Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Stop Gossip + Hot Foot Spell: a client's experience

I recently prepared a custom spell kit for a client that involved a candle working that was part "stop gossip" and part "hot foot". The intention was to drive an meddling family member out of my client's life and to get them to stop their hateful lies that they were spreading to other family members.

The spell involves taking a black figural candle, carving the mouth out, packing it with STFU! Powder, and wrapping a black string gag around it. Then, the candle is stood on a mini-crossroads of Hot Foot Powder compelling her to get out of the person's life. This is all burned over a prepared name paper for the target. Here are some photos from the spell's progress.

According to my client, the flame split into three separate flames one of which burned at the candle's head, the second somewhere in the middle of the body and the final one at its feet. These are perfect signs for the spell doing exactly what it is supposed to; make the person taste the bitterness of their hateful words and stop gossiping, and then lighting a fire under their feet to get them to go away. The candle popped, crackled and made a lot of noise as it burned, indicating that spirits of the dead were assisting the work. The remains of the candle spell were bundled up in the foil and then thrown into a river that runs out of town over her left shoulder, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

The finished wax drippings look like an ear and an eye, which I interpreted to warn the client to keep an eye and an ear out for any more of her vitriol, and if necessary, follow up with more drastic measures. The client was very pleased with the process and is following up by planting Hot Foot Powder directly in the target's home, as well as lacing gifts with Hot Foot Powder and STFU! Powder and sending them to the family member to directly get these substances on them.

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