about those situations where your goal isn't one of the common ones like love, money, protection or cursing? What if you just want to succeed in some endeavor, or do well at something? Well that's where success spells come in.

Success spells revolve around giving you the upper hand, making you skilled at what you are doing, and making you a powerful force that conquers everything in your path. Success spells are great for succeeding at a project, or in a competition, or even for added eloquence in writing, speaking, competing and anything that requires you to outshine the competition. I often recommend success spells to student that want to pass a class, writers that want to publish, lawyers that want to win an argument, or business people that seek to have their proposals approved by clients.

Commonly, magical products blended for success are called "Crown of Success" but I've elected to call my products "Success and Eloquence" because I feel it better communicates the full spectrum of their application.

Here are a few different spell ideas to help you succeed in all that you do.

Success and Eloquence Candle Spell for New Projects
This is an easy-to-do spell that I like to set when I'm about to undertake a new field of study, start writing a paper or creating a new project that I really want to succeed. Start this spell on a Sunday when the moon is waxing.

You'll need:
  • 1 yellow glass-encased candle
  • 1 printed image or photo of a crown
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • 1 bottle of Success and Eloquence Oil
  • 1 High John the Conqueror Root
  • 1 small chunk of pyrite
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 red flannel bag
Start by cleaning your glass-encased candle with a little ammonia or glass cleaner on a paper towel. This removes any of the residual energy it might have picked up. Next cut the image of the crown out from the background. Glue the image to the front of the candle with the tacky glue. Now drill three holes down into the wax using any pointy implement like a chopstick or skewer. Into the holes, drip a little Success and Eloquence Oil - less is more - don't overdo it. Set the candle aside.

Take your High John the Conqueror Root and dress it with some of the Success and Eloquence Oil. As you do so, pray aloud "I call upon the spirit of this High John the Conqueror Root to make me strong in heart and strong in spirit that I overcome and conquer this situation! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!" Set the High John aside.

Dress the chunk of pyrite with Success and Eloquence Oil and pray, "I call upon the spirit of this pyrite to make my endeavors golden. May my pockets be overflowing with prosperity as a result of my success. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!" Set the pyrite aside.

Dress the bay leaf with a dab of Success and Eloquence Oil and pray, "I call upon the spirit of this bay leaf to crown me with the laurel wreath of success as a champion in (this project - whatever it may be). In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!"

Now, arrange the bay leaf, high john and pyrite into a triangular shape with the bay leaf at the top point, the high john at the lower right point, and the pyrite at the lower left point. In the center of the triangle you will be placing the candle. But first, hold the candle to your heart and pray with great emotion for the success you seek in your project, then hold the candle to your head and ask God to crown you with success in His Holy Name. Now tap the candle three times on the surface, place it in the center of the triangle and light the candle.

Get to task on your project, be it writing or planning. As the candle burns, it illuminates your efforts, guiding you to success. When the candle finishes burning out, gather up the three items and put them into a red flannel bag - this now becomes a success mojo bag for you to carry. Tie off the bag, dress it with a 5-spot of Success and Eloquence Oil, and carry it on your body whenever you work on your project.

Success Spell using Powders on Business Cards or Papers
Another great way of influencing others to your success is by lacing items with magical powders. You can do this to contracts or proposals to have them accepted, or you can powder business cards to succeed in bids for business. You can powder school papers to influence your teachers to give you better grades. Another idea is to powder manuscripts that you send in to potential publishers to succeed in getting them to work with you. The process for all of these is the same.

You'll need:
Lay out all of your papers or business cards face down on a surface. Take a bit of the Success and Eloquence Powder and sprinkle it over the papers. As you do so, pray to God for your success in whatever endeavor you seek. Remember, the harder you pray and the more emotional intensity that you put into the magic, the more effective it will be.

Next, run your four fingers over the papers in wavy lines like snake tracks through the powders. This seals the energy of the powder into the paper. Shake the excess powder off of the paper, and then give it a flick with your finger to snap any residual powder off. Then hand the papers over to the person you intend to affect. When they grab the paper, their hand will touch the back of the card, and they will be influenced by your magical spell.

St. Jude for Success with Hopeless Causes
While not strictly hoodoo, some people to work with the saints in order to assist them in their goals. Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. He is called upon when a situation seems dire or like there is no hope in your success. You can pair together a petition to Saint Jude along with some Success and Eloquence products for a great one-two punch.

You'll need:
  • A Saint Jude statue
  • A yellow glass-encased candle
  • A bottle of Success and Eloquence Oil
  • A small charm in the shape of a crown or a St. Jude medallion you can wear

Place the Saint Jude statue on your working surface. Take your yellow candle and drip a few drops of Success and Eloquence Oil into the top. Now, dress your crown charm or St. Jude medallion with Success and Eloquence Oil and hang it around the neck of the statue. Hold the candle to your heart and pray the following prayer of St. Jude.

O most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, people honor and invoke you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, for I am so helpless and alone. Please help to bring me visible and speedy assistance. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly (state your request) and that I may praise God with you always.

