Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spells to Counter Self-Defeat in Relationships

All too often, clients come to me with a situation that has completely fallen apart because of their own actions. It's a simple case of being your own worst enemy. What you create with your own hands you destroy with your own feet. So what do I recommend to clients like these? Well it really depends on the situation and what is at the root of the self-sabotage behavior.

Love Uncrossing for Self-Worth Issues
Very commonly, clients self-destruct their relationship because of low self esteem or more commonly, because they don't see themselves as worthy of love. Typically these folks will test their partners at the early part of the relationship. "Do they REALLY love me? I need to test it!" While that may not be what is consciously running through their mind when they behave that way, it is the attitude that's at the root of the situation. Ultimately it has NOTHING to do with the partner and everything to do with the client - they don't think they are worthy of love.

For these folks I prescribe the following:
The Love Uncrossing Spell Kit I sell on consists of 7 baths specially formulated to help you move past the anger, resentment, hurt and regret of a relationship and then reestablish your sense of self-worth and worthiness of love. The formula can also be used to "work through your own issues" of self-love very effectively. The key to this working is getting a little journal that you find attractive and making a point of writing in it frequently to sort out your behavior patterns, your past relationship patterns and your own issues around self-love.

The Wisdom Candle Spell
This spell works to get inside your head and help you make wiser decisions in life and come from a "higher perspective" when approaching relationship issues. To perform this spell I use a white skull candle (to get inside the person's head) and dress it with either Blessing Oil or a High John the Conqueror Oil to conquer those behavior patterns. I circle the candle with herbs for wisdom and mastery and burn the candle on a saucer placed over the person's photograph. If you have lots of bad habits or mental patterns that you seek to do away with as part of this wisdom spell, you can instead circle the candle with Evil BEGONE! Powder and place a broken chain in front of the candle

Cultivating Women's Power
Many women have been knocked down in relationships over and over again, and have lost their sense of personal power. This is especially common after an abusive relationship, or one where she sacrificed everything for her partner and then ended up being dumped for no reason.

For women in this situation, I created Women's Power Oil - to wear both as a personal fragrance, and to use on candles to cultivate female power. You can dress a St. Martha the Dominator candle with Women's Power Oil and burn it down over a photo of yourself to cultivate your female power, grow your self-confidence and take control over a situation.

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Unknown said...

A very wise and strong post about an issue I've struggled to conquer in my past, especially my recent past. Self-worth and personal attitudes that stay below sea level can, indeed, drag down even the most of earnest of prospective lovers and soulmates if one is not careful. Recently, I looked at one of my older, now defunct blogs and it shocked me to see so much anger and despair coming from, well, ME. I had been in a toxic relationship and its poison had coloured everything about the way I saw the world, how I saw men in general, how I saw life. When I saw that old journal, I realised the importance of me working much harder to cleanse myself of that pain and that anger. I also realised that on some level I had already begun that healing due to my own need to get healthier, physically and mentally. As of now, I am free of those bonds that kept me low and unhappy, and most of all, I realise that those bonds were, in many ways, self-imposed. I am now ready and open for new possibilities with regard to loving relationships with an understanding that the love must begin with the self and the Divine. Keep doing what you are doing--this post will be one I will refer to again and again as I move towards attracting happiness and healthy relationships with myself and with loved ones.

Peace and Joy!