Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clear the Way with Road Opener! (Abre Camino)

Sometimes life feels like a constant up-hill climb. Everything you try to do is a huge effort, and often those efforts don't amount to anything. It's like a serious case of bad luck.

Now, in these instances it's a good idea to rule out jinxing or crossing as a cause. A good psychic reading will help you in determining the cause of your problems. If you come up clean, and aren't being hexed or crossed in any way, then you just need to have your road opened up a little.

That's where Road Opening products come into play. Road Opening (Abre Camino - as it is known in Spanish) actually comes to us from magical workers in Latin America. While it's not strict hoodoo, it does work very effectively to get your road to open up and to assist you in attaining your desires. The main herbal ingredient in Road Opening supplies is an herb called Abre Camino (Eupatorium villosum or it's more current botanical name Koanophyllon villosum). Abre Camino grows is tropical climates, and can be found in southern Florida as an endangered herb, although it is abundant in the rest of the tropics. Abre Camino's use in magic has historical roots in the Afro-Caribbean religion of Palo Monte where it is added to their spirit pots to give those entities the power to open and close energetic roads in magical work.

Combining my knowledge of herb uses in Palo along with my knowledge of hoodoo herbal correspondences, I've created Road Opener Oil and Road Opener Herb Bath - each of which is made with the herb Abre Camino along with a few traditional energetic clearing and luck herbs from hoodoo lore.

Using Road Opener (Abre Camino) Baths
One of the easiest ways to clear out your path in life is to give yourself a set of 7 Road Opener Herb Baths. These should be started on a Monday, the herbal infusion is poured over the head to wash away any obstacles, and then the captured bath water is tossed into the crossroads over your left shoulder (just as in an uncrossing bath). These baths will serve to open up your opportunities in life and make things a lot smoother for you. Keep in mind, Road Opener Herb Baths will not remove jinxes or evil magic that has been thrown at you, so it's important to check to see if the cause of your obstacles in life is due to external magic, or just plain old bumps in the road.

Roads of Fortune Spell - For Love, Money and Luck
Here is a great little spell to help open up opportunities for you in life; love, money and luck. It capitalizes on the power of Road Opener products along with some other condition oils.

You'll need:
Start by gluing your photo to the front of the glass-encased candle. Then poke 3 holes down into the wax of the glass-encased candle using a skewer. Into the holes add a few drops of Road Opener Oil. Set this candle in the middle of your work area. Now, on the red candle, carve the word "Love" and dress it with True Love Oil stroking the oil toward you. On the green candle carve "Money" and dress it with Money Draw Oil stroking the oil toward you. Finally on the orange candle carve "Good Luck" and dress it with Fast Luck Oil drawing the oil toward you. Set these three candles in holders in a triangle pattern enclosing the yellow candle with the orange as the top point of the triangle, and the red and green candles as the bottom two points. Using salt, create a line from the point candles to the central candle. You should, in effect, have three roads of salt radiating out from the central candle toward each of the three blessing candles. Dress the lodestone with True Love Oil and set it by the red candle. Dress the nutmeg with Fast Luck Oil and place it near the orange candle. Dress the pyrite chunk with Money Draw Oil and place it near the green candle.

Now, go take one Road Opener Herb Bath as described above. Once you have dried off and disposed of the used bath water properly, then return to your working surface and light up the central candle. State "OPEN THE ROAD! OPEN THE ROAD! OPEN THE ROAD!" knocking on the table each time you say it. Then light the orange candle and state "My roads in life are filled with good luck, good fortune and fortuitous outcomes. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!" Next light the red candle and state "My roads in life are filled with love, acceptance, friendship, camaraderie and support. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!" Finally light the green candle and state "My roads in life are filled with prosperity, money, good paying jobs, fortunate financial transactions and large profits! This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!"

Then begin chanting "Luck, Love, Money - OPEN THE ROAD!" over and over while you gaze into the flames that are lit. As you chant faster and faster, stamp your feet and once you feel you've raised enough energy stop and exclaim "By your holy power, Jesus Christ, AMEN!" Allow the candles to burn all the way down. When the central candle has burned out, you can then collect the pyrite, the nutmeg and the lodestone and place them in a red flannel bag. You can add a pinch of the salt from the "roads" that radiated out from the central candle too. Tie off the bag, dress it with a bit of Road Opener Oil and carry it with you for general good luck in everything you do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dream Lucky Lottery Numbers!

One of the oldest traditions in hoodoo is the practice of using dream imagery to determine lucky lottery numbers. Our dreams are full of visceral images, many of which don't make sense to us, but these images when used together with a dream book can indeed give us numbers to play in the lottery.

Aunt Sally's Policy Player's Dream Book
There are many books available for converting dream images into numbers. One of the most popular is Aunt Sally's Policy Player's Dream Book. This book was used specifically in playing policy - an illegal underground lottery game first introduced in the 1880's in Chicago and quickly spread across the country. Once the states caught on and started their own legal lotteries, the policy's popularity quickly waned. These books typically had imagery with a series of numbers written after it. The idea was to play the numbers that corresponded with what you dreamt. Rootworkers caught on to the game and realized they could put the power of herbs, roots and prayer to work to enhance imagery when sleeping and make it easier to fetch these kinds of numbers.

A Lucky Lottery Dream Spell
This is a dream work spell, so the preparation for the spell work is done right before going to sleep at night.

You'll need:
• 1 bottle of Lucky Dream Oil
• 1 journal
• 1 glass of water
• 1 green glass-encased candle
• 1 bottle of Fast Luck Oil
• a pinch of cinnamon
• a pinch of pyrite grit
• a pinch of lodestone grit

First prepare the candle. Using a skewer or other pointy implement, drill three holes down into the wax of the candle. Drip a small amount of Fast Luck Oil into the holes in the wax, and add a small pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of pyrite grit and a pinch of lodestone grit into the top of the candle. Pray to God over the candle asking for fast luck in hitting the lottery, for money to come to you from unexpected sources and for you to strike it rich. Tap the candle on your surface three times, then light it. I like to place blank lottery slips under this candle so that they gain in power and luck.

Next is the "sleeping" part. Place a glass of water under your bed to absorb any disturbing nightmares or any energy that might obstruct a restful sleep. You'll throw out this glass of water in the morning when you get up and replace it every night that you decide to dream of lucky numbers. Place your journal on your nightstand and then dab a bit of Lucky Dream Oil on your temples, on your wrists, and on the bottoms of your feet. As you do this pray to God to illuminate your mind with the images you need to win the lottery, to give you signs and send you numbers.

Then go to sleep. In the morning when you wake up, immediately write down any significant images you had in your dreams that night in your journal. Date the entry to keep track of your results. It takes a while to train your mind to remember your dreams when you wake up, but once you've perfected this technique you'll be amazed at the results.

That same day, take a blessed lottery ticket from under your green candle, and go play the lottery numbers that correspond with those images according to the dream book you used. It's very simple and very effective.