Tap the candle on the table three times in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen! Set the candle beside the statue and light it. Every day that the candle burns, return to the statue and repeat the prayer above. When the candle has finished burning, remove the charm or St. Jude medallion from the statue and wear it as a necklace to carry St. Jude's watchful assistance with you. I also recommend continuing to pray the prayer every day until the impossible has been made possible for you.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hitting the Target - Using Personal Concerns to Target Your Spell

Targeting a Spell is the Trick to Success
Magical spells are launched out into the spiritual world where they hit their intended targets like projectiles, manifesting what you desire into the physical world. In many ways, the degree of success you have with a spell is dependent on how good your targeting device is. Are you using a finely tuned scope to shoot your spell, or are you shooting blindly into a dark room hoping to hit something? The way we target magic is through the use of personal concerns.

What are Personal Concerns
Personal concerns are any object that is tied to a person's energy and physical body. The item can be something that person used, or with which they came into close contact, or it can be something from their actual physical body. The rule of thumb is that the closer the object is to the person, the more effectively the magic will hit them.

Here are some examples of personal concerns from the most powerful to the least powerful:
  1. Blood, semen, vaginal fluids
  2. Nail clippings, hair, foot scrapings
  3. Sweat, feces, tears, mucus, urine
  4. Soiled items of clothing
  5. A person's foot track
  6. A used item (cigarette butt, utensil, toothpick)
  7. Signature
  8. Writing sample
  9. Photograph
  10. Person's name
As you can see, many of these personal concerns are kind of gross to think of, because they are so very personal in nature. But it is the extremely personal nature of those items that ties them so closely to a person's energy and their physical body. For this reason, you want the most personal item you can get on a person that is appropriate for the spell.

The Importance of Personal Concerns in Magic
All too often, I have clients approach me for magic, and they are unable (or more frequently unwilling) to make the effort to get something very personally tied to their intended target. They are afraid of getting caught or they think they can just hit someone magically from the comfort of their living room. The simple truth is that the effort and sacrifice you make to try to get the most personally-connected item is part of the energy that goes into the magic, and you simply aren't going to get as fast or as good results only using a person's name, as you would if you had, say, their used bloody band-aid.

What is an Appropriate Type of Personal Concern for My Spell?
In many ways, the kind of personal concern you want to try to get should mirror the intended goal of your spell. If you want to shut up someone's gossiping mouth, then something that touched their mouth would be best - like a used napkin, a used fork or cigarette butt. If you want to tie up someone's nature, then getting a sample of their sexual fluids is what you should try to do. If you intend to hot foot someone out of your life, then you want to target the feet either by using their foot track, or a used sock or shoe. Use your imagination - you can get very clever with personal concerns and using them in magic.

Ideas for Collecting Personal Concerns
Invariably, the discussion around how to collect personal concerns comes up as part of any rootworking session. Here are some ideas for how you can collect the personal concerns of your target.

Sexual Fluids/Menstrual Blood: Have sex with the person until they climax, but do not bring yourself to orgasm - you don't want your nature tied up in theirs. If it is a man, you can simply collect his semen from a used condom, or you can get him to ejaculate on his stomach or yours, then wipe it up with a cloth or tissue and save the collected sample. For a woman, you can bring her climax through oral sex, and when she climaxes, just wipe her down with a cloth. As an alternative, you could always collect a used sanitary napkin or tampon if she deposits one in a trash can to capture her menstrual blood

Hair: One of the easiest things to do is find a used hairbrush and just pull a few strands out of it. If it is a man, he probably sheds some body hair in the shower or the tub - check the bar of soap or any body loofahs. You can easily collect hair on coworkers by taking a long piece of transparent tape and patting it on the back of their chair at their desk - make sure to hit the space between the back of the chair and the seat as it tends to collect there.

Used items: Stick around and see if you can grab a cigarette butt when they are done smoking. Or if you are having a meal with them, use paper napkins and collect it when you clear the table as a favor. People often spit out gum in trash cans where it is easily retrieved.

Handwriting samples: You can always ask someone to write down their number for you, or their email address. Make sure they sign their name on the paper as well so that you can remember whose information it is - thus also capturing their signature.

Photographs: Facebook and MySpace are excellent resources for getting a person's photograph. Some rootworkers don't think a digital image is as effective as an actual photograph, but if you understand the science behind both, you understand that the differences are negligible and for all intents and purposes they are both equally effective. Worst comes to worst, you can snap a picture of someone with a cell phone.

Name: Make sure to have a person's full name when doing work with a rootworker. You want their middle name as well as their first and last names.

Now that you are properly armed with the best ways to get personal concerns, you can get out their and snatch up everything you need to hit your intended targets and hit them HARD!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Reconciliation Spell + Cut out a Meddling Person

Often, a meddling party is interjecting themselves into a relationship that has fallen apart, or is starting to suffer. This "meddling party" syndrome can pose a real problem for people trying to work reconciliation spells to bring their partners back to them. Here's a great little spell I've done in the past to not only cut out that third interfering person, but also to reconcile the two lovers who have grown apart.

