Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spells to Counter Self-Defeat in Relationships

All too often, clients come to me with a situation that has completely fallen apart because of their own actions. It's a simple case of being your own worst enemy. What you create with your own hands you destroy with your own feet. So what do I recommend to clients like these? Well it really depends on the situation and what is at the root of the self-sabotage behavior.

Love Uncrossing for Self-Worth Issues
Very commonly, clients self-destruct their relationship because of low self esteem or more commonly, because they don't see themselves as worthy of love. Typically these folks will test their partners at the early part of the relationship. "Do they REALLY love me? I need to test it!" While that may not be what is consciously running through their mind when they behave that way, it is the attitude that's at the root of the situation. Ultimately it has NOTHING to do with the partner and everything to do with the client - they don't think they are worthy of love.

For these folks I prescribe the following:
The Love Uncrossing Spell Kit I sell on consists of 7 baths specially formulated to help you move past the anger, resentment, hurt and regret of a relationship and then reestablish your sense of self-worth and worthiness of love. The formula can also be used to "work through your own issues" of self-love very effectively. The key to this working is getting a little journal that you find attractive and making a point of writing in it frequently to sort out your behavior patterns, your past relationship patterns and your own issues around self-love.

The Wisdom Candle Spell
This spell works to get inside your head and help you make wiser decisions in life and come from a "higher perspective" when approaching relationship issues. To perform this spell I use a white skull candle (to get inside the person's head) and dress it with either Blessing Oil or a High John the Conqueror Oil to conquer those behavior patterns. I circle the candle with herbs for wisdom and mastery and burn the candle on a saucer placed over the person's photograph. If you have lots of bad habits or mental patterns that you seek to do away with as part of this wisdom spell, you can instead circle the candle with Evil BEGONE! Powder and place a broken chain in front of the candle

Cultivating Women's Power
Many women have been knocked down in relationships over and over again, and have lost their sense of personal power. This is especially common after an abusive relationship, or one where she sacrificed everything for her partner and then ended up being dumped for no reason.

For women in this situation, I created Women's Power Oil - to wear both as a personal fragrance, and to use on candles to cultivate female power. You can dress a St. Martha the Dominator candle with Women's Power Oil and burn it down over a photo of yourself to cultivate your female power, grow your self-confidence and take control over a situation.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Product - Women's Power Oil

Introducing my latest product - Women's Power Oil!

Originally formulated to help ladies recover from abusive relationships, this condition oil blends together herbs purported to boost a woman's power: angelica root, rosemary, rose and more. This blend is great to boost a woman's self-confidence, help her have influence over others and to restore her sexual nature. (Don't worry gents, I'll have a men's formula in no time.) You can get a bottle for yourself at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crossing Spells and Curses

Ah, the dreaded curse! You've been crossed up! They double-crossed you! You've been jinxed to hell!

One of the most feared magical acts is the curse, and many people who come to me for magical advice are convinced they are crossed up or cursed. The truth of the matter is that about 1 out of every 10 people who come to me thinking they are cursed actually are. Usually, a person's misfortunes are just a matter of their own negative thinking, or irresponsible
behavior, or just plain "life happening".

When you're cursed, you exhibit very specific symptoms and your life circumstances take a very unusual turn for the worst. A seasoned rootworker knows how to identify a crossed client by asking what their symptoms are like. They usually confirm the cursing with a reading just to be sure. Treatment usually requires the client to perform a series of Uncrossing Baths or 13 Herb Baths to remove the affliction from their body. I usually tell these clients to also perform a house cleansing because 90% of the time that person has tracked whatever cursed them (powders and such) into their home.

So, this begs the question... how do you cross someone up? Well, I'm not going to give you all of my secrets but I'll share a typical crossing spell for your curiosity. Keep in mind that you should perform an Uncrossing Bath on yourself after doing such spell work - to get the nasty energies off of you.

Crossing Candle Spell
This is a pretty typical crossing spell that uses candle magic, pins and some kind of personal concern to affect the targeted enemy on a very physical level.

You'll need:
Carve your enemy's name on the vertical part of the cross candle. Carve "Sickness and Devastation" on the cross bar of the candle across the name. (You can substitute any affliction for what I selected above... such as bad luck, misery, impotence, poverty, divorce, etc.) The idea is that you are "Crossing" the person's name with the affliction. Dress the candle with Crossing Oil by stroking the oil away from you, all the while cursing (using cuss words) and declaring with great emotion what misfortune you'd like to see your enemy hit with. Dust the candle with Crossing Powder.

On a large plate, lay out an equal armed cross of crossroads dirt. Retrace that cross by sprinkling vandal root. Retrace the cross again with sulfur. Set the personal concerns of your target in the middle of that cross and state clearly "I cross you up (Enemy's name)! Anything you go after fails, anything you try to accomplish slips through your fingers, and your path through life is filled with misery, suffering and devastation!" Place the candle on top of the personal concerns.

Light the candle and once the flame is steady, take 13 pins and one-by-one, heat the tips in the flame of the candle and poke them into the sides and arms of the candle. As you poke each one, curse the target with some kind of misery or affliction. Once all the pins are in the candle, leave it to burn.

