Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Protecting the Home Hoodoo Style

Protection for the home is a fundamental magical working that just about everyone should do. Of course, these aren't replacements for common-sense things like locking your doors and getting a house alarm if needed, but they certainly support those mundane solutions.

Railroad Spikes and Indian Head Cent Lookouts

A traditional way to protect the home employs the use of railroad spikes and Indian Head Cents. This requires the use of four of each. One railroad spike is pounded into the ground at all four corners to "tie down" the property and protect it. Atop each of the spikes, an Indian Head Cent was placed (as pictured above) to act as scouts against any that would seek to harm you. The spikes would be dressed with a protective blend (like Fiery Wall of Protection Oil) and the pennies would be dressed with the same blend or perhaps an Indian Spirit Guide blend prior to putting them in place.

This tradition pulls together several uniquely African-American magical concepts. First, the use of metals. This hearkens back to the African metal-smith gods (The Yoruban OgĂșn or the Congo Zarabanda) that were seen as the crafters of civilization, fierce warriors and protectors of their followers. The Railroads were seen not only as a manifestation of technology and tools (thereby associating them as the greatest evolution of these Gods' gifts to humanity) but also as huge aggregations of iron - a metal sacred to these Gods. By staking the four corners of the property with railroad spikes not only were the rootworkers calling upon magical traditions of their Ancestors, they were also unknowingly calling in the protection of the Gods of their ancestry.

The incorporation of Indian Head Cents to act as watchers also draws upon the long-standing associations between African Slaves and the Native Americans - both oppressed people in the South in American history - who often worked together, sharing magical traditions and intermarrying thus crossing bloodlines and sharing ancestors. The "Indian Spirit Guide" is an evolution of this shared ancestry. The most prominent of these Native American ancestral guides was Blackhawk. He was honored and worshipped in "Black Spiritualist" churches often in the form of "Blackhawk in a bucket" (an aggregation of ancestral earths, a statue of blackhawk and the tears of the oppressed people as a magical-religious icon.) Thus, he became a powerful ancestral spirit that rootworkers could call upon to keep them safe. This tradition of calling up on Native Spirit Guides for protection is an unique phenomenon of Native American, African American and Spiritualist practices found in hoodoo.

The addition of the Indian Head Cent helps to give the resident a warning system if danger draws near. If the occupant is visited by the image of a Native either in dreams or in waking life, he knows that it is a warning and that his Indian Spirit Protector is looking out for him.

Protection Against Foot-Track Magic

Concerned about someone throwing powders in your track? Maybe someone is trying to Hot Foot you out of the home, or throwing curses at your doorstep? One of the simplest ways to protect against foottrack magic is to put a little salt and black pepper in your shoe! It's simple as can be, and fights fire with fire. The Hot Foot Powder will not affect you, and the Goofer Dust will be driven away. Of course, it's still a good idea to clean up those messes with some Chinese Floor Wash or with Evil BEGONE! Powder once you've discovered it, but the salt and pepper in your shoe will be a good protection against it affecting you.

Protective House Blessings

A very simple way to protect the home is to anoint the doors and windows with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil in a five-spot pattern. (Like the 5 dot pattern on a die.) Put a little oil on your fingers, touch each corner of the door and the middle while praying Psalm 23 or praying in your own words. This will literally drive your enemies away from your home and reflect anything they throw at you back with a vengeance.

These are just a few simple ideas, and there are many more out there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ethics of Cursing/Hexing

There is great debate about whether casting destructive spells (like curses, hexes, jinxes, crossings, etc.) is acceptable or whether it should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to this question I always defer to ethical questions to test the situation. I ask myself the following questions:

1) Would it be what I desire, or what is necessary? (does it come from my own feelings of vengeance or is it because the person needs to be stopped for the greater good of the community?)

2) Is it just in the eyes of God? (A reading is done to determine what the outcome would be if the spell were cast and whether it is just in the eyes of God or not. God is just and will not stand to see the innocent hurt or taken advantage of. Psalm 18, Psalm 35, Numbers 14...)

