Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Which Hoodoo Love Product is Right for Me?

Love love love... no matter what the season, love is at the forefront of every rootworker's client work. I often receive questions about which love product is right for a given situation, so I thought I'd go through each of the ones I offer and explain how they are a bit different, and give a recommended use for each.

True Love Hoodoo Oil, Herb Bath and Mojo Bag
True love is what everyone desires, and this line of products is my most "general application" for love. If you want to find your perfect mate, get a husband or wife, or meet a fantastic new partner, this is the stuff to go for.

A Hoodoo Love Spell to Draw a Perfect Mate
This spell is best performed on a Friday during the waxing moon.

You will need the following items:
  • A figural candle of the appropriate gender for what you seek to attract
  • A bottle of True Love Oil
  • A package of True Love Herb Bath
  • A list of all the qualities you seek in a perfect mate (keep it positive!)
  • A plate
  • A piece of red cloth
Take your figural candle and carve "my perfect mate" into the stomach of the candle. Dress it with True Love Oil stroking the oil toward you. As you go over each part of the candle, describe the qualities of your perfect mate. For example, "Your hands are soft and lovingly care for me when I need it. Your mind is keen and brilliant. Your lips whisper soft loving words to me. Your legs are strong and walk by my side through life's joys and sorrowes." etc.

Take your list of all the qualities you seek in a perfect mate and "5-spot" it with True Love Oil, by dabbing a bit on each corner and in the center of the page. Fold the list in half toward you. Rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise and fold it in half toward you again. Rotate it one more time clockwise and fold it in half toward you for the last time. Place this under a plate and place the dressed figural candle on top of the plate.

Now ring the candle with the herbs from the package of True Love Herb Bath, by sprinkling them clockwise around the candle. Burn the candle until it has finished, then gather up the remaining wax and your list of qualities and wrap them up in a piece of red cloth. Place this bundle near your front door (or bury it near your front doorstep if you can). You can hide it in a vase or some other container too. The idea is to place it near your front door to draw your True Love to your doorstep and into your life.

Attraction Oil, Herb Bath and Powder
Attraction products were made to increase a person's attractiveness. It magnetically draws people to you. This is a good line of products to use in order to meet new people and draw new potential dates to you, or to get a person's attention.

Attraction Herb Baths to Draw a Date
This is a great spell when you're heading to a social event and want to meet new potential mates.

You'll need:
Start by dumping the packet of Attraction Herb Bath into a coffee cup. Pour boiling water over it and allow it to stand for about 5 minutes to let all the herbs release their essences into the water. After five minutes strain out the herbs and pour the cup of water into a larger bowl or basin of bath-temperature water. Add in a little dab of honey to the water. Pray over this prepared bath for God to magnetically attract a beautiful new mate into your life, for him or her to find you sweet and attractive and for you to meet quality people that you, too, find attractive.

Take the bowl into the bathtub or shower. Light two white candles and place them on either side of the tub so you will cross between them as you enter and exit the tub. Either plug the tub or stand over another bowl to capture some of your used bath water.

Now pour the herb bath over you from feet upward toward your head, to draw in the new potential mate and attract others. As you do so, pray in your own words, stating how attractive and magnetic you are, how you are beautiful in everyone's eyes, etc. You might even describe the kind of person you'd like to meet and the qualities they have. When you are done using all of the bath, begin to wipe the excess liquid off of your body using your hands. ALWAYS stroke in an upward motion from your feet toward your head to draw in the positive attractive forces.

Now step out of the bath between the white candles and air dry. If you are cold stand in front of a heater. Don't engage in any mundane activities, just focus on your goal of being attractive to others. You can continue the wiping action with your hands - it speeds the drying process.

Once you are dry, you can dress your body with some of the Attraction Oil by dabbing a bit on your wrists, over your heart, behind each ear and on the bottoms of your feet. Dress in clean clothes.

Take a bit of the captured bath water outside and toss it over your left shoulder so the water flings toward the east, saying "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, AMEN!" Now return inside, snuff out the candles, let the rest of the bath water drain away, and go to your social event to meet great new people.

Love Me NOW! Oil, and Powder
Love Me NOW! products were formulated as coercive love products. Use these when you are targeting a specific person to make them fall in love with you. The trick to coercive love magic is repeated application and the more physical you can get in applying these on the targeted person, the more effective your magic will be.

A Sneaky Love Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love With You
This spell is best performed during the waxing moon on a Friday.

You'll need:
  • A packet of Love Me NOW! Powder
  • Hair from the head of the person you seek to target
  • A small glass jar or bottle with lid
  • A lodestone and some magnetic sand
  • 1 bottle of Love me NOW! Oil
  • A red candle big enough to fit in the mouth of the jar or bottle, or on top of it when the jar is capped
Take the red candle and care "LOVE ME NOW!" on one side, and the target's name on the other side. Dress the candle with Love Me NOW! Oil by stroking the oil toward you while you call your lover's name, commanding him to love you and come to you. Set this aside.

