Monday, December 31, 2012

New! Attraction Mojo Bag by Dr. E. Products

Check out the latest offering by Dr. E. Products - the Attraction Mojo Bag. This hand-made hoodoo mojo bag contains the best quality herbs and mineral curios to powerfully and effectively draw money, love and friends into your life.

Suggested Uses for Attraction Mojo Bag

Place an Attraction Mojo Bag behind the front door of your home to draw in prosperity, love and good friends to your home. Carry an Attraction Mojo Bag when attending social events to meet good prospective dates. Place an Attraction Mojo Bag in your shop's cash register to draw sales and money into your business.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dr. E. on The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

Dr. E. is today's guest reader on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork hour. Listen live at the link below or you can also listen to the archived show once it has finished broadcasting. The show starts at 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific)!

Listen to Dr. E. on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

Friday, December 28, 2012

What is Hoodoo?

Have you wondered what Hoodoo actually is? Most commonly it isn't actually called Hoodoo. Folks refer to it as "fixing", "working roots", rootwork, conjure or "the work". To address this question we've added a new page to called: What is Hoodoo? Check it out and learn a bit more about what it means to be a conjure doctor and what Hoodoo really is (and what it isn't!).

What is Hoodoo?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hoodoo Spell to Reverse Slander Back at Your Enemies

There will always be people in this world who want to spew slander or spread lies. That's where a nice combination of stop gossip and reversing spell work can really be the best approach. This little spell is perfect for moments when you don't have time to build a mirror box, and really just need a fast spell to make the slanderer's words fly back in their face. They'll find their friends and the public turning against them, and their worlds will no longer hold any value to those who hear them.

Hoodoo Spell to Reverse Slander and Lies

This spell, like many reversing spells, uses mirrors or reflective objects as tools to reverse negativity back to its source. For this spell you'll need the following items:
  • 1 packet of STFU! Powder (Stop Gossip)
  • 1 bottle of Reversing Oil
  • 2 small mirrors of the same size (or a piece of tin foil if you don't have time to get mirrors) - make sure you do not catch your gaze in these mirrors
  • Black thread (sewing thread is fine)
  • A photo of your enemy 
  • A hammer
First take your enemy's photo and turn it over. On the back write their name seven times stacked. Then turn the paper counter-clockwise 1/4 turn and write "All your lies return to you" across their name nine times stacked. Dress the photo with Reversing Oil by dabbing a bit on each of the four corners, and one dab in the center over their mouth.

Next dust the photo with STFU! Powder (Stop Gossip Powder), on the front and back. Run your 3 fingers over the photo and command your enemy to shut their lying mouth, and for all of their words to blow up in their face and cause them public shaming. Shake the excess powder off of the photo and set it aside.

(Do all of this without catching your gaze in the mirrors) If you are using two mirrors, dress the four corners and center of each mirror with a dab of the Reversing Oil. Place the prepared photo in between the two mirrors with their shiny sides facing inward toward the photo. If you are using the tin foil, dress the four corners and center of it with Reversing Oil then wrap the photo inside the tin foil with the shiny side facing inward.

Then wrap the black thread around the mirrors (or foil packet) by wrapping it away from you as you recite Psalms 69 ("Pour out thine indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them."). Once your packet is all wrapped up in black thread, tie off the end so it will not unravel.

Take your packet out to a crossroad (any intersection that forms the shape of a +) with your hammer. Place the packet in the center of the crossroad and with great fury pray "All your evil lies return to you! May seven years of bad luck be upon you! I pray this in the righteous name of the Lord, Amen!"Then smash the packet with the hammer breaking the mirrors and casting the bad luck upon the face of your enemy within. Leave the packet there and walk away. (You can also do this is you are using tin foil. While the foil will not break the action of the hammer is sufficient to hammer your enemies words back into their mouth.)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dr. E. on Candelo's Corner Show - At the Congo Crossroads

Dr. E. will be featured as one of the guest readers on Monday Dec. 10th's Candelo's Corner Show. Listen live as Dr. E., Candelo Kimbisa and ConjureMan Ali deliver readings to live callers using three distinct African-based methods of divination! This show is always a huge hit and very interesting as well. It's a can't miss!

Date: December 10th, 2012
Time: 5pm Eastern (8pm Pacific)

Listen to At the Congo Crossroads with Candelo Kimbisa, Dr. E. and ConjureMan Ali live!

Or listen to the show in the archives after the show has ended. (Same link)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Services: Magical Coaching and Santeria Lessons

Hello hoodoos! Dr. E. is now offering two new consultation services for those who are interested in learning more. These are a great way to get personalized help and one-on-one guidance from an experienced rootworker.

Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice
Get magical coaching or spiritual advice from Dr. E. himself in a 30-minute lesson over phone or Skype. Magical Coaching is a great way to receive guidance on how to cast your own spells, or how to perfect the rootwork you've been doing on your own. Spiritual Advice can help you learn more about working with the spirits, or how to make better choices centered around spiritual wisdom and practice. Book a Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice session with Dr. E. today!

Santeria Lukumi Lessons
Learn as much as you'd like about the religion of Santeria Lukumi, in a 30-minute long lesson on the phone with Dr. E. During your lesson, Dr. E. will cover any topics you'd like to explore about the Santeria faith or give you a general lesson on beliefs and practices. While these lessons are not a replacement for learning from a godparent, they are a good way to tap into the experience and knowledge of an initiated priest with over 11 years of experience in Santeria. Book a Santeria Lukumi Lesson with Dr. E. today!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Listen to Dr. E. on Sunday's Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Roowork Hour!

Dr. E. will be the guest rootworker on tomorrow's Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour! You can listen live Sunday Nov. 18th at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern) by clicking the link below, or you can listen to the archived show afterward.