The notion of "harm none" when it comes to magic is a recent evolution that comes out of the modern religion of Wicca, and has very little to do with traditional witchcraft or magical practice. This "witches' rede" isn't adhered to within the tradition of Hoodoo. Hoodoo (Conjure) is instead based on African-American traditions that are the result of a melding of original African magical practices and a Protestant understanding of a just and vengeful God.

Cursing/Hexing a Rapist - Ethical or Necessary?

Recently a client came to me with a situation. A relative of his (we'll call Jane) had been raped by one of her school mates. She is a tender 14 years old and this bastard not only violated her, but turned the situation back against her and lied about it, getting all of her friends to turn against her leaving her abandoned and broken in spirit and body. I did a reading on the situation and it came out that the rapist had struck again since having raped this girl, and that it was likely a "date rape" scenario. The reading revealed that not only was it necessary to stop this bastard from perpetuating his crimes against young girls, but it was just in the eyes of God. The problem is that Jane was unwilling to give up the rapist's name and so we were in a situation where identifying the criminal or rather flushing him out and holding accountable with the law, was the main part of the goal.

The spell took the form of a 3 step process. The first step involved a black devil candle carved with the name "Jane's Rapist" on the back. The mouth of the candle was then hollowed out and stuffed with a blend of herbs and minerals including sulfur, red chilies and deerstongue (for eloquence of speech) so that he would boast about his deeds to everyone around him and thus be turned in by one of his friends. The candle was coated with Command! Oil to compell and command the rapist to abide by the client's will and speak about his crimes to those around him.

The second step involved destroying the rapist's sexuality so that he could never function sexually again, and never hurt another girl again. This involved using a black penis candle inscribed with "Jane's Rapist", dressed in Black Arts Oil and dusted with Goofer Dust (to kill his sexuality.) It was then wrapped round and round in steel wire and then nailed to a wooden board in a 5-spot pattern with an "x" of chain. Finally, one by one, pins (an entire box worth) were heated off of the flame of the devil candle and stuck into the black penis candle (that his thoughts and actions be the cause of having his dick cut off in an accident, or getting a shotgun blast in his balls, etc.) The black penis candle was burned down along side the black devil candle on a waning moon starting on a tuesday night (Mars' night - for acts of violence and war.)

The third part involved a white female figural candle with Jane's name carved on it, burned far away from the negative working. It was coated in Blessing Oil and Love Uncrossing Oil to help her recover her sense of lovability and femininity. A photo of the victim was placed under the candle to direct the blessings toward her, and an image of a Saint (Saint Michael) was placed before her candle to protect her always and help her heal.

The remains of the black devil candle were deposited at the front door to a police station (to lead the rapist into the hands of the police). The remains of the black penis candle working were placed in a hole in a tree where no one would ever find them that he might rot for eternity. The remains of the blessing candle were buried in Jane's backyard so that she could keep the healing influence with her always. The bottle of blessing oil was gifted to the victim as a personal fragrance for her to wear day to day.

The client wrote back to me reporting positive results from the burning of the candles. He reported the wax melting to surround the black devil candle like a hand gripping around it. The black penis candle burned steadily and slowly over the course of a day and a half, all the way down to the wooden plank it was on. He reported that as the flame from the black candle hit the substances packed into the mouth, the flame crackled and made noise - indicative of the client's "blabbing" about his acts. That's an excellent sign. The client reported that there was a column of negative black energy left after the cursing work and that he is proceeding with a house cleansing and finished with a cleansing bath to remove the negative influences of the working.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stopping Gossip in the Workplace

Gossip is such a destructive and common thing to find in the workplace. It draws uninvolved parties into other people's drama, it spreads negativity and breeds distrust. In this case, it led to an entire department ganging up against one of my clients.

He came to me with a situation where he felt his job was being threatened by gossiping coworkers, wanted their venomous words to stop and to feel protected while working. I performed a reading on the situation and came to the conclusion that a Fiery Wall of Protection Spell for him would be best, coupled with some STFU! work around the office for everyone's benefit.

The Fiery Wall of Protection Spell involved a white crucifix candle into which was carved a prayer for protection on behalf of the client. That candle was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Next that candle was surrounded by 7 purple offertory candles each carved with the named of an angel or protective spirit that was also dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Additionally an image of a protective saint - in this case, St. Michael - was placed in the circle with the candles, and Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was sprinkled in a circle around the white candle in the middle. Finally, a single Angelica Root was dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and laid at the foot of the candle.