Take the bottle or jar and rub a little Love Me NOW! Oil on the inside of the jar and lid. Then place your lover's hair inside the bottle. Next dress the lodestone with some Love Me NOW! Oil and instruct it to draw your lover to you, making him think constantly of you and crave for your company and physical touch. Place the lodestone in the bottle and give it a healthy pinch of magnetic sand to feed it and help it keep working strong.

Now dump the majority of the packet of Love Me NOW! Powder into the bottle. As you do so, call your lover's name out loud, commanding him to come to you, love you with his/her heart, soul and mind. Command all five of his or her senses to be intoxicated with you and for them to come running to you and love you with all they have.

Take the remainder of the Love Me NOW! Powder and dust the candle with it. Place the candle in the mouth of the jar. If it is too small or too big, you can cap the jar and stick the candle to the top (if you have a cork for a lid, place the candle in a candle holder next to the bottle so it doesn't catch fire). Light the candle and let it burn all the way down, calling your lover to you with the light of your magic and the power of your intent.

When the candle is done burning, cap the jar (putting the wax drippings inside if there are any). Place the jar under your bed to draw your lover to your bed where you can seal the deal in an erotic encounter.

Love's Fire Oil
Love's Fire Oil was formulated to help fire up existing relationships that might have gone a bit cold in the intimacy department. Use it to rekindle the romance in a marriage, or to make the most of a romantic getaway.

Fire of Love Hoodoo Spell
This spell will get your partner fired up for a night of serious romance. It uses a one-two punch of Love's Fire Oil and Hot Fucker Oil for maximum impact.

You'll need:
  • A red penis candle (if your partner is male) - OR - a red vagina candle (if your partner is female)
  • A bottle of Love's Fire Oil
  • A bottle of Hot Fucker Oil
  • A Southern John Root
  • A muslin bag
  • Some of your partner's pubic hair
  • A plate
Take the genital candle and carve your partner's name from the bottom toward the top of the candle (to make their sexual fluids RISE). Lovingly stroke Love's Fire Oil on the genital candle as if you were making love to it, speaking your partner's name aloud, making sexy statements about all of the intense sex you'll have together.

Place your partner's pubic hair on the center of the plate and place the genital candle on top of it. Now rub some Hot Fucker Oil on the Southern John Root and place that on the plate at the foot of the candle (but not too close so it won't get captured in dripping wax).

GO WASH YOUR HANDS CAREFULLY to remove any lingering oil.

Return to the candle and light it. While you gaze into the light of the candle, begin to pleasure yourself sexually. The objective here is to gather some sexual fluids, but NOT CLIMAX. When you have collected some vaginal fluids (for the ladies) or a bit of precum (for the men) rub that onto the candle and state "My sexual fire draws your sexual fire and together we will ignite the fire of love that is within us! AMEN!"

Allow the candle to burn all the way down. When it is done burning, get the Southern John Root, place it in a muslin bag and gather up your bed linens. Wash the linens and toss in the muslin bag containing the Southern John root. When you dry the sheets, remove the Southern John Root.

The candle remnants can be lovingly gathered up in a little bag and placed under the bed. Put the newly dressed sheets on the bed and get ready for a night of some HOT sex!

This controversially named product is strictly to have hot sex - no attachments required. It is a seduction oil plain and simple. Sure you could use it in a loving context with great results, but you can also use it just to get some action for a night on the town.

Seduction Hoodoo Spell
All you need for this is a bottle of Hot Fucker Oil. Plain and simple, dress your own body with the oil (do a patch test first to make sure you don't have any skin sensitivity!) by dabbing a bit on each wrist, inside the crooks of your elbows, behind each ear, behind each knee, and a dab on the bottom of each foot. As you do so, read the Song of Solomon - Chapter 5 aloud.

Now head out for your night on the town and make a point to go after the guys or gals you find interesting. You'll see them respond in a much more physical way than they usually do!


Binky4666 said...

For the love me spell if I don't have any hair, can I use his photo and/or tissue that I rubbed his car door handle with. He is no longer with the gf at the moment so I'm trying to strike while the iron hot w/my ex. Thanks

Dr. E. said...

You can use a photo but it isn't as powerful as using his hair.

Binky4666 said...

I have his hair but its in a honey jar which I'm going to start using again. The situation happened so quick I'm trying to capitalize.

Binky4666 said...

One more thing I forgot to ask. I'm about to get some mason jars from work and get the materials for the love me spell. He likes me & is comfortable hangin out but is very reserved. Can I add hot fucker oil to get him a little more revved up? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I do not have any hair from his head however I do have his razor he left here when he spent the weekend, and it still has beard shavings in it. Will that work?

Dr. E. said...

Yes the hairs from his razor will work too.