Reconciliation Spell + Cutting Out a Third Person
This is primarily an elaborate candle spell with a few extra props added in for good measure. Here are the supplies you'll need:
Step 1 - Prepare the Name Papers
Take one of the pieces of paper and write one lover's name across it 7 times in a row. Turn the paper clockwise 1/4 turn and then cross that person's name with the second lover's name 7 times. Now draw a shield with two inter-locked hearts on it at each of the four corners of the paper (to protect their love). Dab the paper on all four corners and in the middle with Reconciliation Oil. Fold the paper toward you in half. Turn 1/4 turn clockwise and repeat. Do that one last time for a total of three folds. Set it aside.

Take the second piece of paper and write the interfering person's name on the paper 9 times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and write GO AWAY NOW! on it 9 times crossing their name. Next draw arrows point outward from the name matrix on all four corners of that paper. Dab the paper with GTFO! Oil on all four corners and in the center. Fold the paper in half away from you. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and fold again. Repeat one more time for a total of three folds. Place this paper aside.

Step 2 - Carve and Dress the Candles
Carve one lover's name on the candle of the appropriate gender. On the back of the candle carve "Reconciled love, protected love". Do the same with the other candle, carving the second lover's name in it along with "Reconciled love, protected love". Dress the candles by putting a few drops of Reconciliation Oil on your fingers and stroking the oil onto the candle toward yourself (to draw your lover to you). Place both figural candles on top of the name paper, side by side (so the wax from the two candles will melt together) facing in the same direction.

Now take the black figural candle and carve the interfering person's name on it. On the back of the candle carve "GO AWAY NOW!" Dress this candle with GTFO! Oil by stroking the oil away from you (to drive the person out of their lives). Place this candle about a foot away back-to-back from the couple candles (they should be facing away from the black candle) on top of its appropriate name paper. Sprinkle Hot Foot Powder on the feet of the black figural candle saying "Just as this burns your feet so shall it light a fire under your ass to drive you out of their lives forever! AMEN!"

Protecting The Couple
To protect the reconciling love of the couple, put some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil on your hands and draw a circle of oil around the paired couple of candles. As you do this state "Surrounded in the fierce protection of God, and protected from all evil and interference, walk on to your new lives together, protected in love and protected in life! AMEN!"

Cutting the Person Out!
Take the pair of scissors and dress the cutting edges of the blade with Van Van Oil. Hold the scissors up to heaven and say "By the mighty blade of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit I CUT YOU OUT OF THEIR LIVES FOREVER! AMEN!" Set the scissors in an open position with the cutting blades facing the black candle.

Light the couple candles, then the black candles and allow them to burn. When the black candle is half burned, powerfully exclaim "Walk away from this situation as it involves you NOT! Run away from this couple as you serve them NOT! GET AWAY from this relationship, for it includes you NOT! In the highest power of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, I banish you from the Eden of their love forever and cast you out into the shadows with your kind, where you shall gnash your teeth and wail in solitude forever! AMEN!" Then sprinkle some Hot Foot Powder into the flame of the black candle. Allow it to burn itself all the way down.

Planting the Various Parts of the Spell
Take the remnants of the black candle (any wax, and the name paper). Wrap it up in tin foil, go to the nearest river that runs out of town and toss it over your left shoulder into the water. As you do so, state "Run out of town, Run out of the state, Run out of their lives forever! AMEN!" The meddler will now go away, moving into another town, or just as simple as getting out of the couple's lives by whatever means.

Take the remains of the couple candles (the wax should have melted together into one puddle) as well as the name paper. Wrap it in pink cloth and bury it under the front doorstep of the person who is trying to draw back their lover. The work is complete.

For an extra good measure, you could take a Spiritual Purification Herb Bath after the working to remove any negativity that might be around from the hot footing part of the spell.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hoodoo Mirror Box Spell to Reverse a Curse Back At Your Enemy

Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to deal with a powerful enemy that is throwing evil curses using the harshest of methods. This hoodoo spell pulls together the power of doll baby magic with candles, magical sachet powders, herb magic and graveyard spell work all in one. This spell - often referred to as a Mirror Box Reversing spell - reverses all evil jinxes and curses back at the originator and then ups the ante by burying them in the graveyard for the spirits of the dead to take them out of this world for their wrong doing. Dr. E. performs this ritual in very special circumstances as part of a Private Rootworking Session, when an innocent person has been attacked with curses and suffered greatly because of it.

Do a Reading Prior to the Spell
First things first: get a psychic reading to determine the source of the curses, and verify this with a secondary reading using a different method. It is of the utmost importance with work of this gravity, to verify who the enemy is and make sure that the work is justified in the eyes of God to proceed. Once you determine who the enemy is, attempt to obtain some of their personal concerns - the more personal the link object is, the better.

A Mirror Box Spell to Reflect Curses Back at Your Enemy
The first thing you need to do is construct the mirror box. This is made by purchasing a mirror that has never captured your reflection, as well as a chipboard box large enough to hold the doll baby that represents your enemy. Crack the mirror with a hammer into small pieces and as you do so, state that the bad luck from the mirror breaking is directed at your enemy - the source of the curses. Next, glue all of the pieces inside of the chipboard box without ever capturing your reflection in any of the pieces - that's the most challenging part.