Now, outside of this protective circle, a single black offertory candle was carved with the names of the gossiping coworkers and then dressed with STFU! Oil to stop their vile gossip. It was placed over a name paper with the same coworkers' names. I burned the candles while praying to the Angels to protect my client from the vicious rumors and vile gossip going on at work. When the black candle was half way burned down, I extinguished it in a dish full of Slippery Elm with the statement, "May your venomous gossip stop immediately and be your own undoing!" to the gossipers. When the candles finished burning down, the remaining butt of the white crucifix candle, along with the saint card and a bit of the Fiery Wall of Protection Powder was wrapped up in a piece of white cotton with 4 knots in it for the client to conceal in his cubicle at work to protect him all day long.

The final touch was that I gave my client a bag full of STFU! Powder to put pinches in the corners of the office that he works in, and a dash under each coworkers' desk for good measure. No more gossip, and a respectful and safe environment is restored in the workplace.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shattering a Curse - Uncrossing Baths

A client contacted me for a Spiritual Cleansing service regarding something that had been plaguing him for quite a long while. 6 years ago, this gentleman was offered a pastry by a coworker, and then the problems began. He started having recurring cases of awful luck, money problems, unexpected expenses striking over and over, and then physical effects like lethargy, listlessness, disturbed dreams and paranormal experiences.

I spoke with him on the phone and conducted a reading to get at the root of the situation. My reading concluded that he had indeed be given a sneaky trick in the food he ingested that could have included but not been limited to the use of graveyard dirt. There was a paranormal element to this man's troubles.

Through the reading I recommended a series of 13 magical cleansing baths using an uncrossing herbal blend that included 13 different ingredients like hyssop, angelica root, rue, saltpeter, white mustard seeds, lemongrass and many other uncrossing plants. After bathing, he was to use a portion of his bathwater along with an ordinary floor cleaning product like Pine-Sol or Ammonia, and mop the floors of his house to cleanse any negativity out of the house that might have been coming off of him as a residual effect of the initial cursing. The last part involved him using Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to dress himself, his home and his loved ones to prevent future magical attacks.

Interestingly, I had a second client that I was working with at the time who was experiencing obstacles with getting his career off and running, and additionally was experiencing paranormal visitations in his sleep. I recommended a series of 13 uncrossing baths alone, and he reports excellent results. He thoroughly enjoys his magical baths, feels the energetic shift that has happened in his life and reports that more work opportunities are manifesting in his life and he is making more money than before. Additionally, he is sleeping restfully and has no repetitions of the previous visitations in his sleep.

New Formulas Just Added

It's funny how art imitates life. In this case, my magical arts are imitating the real conjure work that I do. As I get clients who need specific work done, I often find a need to whip up a new blend or resurrect one that I formulated a long while ago and never posted on my online store. Some of my recent clients have motivated me to dig up these two formulas and add them to my online store.

Presenting's latest additions:

Good Job Oil:
This traditional hoodoo blend brings together benzoin and gravel root to create a powerful tool to help you get a good job or keep an existing one.

Reconciliation Oil:
Balm of gilead, rose and other herbs come together to help reunite estranged lovers, bring back a hurt ex or bring quarreling friends back together.

I'm also looking into how I can start processing credit cards without needing to use paypal. Paypal is so awkward to use and they are very slow to process payments.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Testimonial - Fixing Slander in the Workplace

I recently had a pleasant gentleman approach me to assist him with a situation at work where his coworkers were slandering his good name, accusing him of threatening them with violence and more. This client - we'll call him Henry - had such a quiet and shy demeanor it would be completely impossible to imagine him as ever being violent, and yet there was action taken against him by the human resources department at work.

He came to me with the desire to save or improve his job situation, and to stop the slander. I created a custom mojo to deflect any negativity sent at him, and to gain the respect and admiration of his coworkers. Along with his mojo, he received a bottle of Success and Eloquence oil to succeed in arguing his situation at work in his favor.