Join Dr. E. with Miss cat yronwode and ConjureMan Ali as we give live readings and rootworking consultations on the air!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dr. E. Products is now shipping to Canada!

Dr. E. Products - now offers shipping to Canada through US Postal Service Priority International service! Keep in mind that international shipping takes a bit longer, but we are glad to finally be able to offer our products to our friends in Canada! Happy hoodooing!

Introducing Our New Line of Mastery Products!

Introducing our new line of Mastery Products! These products are great for gaining self-mastery or mastery of any topic or skill.

Our line includes:

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Introducing Dr. E. Products line of Hoodoo Healing Supplies!

We are proud to announce our latest line of hoodoo products formulated to promote healing energy and supporting your body in recovering from injury, surgery or sickness. Our healing line of products includes:

Check them out on the newly redesigned and see how our products can help promote healing energy in your life!*

*We claim no medical properties for our products. Our products are sold as curios only.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New and Improved

Our website is new and improved! We've added programming to directly submit your photos and petitions when ordering a Setting of Lights service and when ordering Mojo Bags. Our checkout confirmation process now allows you to directly book your reading with Dr. E. without having to wait for a confirmation email. To top it off our site has a whole new look. Head on over and check out all the improvements at!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dr. E. on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

Dr. E. will be today's special guest on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. Listen live today August 5th at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern), as Dr. E. along with Catherine Yronwode and ConjureMan Ali give free readings and rootwork advice to call-in listeners. If you can't listen live, the episode will be recorded for your convenience and listen to it at a later time.

Listen to Dr. E. on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Remove the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a curse delivered by
an envious lingering gaze (sometimes
accompanied by a false compliment).
I often have people coming to me thinking they've been afflicted with The Evil Eye, and want to know how to remove it or whether they've been afflicted with it. Before we can really delve into these techniques, we first need to understand what the Evil Eye really is.

What is The Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a type of curse of affliction that originates from the people living around the Mediterranean Sea. This includes the people of Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Albania, etc.), the people of the Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, etc.) and the people of North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.). Some neighboring cultures also inherited the idea of The Evil Eye but in all cases, the affliction manifests itself in the same way.

Symptoms of The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is typified with physical symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, profuse sweating, eye afflictions (infections, redness), possible bleeding from orifices (mouth, nose or anus) and general flu-like symptoms. All of these involve some form of fluid loss from the body. It is important to note that The Evil Eye is not a sickness or medical condition, but if you are experiencing any of these things you MUST go to a doctor and have them treat your physical condition. A magical curse that is afflicting your physical health causes real physical ailments. You must use medicine under the supervision of a doctor in addition to any spiritual courses of action, to remedy the physical ailments.

How Did I Get Hit With The Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a type of curse that can be cast on someone intentionally or unintentionally. (Usually it is something unintentionally sent against another.) The Evil Eye is cast on someone by peering or fixing your gaze at them while paying them a false compliment that is laden with jealousy. Jealousy and envy are the hallmarks of The Evil Eye, and usually it is another person's envy that is at the source of the problem. For this reason it is common for parents of children from Mediterranean cultures to lightly insult, or dismiss any compliments given to their children, to counteract potential Evil Eye. Some cultures will lightly spit to dismiss the devil or counteract The Evil Eye when a compliment is paid (the fluid of the spit combats the drying nature of The Evil Eye). Usually it isn't necessary to identify who hit you with The Evil Eye - it is better to remove it and then put up protections against any future problems.

How Do You Remove The Evil Eye?

Removing The Evil Eye or cleansing The Evil Eye can be accomplished in several manners. All of them involve some kind of moisture/fluid (to counteract the loss of fluids from the body) or something representing blood or water to counteract its effects. Each culture has a different way of removing The Evil Eye. Typically, the person afflicted with The Evil Eye is the one that has to perform the cleansing - or a parent (in the case of a child) has to perform it. I'll include some of my favorites below.

Egg Cleansing To Remove The Evil Eye

One of the simplest ways to remove The Evil Eye is to take a chicken egg, and pass it over your body from your head down to your feet, making sure to thoroughly pass it over the most afflicted area of your body. As you pass the egg over your body recite The Lord's Prayer and Psalm 23. When you finish at your feet, take the egg outside and toss it over your left shoulder into a crossroad (a "+" shaped intersection of streets or roads) and walk away without looking back. If you do not have a crossroad nearby you can also toss it against a large old tree and it will disperse the energy. After you've returned home, use one of the techniques later in this article to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Uncrossing Baths To Remove The Evil Eye

One of the best ways to remove The Evil Eye's desiccating force is to take an Uncrossing Herb Bath. Dr. E. Products' Uncrossing Herb Bath contains Rue - probably the best plant there is for removing the influence of The Evil Eye. Another good option is Dr. E. Products' 13 Herb Bath (which also contains Rue). Start by taking one bath, and if you need additional cleansing, take a few more to up the total to 7 baths. Follow this link for information on How to Use Herb Baths in Hoodoo. After your bath it is best to dress your body with some Fiery World of Protection Oil which also contains Rue, in order to prevent any future attacks. You can also use some of the techniques mentioned later in this article to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Dripping Olive Oil Into Water Removes The Evil Eye

This technique comes from Italy. To do this you'll need a large bowl of water and a bottle of olive oil. Drip the olive oil into the water until you are able to form a ring of floating olive oil in the water. Pray the Lord's Prayer while you do this. Once you have done this, you have successfully removed The Evil Eye. Toss the water/oil combination outside into the street and walk away without looking back. This technique employs the use of water itself to counteract the body's fluid loss when The Evil Eye hits. Follow this up with one of the techniques below to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Okra Baths Remove the Evil Eye

