Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ordering Supplies

I placed several orders today for supplies - some for my magical oil blends, others were roots for a mojo bag I'm about to build for a client. The only drawback to using high quality ingredients is that it's so darn expensive! I just spent a couple hundreds of dollars on essential oils, and while they'll certainly last a long time, it is always a big hit to my account when I have to buy some more.

This week's order included:
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Damask rose absolute
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Hyssop essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • A thai penis amulet
  • High john the conqueror root
  • Sampson snake root
  • Lovage root
  • Lavender flowers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Filling a Large Order

I received a large order of my supplies from a friend of mine and it has taken me a LOT longer than I originally thought it would. The problem is that the hand-made soaps, while FANTASTIC products, take much longer to make than the magical oils. First I have to melt the base, then blend the oils into the base, then pour the base into the molds and let it cool, then the next day I have to pop the soaps out of the molds and bag them up for delivery. I only have so many molds, so I can make about 6 bars a day. This is far too slow. I need to purchase some more molds so that I can make these faster, or just stop offering them.

I'm also pondering the possibility of offering magical powders for sale. Powders are really traditional in hoodoo, and while many western magicians don't really know how to use them, they usually get very excited when I explain how they can be applied. You can sprinkle them in someone's tracks to affect them. You can roll candles in them to add their effect to the spell. You can put a pinch of the powders inside of mojo bags for added power. You can use them in bottle spells to affect someone either positively or negatively. You can blow them in the direction of the person you seek to affect. They are so very versatile and useful, if only more people knew how to use them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Upcoming Blends

I'm currently working on a few Hoodoo Condition Oil blends including:

Sugar Daddy - to attract generous men
Lucky 777 - for gambling luck
Secure Finances - to make money STAY with you

Recent formulas I've just created:
Good Job - to attract a good job or steady employment
Love me NOW! - a compelling love blend

I'm also thinking about offering magical powders. They are often used in conjure work and are relatively unfamiliar to practitioners of European or Wiccan magic, but they are very crafty to use and very effective. You can use powders to dress papers that you send to companies for a job to get them to employ you, or to compel them to abide by your will. You can also sprinkle powders in the tracks of those you wish to affect (either for positive or attack purposes.) It is also common to blow powders toward the target of your magical attack.

They are a bit of a mess to make, but a great trick to use in magic. If you're interested in possibly purchasing or using powders in your magical work, please leave a comment on this posting and let me know.

Washing Away the Past

This weekend, a client of mine approached me about a situation she had with guilt. She held onto guilt about past events, most of which she had no responsibility for, and the guilt continued to plague her to that day. I did a reading on the situation and explained the roots of her emotional patterns and gave her advice on how she could move past those emotional patterns.

As part of the working, I did a spiritual cleansing to release her from any emotional weight she had placed on herself regarding negative as well as positive things in her life. I called in the divine power, my guides and spiritual totems, and her guides as well. Then as she stood in the center of the room mentioning people from her past in her mind, I walked around her perceiving where the energetic connections were to those people or issues and literally cut them with a pair of empowered scissors.

I followed this up with a spiritual footwashing. I drew a warm metal container full of water big enough for her feet to fit inside of. Earlier I made a bar of spiritual purification soap and had a clean white towel ready to go. I set these up at her feet and began by praying with her hands in mine for God to remove the obstacles of guilt and emotional weight that she had placed in her own path to trip over. I placed her feet in the container and began to gently wash them with the soap as I prayed over them. I relayed any impressions or feelings I got from her at that moment. I then rinsed her feet off and took them out of the footbath. I dried them in the white towel and began to anoint her feet with Blessing Oil. While I gently massaged the oil up from her toes to her legs I prayed for her path to be filled with joy, blessings, love and self-forgiveness, for her to be blessed by God to realize the uselessness of guilt and to embrace the way of acceptance. Once I was done, I took her hands once again, closed with a prayer and embraced her.

While she relaxed and sat for a moment in the bliss of the energy I took the container of used bath water out to the crossroads and threw it over my left shoulder into the center of the intersection without looking back. When I returned she was slumped comfortably in the armchair and said she felt radiant and refreshed.

I sent her home with the bottle of Blessing Oil to use as she felt fit, and I also made a custom bottle of Cut and Clear Oil to help her do her own ceremonies of releasing regarding any past relationships that might still weigh upon her mind.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Hoodoo or Not to Hoodoo. That is the question.

One of the more curious phenomenons I've run into recently with my conjure work is that people are very willing to do magical work, but very unwilling to possibly perceive their motivations for doing so as being unjust. Anytime anyone approaches me for conjure work, I always do a reading on the situation and find out what other forces are at play that the client might not be aware of. This is a crucial step and I think one of the more common things that Western Magical practices leave out of the equation. Divination is important because our own experiences in life are affected by our emotional states and expectations. If we EXPECT that someone is working dark magic against us and we feel like we're being attacked, then we're going to "see" attacks taking place all around us. When a reading comes along and explains that "it's all in your head" and there's no magical attack taking place, then the plan of attack when it comes to magic had to change. Doing attack magic when it is unjustified will merely throw your own energy out of balance and cause problems in your life.

Therefore, when someone comes to me with a situation like the above, I recommend spiritual cleansing baths to remove any residual negativity that might be around their aura or in their home, and then give them either blessing work to do, or protective work to do to keep the new spiritual cleansing in place.

If a person needs general goodness in their life I might prescribe the setting of lights in the form of a vigil candle dressed with blessing oil, powdered frankincense and myrrh to be burned over a name paper. If a person needs protection I might recommend a protective mojo featuring devil's shoestrings and john the conqueror among other herbs and curios to keep them strong in their spirit and above any negative thought patterns that might perpetuate the feeling of being under attack.