Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Foot Spells with a KICK!

Hot footing is one of the more benign ways of getting rid of someone. It's basically a "get away from here" spell - no ill wishes intended. The classic method of getting rid of someone is just to sprinkle some Hot Foot Powder where they'll walk over it, thus affecting them "through the feet" - causing them to hot foot it out of town.

I've come up with some new, inventive and different approaches to hot foot someone out of your life, and decided to share some of them here.

Fire Under Your Feet, Haunt in your Home
This is a spell performed when you have a noisy neighbor or someone living in close proximity to you that you really need to get rid of. It effectively burns a fire under their feet, and at the same time haunts their home so that they NEED to get out of where they are.

Take a red glass-encased candle, dress it with GTFO! Oil and a generous pinch of Hot Foot Powder, as well as a pinch of Graveyard Dirt. As you add in the Graveyard Dirt, pray to the spirit that it belongs to and instruct then to haunt that person's mind, their dreams and their home. Instruct them to make it miserable to live there, to open and close doors and cabinets, make scary noises, the whole deal.

Next lay out a "crossroads" of Graveyard Dirt on your surface. Add arrow heads to the four ends of the crossroads and instruct that same spirit to drive those individuals (calling them by name) far away from here. I like to say "they can be happy anywhere, but they can't be happy here!" Instruct the spirit to continue to haunt them and that house UNTIL THEY LEAVE, at which point he is to stop harassing them and leave them in peace.

Tap the candle three times on your counter to seal in the energy, set it in the center of the crossroads and burn it all the way down. Interpret the results of the candle's burn as a sign to the success of the spell.

Hot Foot + Shut Up Spell
This little spell not only gets the person out of your life but compels them to stop their gossiping hateful ways. I affectionately call it the STFU/GTFO spell since it uses both products.

Get a black figural candle of the appropriate gender to correspond with the intended target. Carve their name into the back of the candle with a coffin nail. Using the same nail, carve out the mouth of the candle so that you can put things in it. Now, dress the candle with STFU! Oil and GTFO! Oil, rubbing the oil onto the candle by stroking away from you.

Next, stuff the mouth of the candle with STFU! Powder. As you do this, call the target by name and command them to shut the hell up, stop their gossip, and that the bitter taste of their evil words will fill their mouth. Now wind black thread around the candle's mouth like a gag, and as you do so state "(Target's Name) I gag you and shut you the hell up! Never again will you utter a single word about me or against me. Taste the bitterness of your hateful words and learn from your mistakes!"

Now, lay out a crossroads of Hot Foot Powder on your surface with arrow points at the ends of the croassroad lines. Stand the candle up in the center of the crossroads and add a bit more powder on top of the candle's feet. Burn the candle all the way down. Interpret the behavior of the candle's burning pattern and any wax drippings.

Finally gather together all of the remnants from the spell and go to the nearest river that runs out of town. Toss that mess into the river over your left shoulder saying "Just as this river runs out of town, so shall you run run run out of my life forever, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, AMEN!" Walk away and don't look back.

These spells work effectively to get rid of troublesome people without directly hurting them. At most they will feel the effects of their own actions and learn from their mistakes. At worst, they will just move away and keep up their obnoxious behaviors, but far away from you.


Priestess Divine said...

Hello Dr E.!

I wanted to know if it would be also good to Hotfoot someone for a job. Say if you want your competition to GTFO of the running for a job? There is already a freezer spell but I want to make sure they are out of the running too.


Stacie Dudley-Spradlin said...

I would like to find someone that has innovative ways to use HOT foot powder that is in someones tracks but not be seen by Surveillance Systems?? Can you use it with a blend of other herbs and make a liquid solution (that you could spray) or does it always have to be dry and mixed with local dirt??