Okra's slimy, watery nature will break
away the drying nature of The Evil Eye.
Okra is a powerful and magical plant when it is properly used. It can cut through or remove almost any curse on the planet including The Evil Eye. Okra is called ilá by the Lucumí people who practice Santeria which means "tears". Much like the tears that are shed when enduring hardship or a curse, okra can cleanse away the negative effects of The Evil Eye. The juicy watery nature of okra will combat the drying influence of The Evil Eye and will take it off of you immediately. To make an okra bath, take 13 fresh okra pods and place them in a large bowl of room temperature water. Rip up the pods with your hands, crush and squeeze them in the water to get their juice out. Let the bits of okra sit in the water for about ten minutes, then using a sieve, strain them out. You only want the juice. Take your bowl of okra juice into the tub or shower and dump it over your head as you pray for any evil or negativity to be removed from you including the jealousy of others. Rinse the excess juice off of your body with a shower, towel dry, anoint your body with some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and dress in light colors for the remainder of the day. You should follow up with one of the methods below to prevent any future Evil Eye.

How To Prevent The Evil Eye

Evil Eye beads and charms like
this one help ward off The Evil Eye.
The best cure is preventative measures. Before you ever get hit with The Evil Eye, there are several charms you can use to prevent it in the first place. These are called apotropaic charms and work to deflect, reflect or block The Evil Eye. If you have been afflicted with The Evil Eye, it is best to do one of the cleansing techniques above, then use one of these protective techniques to prevent future attacks.

Evil Eye Beads, Necklaces, Charms or Jewelry to Prevent The Evil Eye

Evil Eye beads are becoming very popular in current fashion. These typically are made of blue (or sometimes red) glass in the shape of an eye and are strung onto cords worn as bracelets or necklaces. They work through the color of water (blue) or through the power of fiery red to counteract The Evil Eye before it hits you. It is common for Mediterranean families to have a large version of these glass Evil Eye charms hanging on their front door or in the foyer the moment you enter the home. This works to protect the entire house and its occupants against The Evil Eye and any jealousy they may receive from visitors or neighbors. Dress these beads with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil in order to maximize their effectiveness against The Evil Eye. I recommend dressing the beads or charms once every three months.

Coral or Jet Jewelry Prevents The Evil Eye

A jet bracelet can prevent
The Evil Eye from hitting you.
It is common in some areas of the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy) to employ the use of coral or jet as an apotropaic charm to prevent The Evil Eye. Coral grows in the sea and its connection to water counteracts the drying effect of The Evil Eye. It is also red in color which fights fire with fire to deflect The Evil Eye. Jet is another gemstone (called azabache in Spanish) that works to absorb The Evil Eye so that it does not hit the person that is wearing it. Interestingly, both of these gemstones were associated with European magical workers or witches in their cultures. A simple bracelet, necklace or earrings made of coral or jet will work to effectively block The Evil Eye. You can amplify the protective nature of these stones by dressing them with a little bit of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil once in a while. This will also help polish the stones to they are nice and shiny.

Carry a Protection Mojo Bag to Stop The Evil Eye

Our very own Protection Mojo Bag is a powerful charm to prevent The Evil Eye in addition to any evil spell work, curses, negative energy, envy, dark spirits, hauntings or any other nasty thing that may try to approach you. Our Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag includes Rue - the most powerful herb for fighting The Evil Eye - along with some other effective and powerful herbs and curios to combat dark magic. You can purchase a Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag from our website at (it comes with a full bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil too!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hoodoo Spell to Remove Evil Spirits

An evil spirit is one of the best
ways to haunt and curse a person.
Lately I've had several clients come to me seeking help for inexplicable conditions that feel like a curse. Everything the try to accomplish falls apart, and good opportunities turn sour. Their relationships are afflicted with constant arguments, and they can't seem to be able to keep a job. They have difficulty sleeping and sometimes feel like there is a presence around them. With some divination I confirmed that these particular clients were being cursed by an evil spirit that was sent to torment them.

If you think you may be afflicted in a similar manner, it's best to get a Rootwork Consultation with Dr. E. to get to the bottom of what is afflicting you.

Cursing with Evil Spirits of the Dead

In order to understand how this hoodoo spell to remove evil spirits works, you have to understand how and why people curse and haunt people with spirits of the dead.

One of the most effective ways to curse someone is to send a dead spirit after them. The spirit works tirelessly as instructed by the rootworker who sent it. The spirit never needs to eat or sleep and it can work continuously while the rootworker moves on to other endeavors. The spirit is bought from the cemetery (usually with an offering of a silver dime and some whisky) and then sent after a specific target, usually using their name, birthdate, a photo or a physical item from their body. Once the spirit is sent after their enemy it will continue to harass them until the goal is accomplished.

Typically, spirits are sent out of vengeance or spite against someone who has been wronged. One of the first things I do in a consultation is ask if there is anyone my client may suspect as a source of the curse. Perhaps it is someone with whom they work that wants them fired. Perhaps it is an ex-lover that is angry for the break up. Sometimes an in-law will hire a rootworker to haunt them so that they'll break up their marriage. The reasons are endless, but the effect is the same: a continual misfortune that perpetually afflicts the person and no amount of uncrossing or cleansing seems to fix the situation.

Spirit Traps Can Remove A Cursing Spirit

Dr. E. lures a spirit into a
spirit trap with a cigar.
One of the most effective ways of removing an evil spirit from a person that has been cursed is by using a spirit trap. Spirit traps take many forms and are found in cultures all over the world. Typically spirits of the dead are trapped in some kind of container either by magical enchantments, holy names, herbs and substances, and then the spirit is either controlled and used for other magical workings, or it is laid to rest. I prefer to take captured spirits and lay them to rest in the cemetery, giving them a Christian burial so that their spirits can rest in peace once and for all.