At this point, take your Uncrossing Bath.

When the candle is done burning, dispose of the remains at a 4-way crossroad, or by tossing them over the wall of a cemetery. Walk away without looking back.

The photo above was a crossing spell I performed for a client. The target was publicly discredited and immediately removed from his job and out of my client's life. Good stuff.

Crossing an Enemy Using Foot Track Magic
Hitting an enemy through the feet using foot track magic is one of the most common and well-tested spells you can do. Crossing usually involves laying out something in the form of an equal armed cross where your enemy will walk over it. Typically Crossing Powder or Hot Foot Powder are used. To really hurt an enemy and make them crawl around on the floor on all fours, howling like a dog, use Goofer Dust.

It's simple, really. Just take your powder, mix it half-and-half with local dirt to hide the color, then sprinkle it on your enemy's porch or doorstep in the shape of an equal armed cross. You can also sprinkle it on the ground by the driver's side door of their car for them to tread on it when they get in. When you sprinkle the powder make sure you are walking bent over, backward and calling your target's name for it to afflict them. It will only hit the person you name, all others will tread over it and be fine.

Make sure to take an Uncrossing Bath when you get home to remove the evil powders from your body.

The crossing work that I perform is much more elaborate but still based on some of the fundamental principles in this posting. I tend to work more with spirits and using them to cross or torment people, and I also get a lot of mileage out of reversing spells to get back at people. You might want to consider a reversing before resorting to crossing someone up.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spell to Slide out of a Situation

I recently had a client approach me with a case where an enemy was unjustly persecuting him and his family. This enemy was a crooked official and had power to cause lost of legal problems for my client. The reading I conducted on his behalf explained that the best course of action was to "get my client off of this guy's radar" - essentially, an Invisibility/Protection spell.

Slide Through it With Okra
To accomplish this, I resorted to using an herb that I've gained knowledge of through my Lukumí practice - okra! Okra, also known as quimbombó in Spanish, is a very effective herb for sliding out of situations or getting negativity to just slide right off of you. Anyone who has ever cooked with okra knows that it creates a slimy mucilage when it is cut open. This slippery slime is the key to its success. Other herbs that exhibit this same slimy quality that are used to get people to stop pestering you include chia seeds and slippery elm (two excellent herbs for stop gossip work).

A Spell to Slide Out of a Situation
In the spell (photo to the right) you can see that I used a white figural candle to represent my client, and two offertory candles, one for each of his children involved in the situation. Their names are carved into the wax and the candles are dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. A ring of 21 okra pods are placed around the edge of the plate to deflect the attention of any enemies, and a name paper was prepared with the client's name and his kids' names encircled with "out of sight, out of mind".

The candles were allowed to burn all the way down, then in a non-hoodoo twist, I placed the plate on top of Yemayá's pot for three days. Yemayá is the orisha (Lukumí goddess) of motherhood and through obí divination (using 4 pieces of coconut) she consented to help with my client's situation. Here's an example where magical techniques can be paired with other spiritual paths of similar African heritage for an unexpected plan of attack.

Okra Baths For Protection Against Negativity
Okra can also be used in magical baths to have enemy work slide right off of you. They are best used defensively once you get the sensation someone is working tricks against you. They are easy to prepare and effective, especially at calming you down if you're getting worked up about the issue.

You'll need:
  • A washtub or big bowl
  • A small bowl
  • 13 okra pods
  • white rum
  • salt
  • a strainer
Take the 13 okra pods and put them in the small bowl. Add about 2 cups of warm water. Begin manually breaking up the okra pods, squishing them between your hands and fingers, getting the mucilage to come out of them. Pray Psalm 23 while you mash up the okra. Continue to work the pods until they are finely mashed up in the water. Now strain the okra and pour the fluid only into the big bowl. Discard the chunky okra parts.

To the large bowl of water add sufficient bath-temperature water to fill the bowl. Add in a good glug of rum and a tablespoon of salt. (Sounds like we're making dinner, huh?) Stir the mixture around with your hand while you pray to God to take the evil afflictions, intentions and wishes of others off of you, to give you the fortitude to slide out of this situation and be protected and safe in His grace.

Take the prepared bowl of magical bath into the shower. Place two white candles on either side of the shower door or tub so that you walk between them when you exit. Light the candles, disrobe and take the bath with you into the shower. Pour the fluid over your body from your head down toward your feet praying Psalm 23. If you are EXCESSIVELY sticky you can rinse a bit with some fresh water from the tap. When you are done, wipe the excess fluid off of your body with your hands always wiping from head down toward your feet. Step out of the bath or shower by walking backward between the candles, (slipping out of the situation).

Towel dry, wear clean clothes, and stay out of trouble for the rest of the day (don't go into noisy places, bars, crowds, etc.). You can rinse out your tub or shower to get rid of the rest of the mucilage. Place the two white candles on your altar and allow them to burn down. There's no need to capture your used bath water or dispose of it in any special way.