Making a Doll Baby To Target Your Spell
Next, create a small fabric dolly out of black flannel. Make sure it will fit inside the mirror box. Stuff it with spanish moss to cross your enemy with misfortune, ill health and misery. Place the personal concern of your enemy inside the doll baby. Blindfold the doll baby so that your enemy cannot see you - to protect your identity from being discovered. With a bit of whisky, baptize the doll baby and name it after your enemy. I like to say something akin to "you are no longer cloth and herbs, you are now flesh and blood, and I hold your fate and well-being in my hands!"

Now, punish the doll baby in a manner that is retribution for their evil deeds. Pins can be placed in various parts of the body, or the doll baby can be tied up to prevent it from being able to act. Powders can be laced over the doll baby to afflict your target (Goofer Dust was used in this case, along with blackberry leaf to trip up the enemy, gunpowder to explosively reflect their evil deeds back at them, and crab shell powder to reverse any magic back at the target.)

Funeral Ritual For Your Enemy
Next, close the lid of the box (I decorate the box to look like a coffin), and set it up in a mock funeral ceremony. I prepare a Reversing Candle (red on the inside and black on the outside) by cutting the tip off of the candle, turning it upside-down and carving a new tip in the butt of the candle. I then carve the target's name in mirror writing on one side of the candle and "All your Evil Returns to you 10x" on the other side of the candle. I dress it with Reversing Oil, place it in a holder and set it above the Mirror Box. I placed the entire thing on a mirror for good measure and then dressed it with more crab shell powder. The serpents are a touch I add in for style and effect. Once the Reversing Candle has burned all the way out, I take the box, the candle drippings and any powder remnants to the graveyard to bury the enemy.

Selling Your Enemy to the Souls of the Dead
Finally, I take a bottle of whiskey, a silver dime, a garden trowel, a black candle, a lighter and the mirror box and candle remnants with me to the graveyard. When I arrive, I start in the middle of the cemetery, announce myself by name and ask "Which of you is willing to work for me? Who is willing to take this wretched, evil person out of this world for the sins they have committed? Who is willing to do this work in exchange for whiskey and a silver dime?" I then silence my mind and listen to the spirits and let them guide me to the live grave that is calling. Once I arrive there, I verify that the spirit is willing to do the work for me using divination.

I then dig a hole in the ground and place the mirror box coffin inside along with the bits of candle wax that were left from that spell, saying "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I turn your body and soul over to the spirit of this grave to take you out of this world for your wicked ways, once and for all. AMEN!" I then stand over the grave and perform a mock burial, "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of (so-and-so) from this world and into the next. They were taken by the righteous hand of God out of this world for the evil sins they committed. They suffered death as a result of their own curses toward an innocent person and their soul rots in hell forever!" I then put the silver dime in the hole, cover it with earth and replace the sod, and finish by pouring a bottle of whiskey over the grave in payment to the spirit that contracted with me to do the work.

Cleaning Up
The finishing touch is a black candle lit and placed on the headstone of the grave to offer that spirit light for its assistance in the working. I then walk away and don't look back. The work is done, the curses are neutralized and the enemy is buried in the ground for the spirits of the dead to take care of. Head home and take an uncrossing bath to cleanse yourself, cleanse your altar with Uncrossing Herb Bath or Chinese floor wash, and dress in white for the rest of the day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Use Magical Powders

Magical Powders For Sneaky Spells

Sachet Powders (Magical Powders) are a powerful and effective way to directly affect an intended target by affecting their physical body. Powders, by their nature spread easily, fly on the wind and get all over the place - allowing you to get the magical ingredients within all over the person you intend to affect.

I make my sachet powders using a cornstarch base for a finer powdery consistency, and also in light of recent health concerns around the traditional use of talcum powder as a base. I prefer to use natural substances whenever possible.

Dressing Letters with Magical Sachet Powders

One of the best ways to hit a person with a magical spell, without them knowing it, is to lace a letter or card with magical powders then mail it to them. Once the intended person touches the letter or card, they are directly affected by the magical powder on their hands.

Love Me NOW! PowderTo dress a letter with magical powders: Write out your letter or card, then place it face down on a table. Sprinkle a bit of your selected magical powder on the letter while praying in your own words for the desired effect. You could use Love me NOW! Powder on a love poem you wrote to the object of your affections to make them fall in love with you. You could lace the back of an invoice sent to a customer with Money Draw Powder to make sure they pay their bills quickly. The possibilities are endless.

With the powder in place, run your four fingers across the surface of the letter from top to bottom in wavy lines like serpent trails, biting your intended target and affecting them with your magical power. Then shake the rest of the powder off of the letter and give it a flick with your fingers to snap the excess off. Place the letter in an envelope, seal it and send it off to your intended target. Little to they know what will hit them when they open it up, but you can be assured your magical trick will hit them the moment they touch the paper.