Henry recently wrote me back explaining what had transpired in the last month. Below is his direct testimonial:

Hello Dr. E.,

I have been wanting to update you on how my problem got finally solved ... I was called with an offer to be transferred to another department and work in another program permanently, they also notified me that the result of their "Investigation" was closed because they found that I was not at fault and the accusations had no merit.

I accepted the transfer and on August 9th I started working for a new department, in the same employee status as I was before but with different duties that are required. Now, I work closely with a group of 15 people in my area. 4 people do the same thing I do which is front desk reception, and registering clients.

ALL of my coworkers are very friendly and they all treat me with respect. The work atmosphere in this office is as different as day and night compared to my other office. No one curses in my office!! Well a couple of people do, but only once in a blue moon. No one is backstabbing each other and the supervisors are so much more flexible than the ones at my other place.

Well, all I can say is that despite being so super, super busy at this new job, I do feel much more relaxed every day that I go into work and also at the end of the day, I do not come out of there stressed out. I am so blessed and happy to have this job.

Despite having gone through such a stressful episode, I did technically get a month's paid vacation in a weird sense, and also I got to start a new life now at this job.

Every morning I make sure that my "mojo" is in my pocket and I do try to anoint it at least every week. I also meditate a few minutes before I go to work. Needless to say, I don't think I will ever have a bad day like every day that I had at my other job.

I want to thank you so much again for all your help, Your prayers and all my family's prayers helped me in getting through this situation in one piece. I am really happy and grateful for all the help I received.


PS. If I ever have a friend that needs a lot of help, I hope you don't mind me recommending you. You do great work!!

This is the reason I love Hoodoo so much. It gives reliable, powerful results to better peoples' lives. Real problems, real powerful magic, real solutions.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Restructuring my Product Line?

I'm currently looking at restructuring my line of products at At the moment I offer many different Hoodoo Condition Oils, and many soaps, but some other basics are missing. What I'm thinking of doing is reducing down some of the oils that I offer - maybe rotating them out of the mix for a while - and replacing their slots with other items like magical bath salts, powders, spell kits or standardized mojo bags.

Powders are an area that have great magical application. You can sprinkle them in someone's track, blow them in their direction, add pinches of them to mojo bags, roll candles in them, use them to dust your body after a magical bath, dress letters with them and mail them to unsuspecting targets and more. The problem is that they are very messy to make and I would have to make batches of them in advance. I think the best route would be to make a few (maybe 5) different blends that have common usage and then offer those as a test run.

I'm thinking of adding the following blends: Road Opener, Goofer Dust, Crossing or Jinx, Boss Fix, Good Job, Commanding or Bend Over.

What are your feelings on them?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lodestones to Draw Money

One of the best spells you can perform to consistently draw money to your home or business is a lodestone spell using Money Draw products. This type of spell work uses the magic of natural magnets - lodestones - to "draw" prosperity into your home.

Lodestones are unique in that they are chunks of iron that have become magnetized through natural forces. They are treated as living being in hoodoo, are considered powerful magical allies and are treated with great respect. But how does a chunk of iron become magnetized in nature? The answer is simple and powerful - lightning! Lightning, is one of the most powerful and destructive forces in nature. These huge charges of electricity actually polarize the chunks of iron that are close to the surface of the earth where the bolts land, and thus breathe life into these stones. It is also interesting to note that lightning is associated with several of the African gods that the slaves who were brought to America worshipped, and as such, these lodestones carry the sacred signature, the life force, the "ashe" of these deities within them. It is no wonder that they were used by the first root doctors that came to the States. This lore was lost over time, as African root workers and their descendants converted to Christianity, but the magical power of these objects was continually respected and used effectively.

In order to set up a lodestone spell to draw money, the first thing you need to do is baptize it using whiskey. Clean the stone with a few splashes of the alcohol while praying over it. Give the lodestone a unique name and consecrate it in "the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." From now on, speak to your lodestone by its given name.

Next, you'll need a $100 bill. (A $20 will suffice, but if you really want to see your prosperity take off, you should aim higher with a $100 bill.) Sign your name under the treasurer's name. Lay the $100 bill in a small saucer. Then you want to dress your lodestone with Money Draw Oil. Put a few drops on your fingers and rub down the entire stone with it while speaking to your new ally. In your own words, tell it to draw money into the house (or business), to continue to attract money, that money loves you and that money stays with you. Once you have sufficiently dressed the stone and given it its assignment, lay it on top of the $100 bill in the dish. Speak to it explaining that it is to bring more of "that" (the $100 bill) into your home.