Constructing a Spirit Trap to Catch an Evil Spirit

When I make a spirit trap I will typically use a bottle or bowl to catch the spirit. I utilize palo trazos (symbols) drawn on the floor or altar to guide the spirit into the container, and I use items inside the bowl or bottle to ensnare the spirit once it enters. A very reliable hoodoo technique to catch evil spirits inside a bottle uses 9 nails, Spanish moss and blackberry leaves. The nails will nail down the spirit in place, and the magical power of the iron in the nails is well known for rooting energy in place. Spanish moss tangles and captures the spirit and is effective in crossing work. Blackberry leaves have little hooks and snares on them that are good for ensnaring an enemy or slowing them down.  I add these items to the bottle along with some ground up sticks used in Palo Monte to draw and capture a spirit.

How to Lure an Evil Spirit into the Spirit Trap

The spirit is trapped inside
the bottle and chained so
that it cannot escape.
Luring the evil spirit into the trap is the hardest part. You have to know the right songs to sing, and the right prayers to use in order to invoke your guardian spirits to protect you and force that spirit to comply with your efforts. (These are secrets and I will not reveal them here as some of them are only accessible to initiates of Palo Monte.) I also usually entice the spirit to come by using personal concerns of my client that resonate with the energetic frequency of their body. By luring the spirit with offerings of booze and cigar smoke, and befriending them, I can often get them to come near. The songs and prayers I recite catch the spirit in my vicinity and the personal concerns and Palo Monte figures under the bottle are what pull the spirit toward the bottle. The spirit will be guided into the bottle with a puff of cigar smoke and a bit of fire to light the rum in the bottle on fire. Once it catches fire the spirit can audibly be heard to enter the bottle. I then finish by stoppering the bottle with a piece of stick from Palo Monte that is known for conquering spirits of the dead.

Laying the Spirit to Rest

Once the ritual is complete I use chamalongo divination to determine whether I caught the spirit or not. If I didn't succeed the first time I will use different offerings to lure the spirit and try again. Once the spirit is indeed inside the bottle, I will chain the bottle up to restrain the spirit and keep it in place. Then I wrap the bottle with black cloth so that the spirit cannot see what I am doing. I take the bottle to a cemetery, dig a grave for it, and lay it to rest with Christian prayers and a memorial including flowers laid over its grave that it may rest in peace once and for all. On the way out of the cemetery I pay the spirit that guards the cemetery to keep that spirit there for good.

Cleansing to Restore the Client to Blessings

Uncrossing Herb Bath is
great for cleansing away
residual negative energy.
After such a powerful ritual is done, I find that clients still need additional cleansing to remove any negative after effects. I usually follow up with a course of seven Uncrossing Herb Baths done over the course of a week, and a Protection Mojo Bag to keep them safe from future attacks. I personally have to cleanse myself to remove any ill effects from handling such negative energy as well. It might also be a good idea for my client to follow up with some Road Opener spells or spells to draw in the goodness that was stripped away from the curse.

I Think I Am Cursed or Haunted! What Do I Do?

This spell is very hazardous and should not be undertaken by a novice or by anyone who does not have the backing and protection of their guardian spirits. You have to know what you're doing to do this spell. If you think you are cursed or haunted by a spirit of the dead, your best course of action is to get a Rootworking Consultation with me. In the Rootworking Consultation, I will use tarot cards and chamalongos as well as the guidance from my spirits, to find out what is at the root of your cursed situation. If you are indeed cursed with a haunting spirit, I can perform this spirit trap spell or other hoodoo spirit trapping spells to take the evil spirit off of you and return you to your blessed state. This spell can also be done for locations that are haunted in order to catch the spirit and return the space to its blessed state.

Get a Rootworking Consultation with Dr. E. to remove curses or evil spirits.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Use Hoodoo Oils, Condition Oils and Conjure Oils

Hoodoo Oils are one of the most diverse magical products we offer at Dr. E. Products - They capture all of the conjure power of herbs in their oil forms, blended together with a neutral base oil, for a concentrated magical punch of power. Hoodoo Oils are typically blended for a particular magical purpose and the variety of names of our condition oils reflect that.

The Right Oil for the Right Job

The vast majority of clients and customers for Dr. E. Products' Conjure Oils come seeking money or love as their magical goals. Often folks have difficulty knowing which product to pick for their situation. We hope this simply guide will help you select amongst those oils, which is the right one for you.

What is the Right Love Hoodoo Oil for Me?

Reconciliation Oil is perfect
for healing broken love

  • True Love Oil - for a perfect mate, for lasting love or to draw "the one"
  • Love Me Now! Oil - to make a specific person love you through controlling magic
  • Follow Me Boy! Oil - to make an existing boyfriend or husband be under your control and to keep him under your thumb
  • Hot Fucker Oil - not for love, this is only for drawing sexual partners
  • Reconciliation Oil - to repair broken relationships and reconcile lost love
  • Come To Me Oil - to make a lover come to you and be with you

If you're looking for a general love oil to draw in new love go for Dr. E. Products' True Love Oil. It is great for finding a lasting long-term relationship. If you want to make a specific person fall in love with you then use Dr. E. Products' Love Me Now! Oil instead. It is used when targeting someone instead of drawing in general love. It should not be used, however, for reconciliation cases. For reconciliation you're best off using Dr. E. Products' Reconciliation Oil. It is good at healing hearts, mending broken relationships and repairing love. Follow Me Boy! Oil or Follow Me Girl! Oil is best for keeping a wandering partner in line. It prevents them from cheating on you and keeps them obedient to your wishes. It is not, however, used to make someone love you. Use Love Me NOW! Oil instead.