Sprinkling Powders in a Person's Tracks

One of the oldest and most reliable ways to hit someone - especially with enemy work - is by sprinkling powders in their tracks to afflict them through the feet. In order to do this without detection, mix the powder with equal parts of local dirt to hide its color. When they aren't looking, sprinkle your powder in a line somewhere where they'll walk through it: across the threshold to their house, around the passenger-side door of their car, under their desk at work, etc. Some folks even throw powders onto the tires of a person's car.

There is a proper way to sprinkle powders. Bend at the waist and sprinkle with one hand while taking an odd number of steps backward. Do this while calling out the intended target by name and pray for the intended effect to hit them. Then walk away, don't look back and wait for the spell to hit them.

Hot Foot PowderFor example, you could take the granddaddy of all magical powders - Hot Foot Powder - and mix it with equal parts of your local dirt to hide it. Then when your annoying neighbor isn't home, you can head over to his place and sprinkle a line of the Hot Foot Powder across the steps leading up to his front door. As you sprinkle you can say something like, "Ernest Jones (or whatever his name is), just as this Hot Foot Powderburns your feet, so shall it light a fire under you to make you move out of this house, out of this neighborhood, and out of my life forever! You can be happy anywhere, but you can't be happy here any longer. Get out, I command you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. AMEN!" Then walk home, clean yourself off, and watch the magic happen.

Magical Powders in Candles and Other Spells

Magical powders have many uses. You can use them to dress candles by dusting a little on your hand and then running your hand over the candle. This works especially well if you oil the candle first with an appropriate condition oil.

For example, you could dress a pink candle with Attraction Oil, then dust it with Attraction Powder and burn it over a photo of the man you fancy to draw his attention.

You can also use Magical Powders to dress name papers, amulets, or anything else that needs to be imbued with powerful magical effects. The possibilities are limitless! Evil BEGONE! Powder is even formulated to directly combat powders you might find sprinkled in your track - to undo their magic before it affects you and before you track through it.

Let your creativity in spell work soar with Magical Powders. They are the most misunderstood and yet one of the most powerful and effective ways to hit unsuspecting targets with your spells.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spells to Bring Sex Into Your Life

Love is a wonderful thing, but let's be practical - we all need some physical loving too. After a long amount of time together, relationships start to get less physical and more about emotions and companionship. Sometimes, relationships don't progress to the sexual level as quickly as we'd like them to. But, that doesn't mean we need to accept that fate - we can fire up a relationship and make it hot and sexy using the following techniques.

A Candle Spell to Bring Passion Back into a Relationship
This easy candle spell will help fire up your lover's passions, and get you rolling in the sack in no time. You'll need:
  • a red genital candle to match the gender of your lover
  • your lover's pubic hair
  • a bottle of Love's Fire Oil
  • A packet of Attraction Powder
  • A 4"x4" piece of paper
  • a red pen
  • a small saucer or plate
  • a small piece of red flannel to bundle everything up after the spell is done
Perform this spell on a Friday during the waxing moon. Carve your lover's name on the genital candle. On the other side of the candle carve "Lots Of Passionate Sex". Dress the candle with some Love's Fire Oil stroking the candle as if you were making love to your partner, drawing the oil over the candle toward you to draw the passion into your relationship
. As you do so, pray in your own words for the passion to ignite in your relationship, for your sexual fire to consume one another and for you to be sexually irresistible toward one another. Get as graphic as you need to. As an alternative, you can also pray from the Song of Solomon 4:16:
Awake, O North Wind
and come thou south!
Blow into my garden
that the spices my flow out.
Let my beloved come into his garden
and it its pleasant fruits!
When you're done praying, set the candle aside.

Now prepare a name paper by getting a 4"x4" square of paper and writing your lover's name in red ink on it three times. Now, turn the paper 1/4 turn and write your name across your lover's name 3 times. Now, in one continuous line without lifting your pen, write "Passionate Sex" over and over in a circle around the matrix of your crossed names. Dab a little Love's Fire Oil on the four corners of the paper and the middle in a "5-spot" pattern. Put your lover's pubic hair in the center of the paper and fold it in half toward you. Turn the paper 1/4 turn clockwise and fold it in half toward you again. Repeat that one more time for a total of 3 folds.

Place the name paper on your working surface. Set the saucer upside down, on top of the name paper. Place the genital candle on top of the saucer. Now, sprinkle Attraction Powder in the shape of a heart around the candle. Light the candle and let it burn all the way down. Interpret the effects of the spell by observing the candle's behavior, the pattern of t
he dripping wax, etc.

Finally, gather up the remaining bits of wax and powder and place them inside the bit of red flannel you have. Tie it off and dress it with a bit of Love's Fire Oil. Hide the packet under your bed to draw your lover to it and have lots of fiery sex!

Southern John Bed Sheet Wash
One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use the power of roots to trick your actual bed sheets so that your lover will want to make passionate love to you regularly. Simply tie up a whole Southern John Root in a muslin bag and add it to the washer when you clean your bed sheets. You'll be having lots of fun in no time!