The final step is to "feed" the lodestone so that it can effectively to its work. Give it a pinch of magnetic sand explaining "I'm giving you this pinch of magnetic sand so you are strong and so that you will work hard for me by drawing money into my home (or business)!" Magnetic sand is merely iron filings, but they work to feed the lodestone so that it can effectively accomplish its duty.

Every day, talk to your lodestone, tell it to bring you more money, and give it a pinch of magnetic sand so that it can accomplish its work. Once the lodestone is so covered in magnetic sand that it can no longer adhere to the surface of the stone, then merely dust all of the magnetic sand off and collect it in a container. You can then reuse the magnetic sand to continue your spell indefinitely.

For a business, you can even place the lodestone in your cash register and feed it every day with a pinch of magnetic sand. You can also lay it on top of a $100 bill for the best results.

Much prosperity to you!
-Dr. E.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Floor Washes to Change Your Home's Condition

One of the easiest ways to affect your life is to perform a magical house cleaning. It's one of the simplest and easiest ways to effect magical results and consequently is one of the most common solutions I recommend to my clients. A house cleaning can involve smoking the house, placing protections up around the house and more, but it should definitely always involve a floor wash.

Floor washes are quick to make and usually involve common items from around the house. In hoodoo, herbs as well as minerals are used in magical blends and often a floor wash will involve both. Below you can find some easy to prepare floor wash recipes and instructions on how to use them.

Chinese Wash
Chinese Wash is a powerful and commonly used blend to eradicate negative energy, undo any kind of harmful trick that has been laid in the house, or as a general "good influence" inviting floor wash.

Chinese Wash can be purchased as an already prepared blend, but I prefer to make it myself since I don't trust many commercially purchased products. To make Chinese Wash, simply add a few drops of Van Van Oil and some broom straws (from the Broom Corn plant) along with some cleaner (like Lemon Pine-Sol or lemon dishwashing soap) into your bucket of water. Presto! You have Chinese Wash.

Use this when you feel negative influences in the home and want to purge it of negativity and invite in prosperity, positive influences and benevolent vibrations, or if you think a harmful trick was laid in your home against you as part of the purging process.

Money Draw Floor Wash
This blend is an excellent way to bring money into a business. Wash the floors of your business every Friday with this blend (Friday is the traditional Hoodoo day to work for money as it is most folks' payday). Money Draw Herb Bath can be used as a floor wash with powerful and effective results. Boil some water and pour it over the herbs. Allow them to sit for about 10 minutes, then strain away the herbs. Add some of this liquid into a bucket of water along with a capful of ammonia, and use this blend to mop your business as you pray for money to be drawn in, for customers to be sweetened to your shop and be very willing to spend their money there.

Protection Floor Wash
This protective blend is good to build up an aura of protective energy in your home and keep away anyone who would seek to do you harm. Mop the floors of your house with this after you've cleansed your house from a harmful trick someone laid against you to keep up protections and avoid repeat magical attacks.

Brew up a large cup of very strong tea using Protection Herb Bath. Strain the herbs out and add this cup of herbal infusion to your mop water (along with whatever cleaner you regularly use - preferably a pine scented one). As you mop the floors to your house pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to raise up a fiery sword of righteous holy light against your enemies, to wrap your house in protective energy and keep all of your enemies, seen and unseen, away from your home.

How to use Floor Washes
Floor washes are used in a very specific manner, and this procedure should be used every time you magically cleanse your house. Clean your home from the back of the house toward the front door. Mop the floors and wipe down the floor boards and the window sills with the floor wash, praying the entire time. The idea is that you are whisking the energy from the deepest parts of your home out the front door. If you have carpeted floors you can dampen a broom with the floor wash and lightly stroke it across the carpet (keeping in mind that some floor washes WILL stain, so use good judgment in how you apply them.) You can always wipe down the floor boards and window sills with a dampened rag no matter what. Work from the top downward, from the back of the house to the front door.