How to Use Hoodoo Oils with Candles

Command! Oil is used to
command and control others
One of the primary uses for Hoodoo Oils is by using them with candles. They add the spirit medicine and energy of the plants contained therein directly to the candle. This is why it is important to use authentic oils that are constructed with real essential oils that contain plant essences in them. Synthetic oils will not work for this purpose. They have no spirit medicine or hoodoo energy in them. Dr. E. Products hoodoo condition oils are all made with real essential oils and even have bits of the herb in the bottle as our mark of quality.

First take a candle of the appropriate color for your goal. If your goal is money related use a green candle. If love related grab a red candle. If you seek protection, or blessings use a white candle. If you seek to curse someone use a black candle. For success use a yellow candle, and for personal power or to control others use purple candles.

Carve the name of your target into the candle's wax with a pointy tool like a chopstick. If the candle is for you, then carve your name into the candle. I also like to carve the person's birthday or zodiacal symbol for their sign into the candle. Then carve your desired magical goal into the candle. For a love spell you might carve "My perfect mate comes to me!" or for money you may carve "I get lots of money fast!"

Now that your candle has been carved, drip 2 or 3 drops of the right hoodoo oil for your goal, into your hand and stroke the oil onto the candle. I like to stroke the oil toward me for spells where I am drawing a goal (like money draw, to draw protections or to draw love). I stroke the oil away from me when I want to push something away or to afflict another person (like hot footing spells, curses or reversing spells).

Augment your Candle's Power with Hoodoo Powders and Herb Baths

Use True Love Herb Bath
to ring your love candles
for added power!
To augment the power of the candle, sprinkle some of the appropriate Hoodoo Sachet Powder on your candle as well. Just pick one that is the same as your oil and sprinkle it directly onto the candle once it has been oiled. You can even buy a packet of Hoodoo Herb Bath of the same kind as your oil and sprinkle the herbs in a ring around your candle for maximum impact. While they are designed to be baths, they are just raw herbs and you can use them for any purpose, not just baths.

Make up a Name Paper for Your Hoodoo Spell

Take a photo of your intended target and flip it face down. Write your intended goal 3 times stacked. If your goal is for money you may write "Money Comes To Me, Money Comes To Me, Money Comes To Me" where if your goal is reversing you may write "Your Evil Returns To You, Your Evil Returns To You, Your Evil Returns To You".

If your goal is a positive constructive one, turn your paper 1/4 turn clockwise. If it is a destructive or afflictive one, turn your paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. Then write the name of your target criss-cross over the goal, three times stacked (just like the goal). You are making a matrix of the target and the goal criss-crossed like a crossroad on the back of the photo.

Now dab some of your Hoodoo Oil on the four corners and center of the photo. This is called "five-spotting" the name paper and it adds the power of the conjure oils directly into your intention. You can also dust your name paper with Hoodoo Powders for added effect too!

Setting up Your Hoodoo Candle Spell

Place your candle in a holder and place this on a white dinner plate. Put the plate on top of your name paper and sprinkle some herbs around your candle. Pray to God in your own words for your goal then light your candle and take a moment to gaze into its light and reflect on the power of your spell. When the spell is done burning, you can gather up the name paper and the bits of leftover herb and wax and dispose of them in a trash can at a crossroads. It's my preferred place to plant finished spells of any time.

Using Condition Oils with Hoodoo Spiritual Baths

After a cleansing bath, make
sure to use an oil for protection
for for your magical goal
Another great use for hoodoo oils is after a Hoodoo Herb Bath. After you've finished taking your magical bath and have air dried your body, dab a bit of hoodoo condition oil on your body. I often recommend dabbing a bit on each wrist, behind each ear, over the heart and on the bottom of each foot. Make sure to test a little bit of the oil on your inner forearm for skin sensitivity before using lots of it on your body since they aren't formulated for skin usage.

When doing a cleansing Hoodoo Herb Bath it's best to use a protective or drawing hoodoo condition oil to replace the energetic void created by cleansing. If you use Spiritual Purification Herb Bath, Uncrossing Herb Bath, 13 Herb Bath, Cut Away Herb Bath, or Road Opener Herb Bath, it's best to follow up your bath with one of these oils:

Using Hoodoo Oils on Hoodoo Mojo Bags

A Protection Mojo Bag is
a great way to keep you safe
after cleansing, and it comes
with a FULL BOTTLE of
Fiery Protection Oil!
Hoodoo Condition Oils are commonly used to "feed" mojo bags and keep them energetically strong. Dr. E. Products' Mojo Bags come with a full bottle of the appropriate condition oil used for regular feeding. You can feed your mojo bag by "five-spotting" the bag with the condition oil and praying over it explaining that you're feeding it so that it will continue to work hard for you. With your mojo bag always remember to call it by its name and instruct it to help you as you feed it.

Dr. E. Products offers the following mojo bags for your needs. Remember each comes with a FULL BOTTLE of Dr. E. Products Hoodoo Condition Oils:

Using Hoodoo Condition Oils for Sneaky Tricks and Spells

Shut up gossipping people by
dressing their phones with
STFU! (Stop Gossip) Oil
Hoodoo Condition Oils are a great way to affect people without them knowing it. Hoodoo Oils can be used on items that your target will touch, use on their body or somehow come in physical contact with. Here are a few ideas for how to use hoodoo oils without your target knowing.