Make Yourself Hotter - with Condition Oils
Another easy trick is to wear any of the sexy blends that offers as a personal fragrance to enhance your sex appeal. This is great for people looking for sexual partners or for when you are starting to date and want to take it to the next level. Adjust the following spell with the appropriate oil depending on your intent. Perform this spell before going on a date or heading out to a club. Supplies you'll need:
Bring some water to a boil and add it to a coffee cup. Add in half a packet of Attraction Herb Bath to the cup and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Strain out the herbs. This strong infusion is what you'll add to a bath.

Draw a nice warm bath before going on your date. Add the cup of your strong herb infusion to the bath. Now, take your red candle and carve "Sex Appeal" or "I'm the Sexiest Around!" on the candle. Dress your candle with your oil of choice by stroking the oil toward you. Set it in a candle holder and place it beside the tub where you'll be bathing. Light the candle, and slip into your bath.

As your sit in your bath, feel the herbs soaking their power into your skin, making you irresistible and sexy to your intended target. Pray for your intended result with power and emotional intensity. When you are done taking your bath, towel off but leave a bit of the herb blend on you so that it will dry on your skin. Pick up a bit of your used bath water in a cup, and let the rest drain away. Pinch out your candle and save it for future use.

Now, dress your body with one of the oils mentioned above (Attraction Oil, Hot Fucker Oil, Love me NOW! Oil or Love's Fire Oil) by putting a dab behind each ear, on each wrist, in the crook of each elbow, over your heart, behind each knee, and on the bottom of each foot. (Warning: Always test the oil for reactions to any of the ingredients, by dabbing a small drop on a patch of skin and waiting a day before applying it on your body.) As you dress your body, pray for your sex appeal to be radiant, for you to be the hottest person in your lover's eyes, and for you to be irresistible to them.

Put on your outfit that you're going to wear out. Get your cup of used bath water and head out of your house. Toss the cup of bath water over your left shoulder, toward the east, and don't look back. Now go on your date and watch the change in your lover's behavior.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Product - Money Draw Mojo Bag!

After refining several formulas and taking them for a "test drive" I've come up with a wonderfully effective Money Draw Mojo Bag available for sale on!

This mojo bag draws upon money-drawing herbs like cinnamon and bayberry, along with powerful money-drawing minerals to an effective money drawing hand. When you purchase a Money Draw Mojo Bag you receive a free full-sized bottle of Money Draw Oil used to feed and maintain the power and efficacy of your mojo for the long-haul.

Visit today to get your own Money Draw Mojo Bag.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Be Prosperous - Protecting Yourself from Unexpected Expenses!

Drawing Money Ain't Enough!
In tough economic times, folks often turn to money draw spells to tide the financial slump. While this certainly works to bring in more money, it does nothing to make you more wealthy. The trick to having more money is not only to bring in more money, but to STOP LOSING money at the same time. That's where secure finances and financial protection work comes in.

Money Stay With Me, Spell
This working combines money draw products along with secure finances products to draw in more money and keep it with you. It's a simple magical way to start a savings account. You'll need:
On your $20 bill, sign your name under the treasurer's signature. Then on each corner write "Stay With Me". Dust the $20 bill with Money Draw Powder by sprinkling a bit of the powder on the bill, then run your four fingers over it in wavy lines praying for money to be drawn to you from all corners of the earth. Shake off the excess powder and give the bill a flick with your forefinger to snap off the excess powder. Lay the bill on your small dish.

Take your lodestone and "baptize" it with whiskey in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and give it a name. Call it by this name from now on. Dress the lodestone with a blend of Money Draw Oil and Secure Finances Oil, instructing the lodestone to make money come to you, drawn by its magnetic power, and for it to stay with you, curbing your unnecessary spending and growing money in your account. Lay the lodestone on top of the $20 bill and tell it "You love the feel of money and money loves you! Bring more of it to me and I'll give you a nicer cushion of it to sit on!" Now, give the lodestone a pinch of magnetic sand to feed it and make it strong.

Every day, at the end of your day, take whatever cash you have in your wallet out and put it under the small dish. Criss-cross the piles of cash each day so you know which pile came from which day. At the end of the week, you can take the pile of cash that has been sitting under the lodestone for the full 7-days, and put it in your wallet to spend throughout the day. At the end of your day, repeat the saving stack routine.

You'll train your lodestone to draw more money to you this way, you'll spend less money throughout your day, and you'll also dress and charge your cash that you then send out into the world to hunt down more cash and bring it to you. Works like a charm!

Protecting Your Finances by Protecting Your Property and Health!
One of the worst things that can happen in hard financial times is an unexpected expense like having to buy new tires, getting sick and charging up big hospital bills, or a break in. Therefore, one of the best things to do in hard financial times is to protect what you currently own and bless it to keep in operating smoothly.

You can protect your car by dressing the four corners of the car and the center with a dab of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil, calling to God to protect your car from any thieves or from any irresponsible drivers who might hurt your property. Dab a little Blessing Oil on the four tires that they be protected from any punctures on the road. You can even have a Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag made up for your car to keep it safe from any harm - and store it under your driver's side seat.

You can protect your home by 5-spotting the windows with dabs of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil, and then burn blue glass-encased candles dressed with Prosperous House Blessing Oil to draw prosperity and blessings into your home. I personally hang a Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag behind my front door to protect it from intruders.