Once you have reached the threshold of the front door, wipe down the entire molding of the door and the threshold, then take your bucket of mop water and mop from the sidewalk inward toward your front door. This is to bring in the desired influences (positivity, luck, money, protection, etc.) Finish at the threshold of the door, wipe down the molding from the outside of the house and the threshold.

Finally, take the bucket of used mop water to the crossroads and throw it over your left shoulder into the center of the crossroads toward the rising sun and walk away without looking back. Alternatively, the bucket can be tossed at a very large and sturdy tree, as it will absorb and earth the residual energy. Toss the bucket "in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit", walk away, don't look back, and KNOW that your work is done and WILL work.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Oil Formulas and Services at

I finished formulating four new hoodoo condition oils and am now offering them for sale at I also just redesigned the site to bring it in line with the original branding. Check it out!

Sugar Daddy Oil
This triple-strength blend pulls together compelling, love drawing and money drawing herbs like bergamot, chamomile and rose to attract a wealthy and generous man to you.

Lucky 777 Oil
Powerful herbs for gambling luck including nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger team up to help you hit it big whether you're playing slots, cards or dice.

Secure Finances Oil
Keep your savings growing with this blend of herbs designed to help you hold onto your money. Sassafras, bayberry and other money preserving herbs blend together to put a stop to excessive spending and help tide you over from paycheck to paycheck.

Stop evil gossiping people in their tracks and send their vile actions back at them with this powerful union of slippery elm, agrimony and other herbs.

In addition, I'm also now offering four custom magical services through - Setting of Lights, Custom Mojo Bags, Spiritual Cleansing, and Custom Spell Kits and Consultation. Check out these new offerings on my website.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Forcing a Deadbeat Dad to Pay

Anyone can have a child, but not everyone can be a parent. A client came to me regarding her ex, the father of her daughter, who owes her thousands of dollars in back child support money. She justly has a court judgment against him and his excuse was that he was unemployed, but my client knew he was simply making money under the table in order to prevent it from being garnished. She came to me desperate and wanted to force his hand to pay out the money she justly deserved.

This presented me with an interesting situation. "Pay me NOW!" spells are one thing, but legal spells are another - so in a sense, this spell had to incorporate aspects of both. Here was my approach to the situation.

First, I prepared a 7-day candle for her. Normally, for money issues you would use green, but since this was a legal issue, I decided to use brown. I made her a bottle of my Pay me NOW! oil for her to drip into the top of the candle after she has poked a few holes in it with a skewer. I also blended together a "Deadbeat Dad" sachet powder that is composed of finely ground herbs and roots including calendula, little john to chew, calamus and bayberry along with other herbs. She can put a pinch or three of the sachet powder in the top of the candle prior to burning it. I also told her to get a copy of the father's photo and cut it out of the background and glue it to the front of the candle so she can "burn him through" and compel him to pay. I prepared a name paper, dressed with Pay me NOW! oil and folded it up for her to place under the candle as it burns.

The next step was for her to use the rest of the "Deadbeat Dad" sachet powder to dust any correspondences she sends to him and to set it up such that if the new wife gets her hands on the letters, she will become sympathetic to my client's situation. If the father gets the letters he'll get the powders on him and be compelled to pay his back child support.

As I was formulating this spell, I was praying over the situation and asking my spirits for assistance, and lo and behold, 1 hour later my client e-mailed me. She was so excited because before she even did any magical working, the father dropped by and gave her a check for back money and told her to call him if she ever needed any money from him for their daughter. She was so excited she decided to call me Merlin! hehe. I told her to still continue as planned to do the working to make sure he follows through on his word.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Money Last

One of the techniques for making money last that my hoodoo teacher passed on to me are "Money Stay With Me" spells. These are used in conjunction with Money Draw spells so that your income goes up, your spending goes down and your savings account balance grows.

Last night, in order to supplement some of my money draw workings, I decided to set a lite to "Secure Finances". I took a green vigil candle and cleaned it with a paper towel moistened with ammonia in order to cleanse any residual energy off of it. I then got on my computer and printed out images that symbolize secure finances to me (Safes filled with cash, stacks of $100 bills with chains and locks secured around them, etc.) and I also printed out a photo of myself facing forward. I cut all of these out and collaged them onto the vigil candle (glass encased) using some tacky glue. I made sure to put my portrait facing forward front and center.