Hoodoo Spell to Get Rid of a Coworker: Dress your annoying coworkers keyboard, phone or the doorknob to their office with GTFO! (Hot Foot) Oil. Make sure to call their name and command them to go far away from you and never return when you dress the object. When your annoying coworker touches the item they will be hit and affected by the magic in the oil.

Hoodoo Spell to Secretly Heal Emotional Pain in Another: If you find that your boyfriend or girlfriend is hesitant to move forward in your relationship or they are defensive because of a painful past relationship here is a great way to heal their emotional scars so that they can learn to accept your love. Put a few drops of Love Uncrossing Oil into their shampoo or body wash. Every time they take a shower or bath, they'll be covering their head or body with the power of Love Uncrossing Oil. Love Uncrossing Oil works to unravel the pain of past relationships and open you to accepting healthy love. I often recommend this trick to clients with "hot and cold relationships".

Hoodoo Spell to Help Sell Your Home: Part of selling a home is making it appealing to those who visit it during an open house or walk-through. A great way to do this is by dressing the doorknobs or doors of the house with Prosperous House Blessing Oil. Not only will it fill the home with blessing energy making it comfortable and "homey" feeling, but it will also draw a wealthy buyer that has the financial backing to buy the home.

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Dr. E. Products closed June 20 - 26

Dr. E. Products will be closed Wednesday June 20th through Tuesday June 26th. We will be on vacation. All orders will be filled after we return from vacation.

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The Seven African Powers

One of the more popular spiritual forces to call upon within Santeria and now within Hoodoo is that of the Seven African Powers. The Seven African Powers are not something native to hoodoo but they are gaining in popularity and as such it is important to understand who they are and how they can fit into a person's spiritual work.

I recently founded the Santeria Church of the Orishas as a member of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement. Over the Santeria Church of the Orishas website, I wrote up a great article on who the Seven African Powers are and it's a wonderful read. Head over there and read for yourself, and here's a hint ... they aren't orishas.

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Dr. E. Products closed Friday May 4 through Monday May 7th

Dr. E. Products will be closed Friday May 4th through Monday May 7th. We will reopen on Tuesday May 8th and respond to any open orders or emails at that time. Dr. E. will be at the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Workshop Weekend.

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Dr. E. Products on Vacation April 27-30

Dr. E. Products will be closed Friday, April 27 through Monday April 30th. Any messages, orders and emails will be processed and answered once we return on May 1. Thanks for your patience.

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Dr. E. on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour now!

Dr. E. is the guest rootworker on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Show now! Listen live at the following link.

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with Dr. E.

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Clearing up the Facts on La Madama

American figurines of black servant
women are being used by modern
spiritists to represent their Madamas.
**(Updates and clarifications to this article are marked with an asterisk as there have been many critics out there who seemed to take everything I wrote as black or white. In an effort to further clarify and address those concerns, I've made these noted changes)**

A peculiar figure has recently become very popular in Rootwork. That individual is La Madama. As you go around various websites, or peruse online publications about rootwork or hoodoo you find more and more people are speaking about La Madama. But the conversation has become one that is rife with misunderstanding and it is becoming clearer and clearer that people are just repeating the misinformation they are getting from websites and self-published booklets. I've decided to write a blog article to set the record straight and hopefully educate people who may be interested in La Madama or want to learn about how to work with this type of spirit.

Who is La Madama? (Rather, Who ARE Las Madamas?)
A more traditional spirit doll for a Madama
type spirit. These dolls are made using
porcelain or plastic dolls which are then dressed
in custom-sewn dresses in their spirit's colors
There is a popular misconception that La Madama is a specific spirit. This is totally incorrect. A Madama is a category of spirit - to which many individual spirits and guides belong. Thus the more proper question is "who are las madamas?"

Madamas are spirits of the dead that were slave women (*or the descendants of slaves), round in stature, who looked like the sterotypical image of a house servant from the 1800's. Madamas are NOT conjure women (*as in American rootworkers). This is wholly incorrect and misinformed. They are typically either women who practiced Santería or Palo Monte  (*or Espiritismo) when they were alive (meaning they are most typically Cuban or *Puerto Rican black women). Typically Las Madamas are depicted wearing gingham skirts or aprons in the colors of the spirit which they worked with (red gingham for Chango or Siete Rayos, Blue gingham for Yemaya or Madre de Agua, etc.) They usually have their hair wrapped in cloth of similar color. There are countless "Madama" spirits out there... she is not singular in nature. For example, I have a "Madama" spirit who worked with Changó when she was alive and she has a particular name. My godfather has a "Madama" spirit who worked with Yemayá when she was alive and she has a different name. Simply put, La Madama is NOT one spirit. (*I understand that the thought of a priestess in Lucumí or Palo being a spirit is not in accordance with Lucumí or Palo cosmology, nevertheless these spirits do appear and give verifiable information - so this is one of those things that we just can't explain)

"La Madama" by Angel Cruz
Where did Madama Spirits come from?
The category of Madama type spirits is NOT native to Rootwork and has actually never ever been a part of Hoodoo at all until the last 15 to 20 years when people who practiced Espiritismo Cruzado (Blended Spiritism) from Latino countries started encountering traditional Southern Rootworkers and exchanging ideas. *The categorization of these spirits into a legion called "Las Madamas" was likely a function that arose out of convenience because they certainly don't refer to themselves in this manner.

In fact, the presence of Madamas, Indian Spirits (like Black Hawk) or other spirits like these were only found in Spiritualist Churches in the south, and not traditionally within Hoodoo. Most Hoodoo practitioners stuck to Protestant Christianity, praying psalms and working their roots. This introduction of Espiritismo elements (like working with saints, Madama Spirits, Indian Spirits, etc. is a rather new introduction to Hoodoo).