You can protect your health by breaking bad habits that would cost you large medical expenses. One great way to do this is to buy white glass-encased candles and glue your photo to the side of them. Then put a few drops of Blessing Oil and a pinch of Evil BEGONE! Powder in the top and pray that your bad habit (smoking, over-eating, drugs, drinking) be conquered by the mighty power of God and that the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ lead you toward a cleaner way of living, to honor your body as a temple of light! You can even up the ante by taking a Spiritual Purification Herb Bath before setting your light, and see it as a washing away of your addiction, and a rebirth of your strength of will.

These and so many other ideas will supplement existing Money Draw magic for real practical results. Try it out and see for yourself!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Past a Break Up of Love or Friendship

The emotional pain that hits us when those who we trust the most offend, hurt or betray us is incredible, long-lasting and often builds into an obstacle that prevents us from moving forward in life. Sometimes, reconciliation spells don't work. Other times, it's just not meant to be. And occasionally you simply need to get past the pain of breaking up with a lover, a friend or a family member. Below are some workings you can do to move past the emotional pain of a break up.

Parting Ways Spell - After a Break Up
Too often, the emotional charge surrounding a break up will color the true experiences we had with someone. This can affect future relationships we have with people when we unjustly hold them accountable for the past actions of others. The purpose of this spell is to simply let go and allow your former friend or lover to follow their path in life, and to focus on the good things you shared, as well as purge the negative memories from your system. This is a healthy spell to do after a lover has broken up with you, or you've had to push a friend out of your life.

Supplies needed:
  • Blessing Oil
  • Van Van Oil
  • Lavender flowers
  • Salt
  • A photo of you
  • A photo of your former lover or friend
  • a lemon
  • a knife
  • a white figural candle representing you (of the appropriate gender)
  • a black figural candle representing your former lover or friend (of the appropriate gender)
Take your photo and write your name 7 times, turn the paper 1/4 turn clockwise and cross the block of your names with "I love and heal myself". "5-spot" your photo with Blessing oil by dabbing a bit on the four corners of the photo and one in the center. Put a pinch of lavender flowers on your photo, then fold the photo in half toward yourself. Turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and fold it in half again toward yourself. Repeat one more time for a total of three folds. Place this prepared name-paper aside.

Take the photo of your former lover or friend. Write their name out 7 times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise, and cross the written block of text with "I release you from my life" 7 times. Dab some Van Van Oil on the photo in a "5-spot" pattern, saying "I cut ties with you and release you to the 4 corners of the earth. Your path leads you away from me, and you no longer hold any power over me, nor does any connection exist between us any longer!" Put a pinch of salt on the photo to gently cleanse their influence out of your life. Then fold the photo in half away from you. Turn it 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and fold it away from you once more. Repeat this one more time for a total of 3 folds. Set this aside.

Take the white figural candle that represents you and carve your name into it. On the other side of the candle write "Blessed and healed". Dress the candle with Blessing Oil, stroking the oil toward yourself to invoke blessings and healing into your life. Set this on your working surface, to the left of center on top of your prepared name-paper, facing toward the left. Now take the black figural candle and write your former lover's name on the candle. On the other side of the candle write "I cut ties with you". Dress this candle with Van Van Oil to cleanse away the negativity that this person brought into your life - stroke the oil away from you as you dress it. Place this candle to the right of center, on top of the name-paper for your ex, facing toward the right.

You should now have two candles, sitting atop their respective name-papers, facing away from one another. (Leave a little space between them - they should not be touching.)

Light your candle saying "May the light of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost bless me every day of my life. Heavenly Father burn away the bitterness of unkind words. May the tears that I've already shed cleanse away the pain and baptize me into a new life of peace, love and tranquility. Protect me, Lord. Guide me, and may my future be filled with blessings and love."

Light your ex-lover or friend's candle saying "I release you (person's name). Your fate leads you elsewhere, far away from here and out of my life. I cut ties with you. You no longer are a part of my life and I deliver you into the hands of God. May he do with you as He sees fit."

Now, using the knife, cut the lemon in half and say "With the cutting edge of this knife may the sour fruit that was born out of our relationship squeeze you out of my life forever! AMEN!" Now squeeze the lemon juice out of the fruit in the shape of a line that is drawn between the two figural candles - an impenetrable wall of clear-cutting power.

Finally, move the figural candles away from one another little by little over the course of the next hour being careful to not burn yourself. Make sure you move the name-papers too so they stay under the candles. When the candles are finally about a foot apart, let them burn all the way down. Take the remnants of your candle and name-paper and bury them in your backyard to keep the blessings in your life. Take the remnants of your ex-lover or ex-friend's candle and name-paper, and throw them into a river that runs out of town. As the water in that river flows out of your town, so shall that person flow out of your life.

Love Uncrossing Baths - to let go of pain and recover your self-esteem
After a love relationship has ended, there is a lot of emotional baggage that sticks around. One of the best things to do at that point is a series of Love Uncrossing baths. Love Uncrossing baths are unique in that they are luxuriating, soaking baths. The intent is to sit in the bath and allow the herbs to work their magic to drain the negative emotional charge from past relationship pains away from you, and at the same time, allow their energy to restore your sense of "lovability" and self-worth. I usually recommend a full regime of 13 baths in a row, but you can do fewer if you really apply yourself. Here's how they are done.