While the glue dried, I created a name paper with the phrase "Money Loves Me. Money Stays with Me" written 9 times on it in one direction, crossed 9 times by my name. I drew dollar symbols and arrows pointing inward toward my criss-crossed words at the four corners. I dressed the name paper in a 5-spot pattern with "Secure Finances" oil that I formulated and made earlier. I folded it toward me three times and taped it to the bottom back of the candle.

Next, I took a skewer and poked three holes from the top of the wax down as deep as I possibly could. One of the holes traced down the front edge of the wax, through the top of my portrait's head, through my heart, down into the money image that was glued on below my portrait. I then dressed the candle with "Secure Finances" hoodoo condition oil, and sprinkled some chamomile flowers, dried thyme and sassafras on the top of the candle making sure to get some in the holes I poked along with the oil.

As I prayed over the candle, "the spirit" told me to add a small lodestone to the candle to draw continued finances and hold them tight. I added it on the top of the candle and continued to pray "Money loves me. Money stays with me. Finances grow. Finances secured." I finished my prayer "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" then tapped it three times on the table top to seal the candle.

I lit the wick and watched the candle for a bit. It's quite a trip to see a flame burning above the image of your own face, as if you were lighting a saint candle to the patron saint of finances. It was a very powerful image. The flame was small at first, but steady, and as the pool of wax formed, the flame grew taller and stronger. Looking down into the pool of molten wax, the herbs would circulate in it, being drawn around by the rise and fall of warming and cooling wax. It was great to watch.

This morning, the candle was burning strong and steady, and very clean. That's a good sign.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 is live!

I am proud to announce the launching of - my online shop offering magical oil blends, traditional hoodoo condition oils and magical soaps. You can order online today. Each item is made only when it is ordered, crafted by hand and prayed over by a conjure man for your needs. Check it out today!

A mojo for a Strong Nature

I recently created a mojo bag for a strong nature and to draw sexual partners, and boy is it ever working. I crafted it while at the Hoodoo Rootwork Workshop that Lucky Mojo put on, and then brought it home and gave it some fine tuning. Essentially, the core of the mojo is a whole High John the Conqueror root along with some sex drawing herbs and some nature strengthening curios. Every week, the mojo is fed, and immediately after the feeding, it gets to work. Talk about quickening the blood in time for spring!

I've already been hired by a friend to make one for him as well and once a few supplies arrive in the mail I'll be ready to put it together and breathe his mojo to life for his Summer antics!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ordering Supplies

I placed several orders today for supplies - some for my magical oil blends, others were roots for a mojo bag I'm about to build for a client. The only drawback to using high quality ingredients is that it's so darn expensive! I just spent a couple hundreds of dollars on essential oils, and while they'll certainly last a long time, it is always a big hit to my account when I have to buy some more.

This week's order included:
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Damask rose absolute
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Hyssop essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • A thai penis amulet
  • High john the conqueror root
  • Sampson snake root
  • Lovage root
  • Lavender flowers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Filling a Large Order

I received a large order of my supplies from a friend of mine and it has taken me a LOT longer than I originally thought it would. The problem is that the hand-made soaps, while FANTASTIC products, take much longer to make than the magical oils. First I have to melt the base, then blend the oils into the base, then pour the base into the molds and let it cool, then the next day I have to pop the soaps out of the molds and bag them up for delivery. I only have so many molds, so I can make about 6 bars a day. This is far too slow. I need to purchase some more molds so that I can make these faster, or just stop offering them.