Espiritismo Cruzado and "Madama" Spirits
Espiritismo Cruzado comes from the latino countries of the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic) and has spread to many other countries including Venezuela, part of Mexico and even the southern parts of The United States with the displacement of people from these countries northward. It is a type of Spiritualism based in the Spiritist practices of Allan Kardec blended with some spiritual concepts of the African Diasporic Religions. This type of spiritualism works differently than the more formal "white table" version of Kardecian spiritism found in Europe in the late 1800's, (*and found in many Puerto Rican spiritist houses). Practitioners of Espiritismo pray Catholic prayers, channel messages from their guides and spirits of the dead, work a lot with herbs, perfumes, washes and flowers, and focus on developing their skills as mediums and energy healers. Within Espiritismo the mediums work with lots of colorful spirits. There are many categories of spirits including (but not limited to): Madamas, Indians, Gypsies, Nuns, Arabs, and even Pirates. There is not ONE spirit of La Madama, just like there is not ONE spirit of The Indian, nor is there ONE spirit of the Gypsy. People may refer to "my Madama" (*or more commonly "mi negra" - my black woman) - meaning their Madama-type spirit, but there are many other Madama-type spirits as well.

Can I Work With "La Madama"?
This is an interesting question that I get from many people. The answer isn't so simple. It isn't whether you CAN work with La Madama - the question actually should be "Do I have a Madama with which to work?" This is a misunderstanding of the nature of Espiritismo from a Hoodoo practitioner's perspective. In Espiritismo (Spiritism), you don't go out seeking spirits to work with. Instead, you work with the Spiritual Court that already surrounds you. The Spiritual Court is a group of the most intimate guiding spirits you have around you that protect and teach you. They are your "inner court" and they defend you when you cannot defend yourself. They guide you, teach you and inspire you. Each person's Spiritual Court is different than the next's.

Before you can work with "Madama" type spirits you need to find out IF THERE IS ONE IN YOUR SPIRITUAL COURT! This is the most crucial element that people don't take into account. You must first do investigative spiritualist masses (or personal spiritual investigation) to find out if you have such a spirit in your court with which to work. Typically such a mass is conducted by other mediums who will look into your spiritual court with the assistance of their guides and identify who is there for you. You can then work on strengthening your relationship with those guides through prayer, introspection, meditation and contact with these spirits at your Spiritual Altar (in Espiritismo Cruzado this is called a bóveda and is typically a table or shelf covered in white cloth with goblets of water placed out to refresh one's spirits and to help with the transmission of spiritual messages). It is up to each person to learn as much as they can about their Spiritual Court, including names, behaviors, traits and to follow their guidance as much as possible. These spirits will act as the conduit for divine inspiration and guidance for that person. If you have a Madama type spirit you would need to find out where she's from, her name, what she practiced in her life and how to work with her.

Working with La Madama
I often see photos of people putting offerings to La Madama and petitioning her as if she was a saint. This is absolutely improper and incorrect. This is not the manner in which Spiritists would ever work with a Madama-type spirit. They understand very clearly that God is who we worship. A Madama-type spirit is not a saint to be petitioned. She is a spirit guide. She is there to give you guidance, inspire your spell work, guard you from harm, cleanse you when you pick up something nasty, and to be a teacher and mentor. You do not worship your teacher, similarly you do not worship La Madama. If you do leave her offerings, they are offerings of gratitude like bouquets of flowers or a cup of coffee and a cigar. These are given because she came through and helped you with an issue or to keep your connection with her strong. Ultimately she will help you with reading, perceiving and psychic abilities as well as giving you inspiration when you do spell work. After all, she was a priestess in her time and knows how to work spells, but she will tell you how to do it HER way, not the Hoodoo way (because she was not a conjure woman, she was an Afro-Caribbean *spiritual worker). Many people like to have a doll or statue to represent their Madama-type spirit on their altar or their bóveda. This doll acts as a physical container in which her spirit can manifest when you are asking her for guidance and spell crafting with her support.

If you don't have a Madama-type spirit in your Spiritual Court, that's fine and normal. You may have countless other spirits who are very powerful and close to you. But the more important thing to remember is that this internet fad of La Madama really needs to be handled with respect and a clearer understanding so that people don't waste their energy and money trying to petition a spirit that's not even accessible to them. Focus on the spirits that do surround you and keep those bonds strong, and you'll be much better off in the long run.

(*Many critics of this article argue that it is impossible for a priestess of Palo or Lucumí to incarnate as a spirit, as the cosmology of those religions believe that the spirits of deceased priests and priestesses take a different spiritual journey than other spirits of the deceased. I agree with that in the strictest academic sense and I myself believe that priests of our religions go to their spiritually rewarded places after death. Yet, I have seen many spirits that are categorized as "Madamas" who claim to have been priestesses - either Paleras or Santera - who make appearances in misas espirituales and give examples of knowledge in those religions that no uninitated person would know. I have no way of explaining this, but it is a testament to the fact that the spirit world is vast and we have much left to learn about how things work in the universe. I think the main thing to keep in mind here is that the category of "Madama" is something originating from Latino countries, not the USA, and that the spirits that could be categorized as them are broader than many of us are willing to admit.)

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Dr. E. is Co-Hosting the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Today!

Dr. E. will be co-hosting the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour today at 3pm Pacific time. Visit the website and listen live or listen to the recorded episode after it airs online.

Dr. E. and Cat Yronwode will be joined by our guest Deacon Millett as we take live calls and help tackle people issues with divination, recommended rootworking and down-home practical advice.

Listen Live Today at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern).

