Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spell to Make Him Talk

I recently had a client hire me to do some spell work regarding an upcoming legal battle that was going to take place. Turns out my client's ex owes my client a lot of money and now has the audacity to take him to court and claim that my client INSTEAD owes HIM money. This is patently false, and my client has lots of documented evidence and accounting to prove the situation.

My client basically asked me to make sure the negotiations between their lawyers favored my client. The best route of action was simple - use the target's weaknesses against him. He is known for lying himself in circles, getting flustered and upset and looking like a fool in arguments. Below was my course of action regarding the situation.

Spell to Make Him Talk
My intent was to make the target get upset, confused and start arguing himself in circles of concentric lies. This would be a piece of cake.

First I created a name paper out of a photograph of the target. On the back, I wrote the target's name 9 times, then crossed his name 9 times with my client's name (so that my client would dominate him). I encircled this matrix with "Lie yourself in circles" written repeatedly as one circle around the matrix, never lifting my pen in the process. I 5-spotted the paper with Command! Oil, and folded it up three times in such a way that his mouth in the photo would be the only thing visible.

Secondly, I took a black skull candle (to get inside his head) and used a kitchen knife to carve out the mouth. I carved the target's name on the back of the candle along with his zodiacal sign, and the words "Lie yourself in circles". I then packed the mouth of the candle with red pepper (to force open his mouth), sulfur (to cross up his words), and deerstongue (to make him very eloquent in his lies). I dressed the candle with Command! Oil from my product line, and placed it on a saucer. I then sprinkled a circle, counter-clockwise, around the candle of poppy seeds (for confusion), black mustard seeds (to trip up his memory), and red peppers (to make him angry). I placed this saucer over the name paper, and burned the candle down on a Saturday.

The candle took 7 days to burn down (odd, because these candles normally burn quickly - so I took it as a sign that the progress would be slow but steady). When the candle was done burning, I lifted the saucer and found that the heat from the candle burned a black circle on the mouth of the photo - a PERFECT sign.

I gathered the left-overs together, including the saucer, and threw them into a crossroads over my left shoulder, shattering the plate and walked away never looking back.

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