Supplies needed:
Start by taking the jumbo candle and cutting the tip off of it. Turn it upside down and carve a new tip out of the butt of the candle. On the black part of the candle carve "Release the pain". On the red part of the candle carve "I am lovable" or "I love again". Dress the candle with Love Uncrossing Oil, stroking away from yourself on the black part of the candle, and toward yourself on the red part of the candle. The same oil can be used for both parts because it is designed with both magical functions in mind. Set it in a candle holder and place it on the side of the tub where it won't catch anything on fire.

Draw a nice warm bath.

Boil some water. Fill up a large coffee cup with half a packet of Love Uncrossing Herb Bath blend. Pour the boiling water over the herbs and allow them to sit, releasing their essences into the water. Add a pinch of salt to the water. After about 10 min, take your coffee cup of herb infusion into the bathroom. Pour the herb concoction into the bath through the strainer in order to remove all herbs so that you're not marinating in potpourri while you bathe.

Disrobe, light your candle, and slip into the bath. As you lay in the bath, pray to God that your pain be taken away, that He help you release the suffering from the past, and that he illuminate your mind to see the wisdom that you did learn in that relationship. Do so in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Now, sit in that bath and contemplate your past relationship. Attempt to understand what you learned about yourself in that relationship. The trick to this really working is to remember that it is an exercise in self-forgiveness, forgiveness of the other party, and that it isn't about placing blame - it's about moving on. What were the good things you liked? Hold on to those. What were the bad things you didn't like, or that hurt? Let those dissipate into the bath water. Finally, finish up by focusing on your good qualities, what makes you a good lover and a good partner, as well as what you want to experience in your next relationship.

When you are done bathing, stand up in the bathtub, squeegee the excess water off of your body stroking from your head down to your feet and finish by crossing your arms across your chest, then quickly uncrossing them and flinging them open saying "reMOVE this condition from me!" Repeat that motion a total of three times.

Step out of the bath, collect a small cup of the used bath water and set it aside. Let the rest drain out of the tub. Towel off. (this is one of the few baths you can towel dry after - since the magical effect is done while soaking IN the water). Dress in clean clothes and take your cup of used bath water outside. Throw it to the west toward the setting sun (preferably into a crossroads) and walk away without looking back. When you return to your bathroom, pinch out the flame from the candle and reuse it next time you bathe. On the last bath, you should let it burn all the way down. You can also wear the Love Uncrossing Oil as a personal fragrance during the time when you are focusing on this work.

This is a good bath ceremony to do before doing major love drawing work to make sure you've addressed all of your relationship issues before jumping into something new.

Black Walnut Bath - to kill any emotions toward a person
Here is the ultimate relationship ending bath - the Black Walnut Bath. Black Walnuts will literally obliterate any emotions you have toward anyone. They put you back in a neutral emotional place which is really where you want to be once you've moved past a relationship.

Black Walnuts still in their fruit pods are traditionally used for this bath. The fruits have a very dark juice in them that will absolutely stain everything in sight, so this bath is done outdoors in a metal wash tub, not in your nice porcelain indoor tub. Black walnuts can be hard to come by, so you can use English or Persian walnuts instead (the kind you find in a grocery store). The problem is that they aren't as strong and don't have the husk on them, so you'll have to boil them for much longer to get a dark colored liquid in the end.

As an additional note, this bath is performed in the nude outdoors, so it's probably best to do this very late at night where no one will see you, in a rural area where you can walk to a crossroad and not be seen - unless you really don't mind people seeing you walking at night naked.

To prepare the bath:
On the dark moon, put 9 black walnuts, still in their husks in a large pot full of water (2-3 quarts). Bring them to a boil, and continue to cook them until the water is very dark (condensed down to about 1 quart). Remove the walnuts from the water, and add the dark fluid into a larger basin of bath-temperature water. Take the basin outside where you'll be performing your bath.

Outside, set up a large metal washtub on the ground. Light a black candle and set it near where you'll be taking your bath. Disrobe and stand inside the large metal washtub. Now pour the black walnut bath over your head. As you do so, recite a portion of Psalm 51: "Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow." then pray in your own words to release the bonds of your past relationship, obliterate the feelings in your heart and deliver you from the pain and strife of that past partnership. Do so in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, AMEN!

Squeegee the excess water off of your both working from your head down toward your feet, continuing to pray the 51st Psalm. Air dry.

Now, gather up a bit of the used bathwater and walk nude toward the nearest crossroad and throw that used bathwater into the crossroad over your left shoulder saying "AMEN!" and walk away without looking back. Return to where you bathed, dress in new clean clothes, dump the rest of your bath out on the earth, and gather your belongings and head home. You can continue to burn the black candle on your working surface at home.

You will no longer feel anything at all toward that person. Your emotions will be neutralized and you'll find peace in your heart from then onward.