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The Truth About Road Opener (Abre Camino)

Abre Camino
Eupatorium villosum
One of the most popular blends in modern-day rootwork is Road Opener. Road Opener products can be found in just about every modern-day supplier and their popularity makes sense. Who wouldn't want their roads to be free and clear of obstacles? But most rootworkers don't really know the backstory on Road Opener, where it comes from and what it really takes to make true Road Opener products.

Where Does Road Opener Come From?
Road Opener as a magical blend originates from afro-caribbean traditional religions and their magical systems. The name Road Opener is actually a direct translation of the Spanish name Abre Camino. Abre Camino means "opens roads" or "road opener." It describes the magical purpose of the blend quite succinctly; it clears obstacles and allows you to have open roads to success and attainment of your goals. What most rootworkers don't know, is that while Road Opener (Abre Camino) is a name that describes the function of the magical blend it is also the folk name of an herb! Abre Camino is the folk name for Eupatorium villosum, a shrubby bush found in the tropics.

What is Abre Camino (Road Opener)?
Abre Camino (Eupatorium villosum) is commonly found throughout the Caribbean and in near-tropical climates like southern Florida. Its introduction into magical products comes from the Afro-Cuban religions of Santería (Lukumí) and Palo Monte where the plant is used extensively in magical preparations and religious rituals. While the stems and branches of the plant (whole and powdered) are more typically used in the religion of Palo Monte, the leaves of the plant are used in Santería.

Road Opener Products Must Have Real Abre Camino Herb!
So now that you know what Abre Camino is, and where it comes from, you can logically deduce that real Road Opener products need to have real Abre Camino herb within them While there are many Road Opener oils and baths out being sold out there, not many of them have actual Abre Camino herb within them. Dr. E. Products prides itself on including a piece of Abre Camino wood within every bottle of Road Opener Oil, and Abre Camino shavings within our Road Opener Herb Bath. We firmly believe in the power of plant spirits to assist the rootworker in the work she or he does. Without the presence of that herb in the blend, it's just another "cleansing" product like Van Van or Uncrossing - but it's not real Road Opener.

Crossroad Road Opener Herb Baths
There are many ways to use Road Opener Herb Bath. Here's one way to remove obstacles and open your roads to opportunity. First take one packet of Dr. E. Products' Road Opener Herb Bath and pour it into a large coffee cup. Pour boiling water over it and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Strain the herbs out and if you'd like you can sprinkle them on the earth outside your front door. Get a large basin or bowl and fill it with bath temperature water. Add the cup of herbal infusion to the bowl of water - this is now your magical bath.

Take your bowl into the bathroom and place two small white candles on either side of the bathtub. You're going to need a way to collect some of the used bathwater that comes off of you during your bath, so either plug the tub or place a second empty bowl inside the tub to catch any leftover bath that runs off of you. Light your candles, disrobe and take your bath into the tub. Pray to God in whatever way you are most comfortable - you can even pray to the orisha Elegguá and ask for his help in opening your roads, removing any blockages you may have toward goodness in your life, and to make your journey easy. Pour the bath over your head and make sure some of it runs off into that bowl you're standing over. Pour the bath completely over your body making sure even your back and feet get a good washing. Wipe any excess bath off of you and step out of the tub.

Lightly towel dry but do not remove all of the moisture from your skin. Let the last bits dry on you to keep the influence of the herbs on you. Dress in white clothes head to toe (for best results - or at least the lightest clothing you can find). Collect some of your used bathwater in a cup and take it to a four way crossroad. Now to be clear, because there seems to be some confusion about this, you need a crossroad where 2 roads intersect in a + shape. (That's it, please don't over think or overcomplicate the idea of a crossroad as many have done in the past.)

Be careful of traffic, but do the best you can with the following part. Toss a bit of the used bathwater toward the road running east saying "Open my roads to health and vitality". Toss a bit of the used bathwater toward the road running south saying "Open my roads to success and luck". Toss a bit of the used bathwater toward the road running west saying "Open my roads to love and passion". Then toss a bit of the used bathwater toward the road running north saying "Open my roads to prosperity and wealth". Then say "Man of the Crossroads, I ask you to open my ways, clear my obstacles and help me have success and progress in life. Amen!" Now return home, and pinch out your candles. If you want you can place them up on a fire-safe counter or on a plate and let them burn all the way down. If there's any leftover used bath water you can just let it run down the drain.

Road Opener Candle Spell
There are also many ways to use Road Opener Oil but here's a great easy way to use it. First you'll make a name paper. Take 4" x 4" piece of paper and write "Open Roads" on it stacked 3 times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn clockwise and write your name across it stacked 3 times. Dab a bit of Road Opener Oil on the four corners and center of the paper and set it aside.

Get a yellow jumbo candle (or any other type of candle) and dab a bit of Road Opener Oil on it. Stroke the oil on the candle toward you saying "Open my roads to health, love, money and luck!" Set the candle in a candle holder. Place the name paper on a plate then sprinkle a bit of Road Opener Herb Bath on top of the name paper in the shape of a large "+" (making a little crossroad on the plate). Place the candle in the center of the "+" of herbs. Now pray to God in your own words for the obstacles in your life to be cleared away and for your roads toward your goals and the blessings in your life to be open and easy.

Light the candle and take a moment to gaze into the candle flame and picture all of the goals you would like to accomplish in life as if you already had them. Once you've pictured all of your goals and desires, say "Amen" and let the candle burn all the way down. Once the candle is done burning you can interpret the way the wax drippings are shaped for signs as to the success of your spell. (this is a very subjective and interpretive art - please don't ask for help in interpreting your own results) You can finish up by taking the wax remains, the name paper and the herbs, wrapped up in a bit of brown paper and leave it in trash receptacle near a crossroad (where two roads intersect in a "+" shape). Walk away and don't look back. Your roads will be open and clear.