I'm also pondering the possibility of offering magical powders for sale. Powders are really traditional in hoodoo, and while many western magicians don't really know how to use them, they usually get very excited when I explain how they can be applied. You can sprinkle them in someone's tracks to affect them. You can roll candles in them to add their effect to the spell. You can put a pinch of the powders inside of mojo bags for added power. You can use them in bottle spells to affect someone either positively or negatively. You can blow them in the direction of the person you seek to affect. They are so very versatile and useful, if only more people knew how to use them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Upcoming Blends

I'm currently working on a few Hoodoo Condition Oil blends including:

Sugar Daddy - to attract generous men
Lucky 777 - for gambling luck
Secure Finances - to make money STAY with you

Recent formulas I've just created:
Good Job - to attract a good job or steady employment
Love me NOW! - a compelling love blend

I'm also thinking about offering magical powders. They are often used in conjure work and are relatively unfamiliar to practitioners of European or Wiccan magic, but they are very crafty to use and very effective. You can use powders to dress papers that you send to companies for a job to get them to employ you, or to compel them to abide by your will. You can also sprinkle powders in the tracks of those you wish to affect (either for positive or attack purposes.) It is also common to blow powders toward the target of your magical attack.

They are a bit of a mess to make, but a great trick to use in magic. If you're interested in possibly purchasing or using powders in your magical work, please leave a comment on this posting and let me know.

Washing Away the Past

This weekend, a client of mine approached me about a situation she had with guilt. She held onto guilt about past events, most of which she had no responsibility for, and the guilt continued to plague her to that day. I did a reading on the situation and explained the roots of her emotional patterns and gave her advice on how she could move past those emotional patterns.

As part of the working, I did a spiritual cleansing to release her from any emotional weight she had placed on herself regarding negative as well as positive things in her life. I called in the divine power, my guides and spiritual totems, and her guides as well. Then as she stood in the center of the room mentioning people from her past in her mind, I walked around her perceiving where the energetic connections were to those people or issues and literally cut them with a pair of empowered scissors.

I followed this up with a spiritual footwashing. I drew a warm metal container full of water big enough for her feet to fit inside of. Earlier I made a bar of spiritual purification soap and had a clean white towel ready to go. I set these up at her feet and began by praying with her hands in mine for God to remove the obstacles of guilt and emotional weight that she had placed in her own path to trip over. I placed her feet in the container and began to gently wash them with the soap as I prayed over them. I relayed any impressions or feelings I got from her at that moment. I then rinsed her feet off and took them out of the footbath. I dried them in the white towel and began to anoint her feet with Blessing Oil. While I gently massaged the oil up from her toes to her legs I prayed for her path to be filled with joy, blessings, love and self-forgiveness, for her to be blessed by God to realize the uselessness of guilt and to embrace the way of acceptance. Once I was done, I took her hands once again, closed with a prayer and embraced her.

While she relaxed and sat for a moment in the bliss of the energy I took the container of used bath water out to the crossroads and threw it over my left shoulder into the center of the intersection without looking back. When I returned she was slumped comfortably in the armchair and said she felt radiant and refreshed.

I sent her home with the bottle of Blessing Oil to use as she felt fit, and I also made a custom bottle of Cut and Clear Oil to help her do her own ceremonies of releasing regarding any past relationships that might still weigh upon her mind.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Hoodoo or Not to Hoodoo. That is the question.

One of the more curious phenomenons I've run into recently with my conjure work is that people are very willing to do magical work, but very unwilling to possibly perceive their motivations for doing so as being unjust. Anytime anyone approaches me for conjure work, I always do a reading on the situation and find out what other forces are at play that the client might not be aware of. This is a crucial step and I think one of the more common things that Western Magical practices leave out of the equation. Divination is important because our own experiences in life are affected by our emotional states and expectations. If we EXPECT that someone is working dark magic against us and we feel like we're being attacked, then we're going to "see" attacks taking place all around us. When a reading comes along and explains that "it's all in your head" and there's no magical attack taking place, then the plan of attack when it comes to magic had to change. Doing attack magic when it is unjustified will merely throw your own energy out of balance and cause problems in your life.

Therefore, when someone comes to me with a situation like the above, I recommend spiritual cleansing baths to remove any residual negativity that might be around their aura or in their home, and then give them either blessing work to do, or protective work to do to keep the new spiritual cleansing in place.

If a person needs general goodness in their life I might prescribe the setting of lights in the form of a vigil candle dressed with blessing oil, powdered frankincense and myrrh to be burned over a name paper. If a person needs protection I might recommend a protective mojo featuring devil's shoestrings and john the conqueror among other herbs and curios to keep them strong in their spirit and above any negative thought patterns that might perpetuate the feeling of being under attack.