Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saint Expedite Hoodoo Spell for Fast Results

Saint Expedite is one of my more favored saints to petition when the situation is very dire. He works quickly and the trick to having success while petitioning him is to make sure of a few things.

1) Need. You should only petition him when you really NEED what you're requesting. Do not petition Saint Expedite for things that would be nice to have, or things that you want. Petition him when the going gets tough and you have no other options.

2) Payment. You must strike a deal with Saint Expedite as part of the petition. Ask clearly for what you need, then promise him that you'll pay him his due wages of a piece of pound cake and a glass of water along with some flowers. Do not pay him before the work is done - only afterward.

Here's how I typically petition Saint Expedite. I take a red glass-encased vigil candle and poke three holes in the top of the wax with a skewer. I then put one drop of Saint Expedite Oil in each hole. I write down what I need in detail on a piece of paper then I dab a little Saint Expedite on the four corners and center of the paper. I fold this toward me in half, rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise and repeat this three times for a total of three folds. I place this under the dressed candle by my Saint Expedite statue. I place a vase of fresh flowers by the statue as an offering - preferably red flowers.

Then I get on my knees and I speak very clearly and pray.

Prayer of Saint Expedite for Fast Results

Make the sign of the cross.
Pray the Lord's Prayer one time.
Pray the Hail Mary three times.

"Saint Expedite, faithful and hard-working servant of our Lord Jesus Christ hear my plea. I come to you humbled and desperate, seeking your divine intercession on my behalf. You who have fought many righteous battles and know the pain of hard labor, help me in my hour of need.

I seek __________________________, for the best of all those involved.

I pray to you, divine servant of God that you assist me now. I offer you your due wages of a piece of pound cake, a glass of water and flowers in thanks once you have assisted me. With gratitude and humble thanks, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen!"

Let that candle burn all the way down. You can repeat this prayer every day until it has come to pass. Once the candle has burned out if you want to repeat the candle burning and prayers you certainly can but it is not necessary. I like to wear Saint Expedite Oil every day when I am petitioning him by dabbing a bit on the bottoms of my feet, on my wrists and behind each ear.

Paying Saint Expedite
Once Saint Expedite comes through with your request, simply place a slice of pound cake on a plate in front of his statue or image along with a glass of cool water and some fresh flowers. I like to leave them there for three days then I place them outside on the ground for the critters to finish off.

Praising Saint Expedite
It is also traditional to praise Saint Expedite publicly once he has helped you. Historically people would take out a newspaper advertisement thanking him for his intercession. In today's modern age of online communication it is common for folks to thank him on a website. You can even post your thanks to him as a comment to this article!