Monday, January 31, 2011

The Reconciliation Jar Spell

Reconciliation is one of the most common requests I get from my clients. It is also one of the more difficult and unpredictable types of magica out there. Reconciliation is always highly dependent upon many factors including the emotional states of both people involved and their environments. Remember, with reconciliation spell work you are healing hearts, softening minds and repairing major damage that has been done. It is SLOW STEADY WORK. Get the thought that it will turn around quickly out of your mind right now, because you'll only cause yourself unnecessary stress and turmoil over the situation. It must be approached with a calm and confident mind, and with faith in God that your situation can be healed.

There are other special considerations when doing any Reconciliation Spell work. Check out this article I wrote on the Hoodoo Crossroads Blog about Reconciliation Spells: Things that Every Client Should Keep in Mind.

The Reconciliation Jar Spell
This spell is something that I can perform for you as part of an extended Rootworking Consultation, or you can purchase the Reconciliation Spell Kit from and do it yourself. It's a complete kit that has everything you'll need to work this spell.

This includes:

In order to do this spell, you'll need personal concerns from your ex. For the most effective spell, you'll want a sample of their sexual fluids or blood. You will also need a sample of your own personal concerns to match theirs. Here is a list of effective personal concerns you can use from strongest to weakest:
  • semen, menstrual blood or vaginal fluids

  • hair

  • fingernail clippings

  • urine, mucus or other bodily fluids

  • foot tracks

  • dirty, worn clothing, or other item that was worn against the skin

  • handwriting sample

  • a photograph

Start by taking a magical bath with Reconciliation Herb Bath. Prepare the bath by adding the packet of herb bath to a cup and pouring boiling water over it. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes, then strain out the herbs and add this herbal infusion into a big washtub or basin full of bath-temperature water. Take this into the bathroom and light two white candles - tea lights will do - and place the on either side of the tub so you cross through them when you get in and out. Disrobe and enter the bathtub. Pray Psalm 32 and pour the bath over your body from your feet up to your head - to draw your lover back to you. Make sure to catch some of the used bathwater by either plugging the tub or standing over a bowl to catch some of the water that runs off of you. Exit the bath and air dry. Dress your body with some of the Reconciliation Oil and put on some clean clothing. Take the bit of used bathwater outside and toss it over your shoulder toward the east then return home without looking back.

Next, take the jar and rub a little Reconciliation Oil along the inside. Next take the pink candle and carve your name into it, along with your ex-lover's name. On the other side of the candle carve "Reconciled Love". Dress the candle with some Reconciliation Oil by wiping the oil toward you as you call your ex-lover's name aloud, commanding them to soften their heart, soften their mind and come back to you to repair the love between you. Now sprinkle a little bit of the Reconciliation Powder on the candle and set it aside.

Place your ex-lover's personal concerns in the jar, along with yours. If you use his hair, use a bit of your hair as well, for example. If you can tie the two samples of personal concerns together with pink thread, that would be even more effective. Add in the packet of reconciliation herbs into the jar, calling to the spirits of the herbs to heal the love between you, to soften your hearts, minds and spirits to forgive the transgressions of the past and draw toward one another once again. Add a pinch of Reconciliation Powder into the jar as well.

Holding the jar up to your mouth, pray Psalm 32 into the jar and call out your ex-lover's name three times saying "Return to me. Forgive me. Love me once again. You cannot wait to see me again. You cannot wait to hear me again. You cannot wait to smell me again. You cannot wait to touch me again. You cannot wait to taste me again. For I am the loveliest person you have ever had and you and I belong together. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen!" Then cap the jar.

Place the jar on a ceramic plate. Take the dressed and prepared pink candle and melt the bottom of it, and stick it to the top of the jar. Light the candle and pray over it while the candle takes flame. Pray for your ex - pray using their full name - for them to come back to you and love you once again. Let the candle burn all the way down.

Once it is done burning. Take the jar (covered in wax) and bury it as close as possible near your front door to draw your ex-lover back to your doorstep. You can bury it in a potted plant if you don't have earth near your doorstep. You can also hide it in a container near the door. As an alternative, you can put the jar under your bed to draw your ex back to your bed once again. Leave that jar there to do it's magic. The rest of the Reconciliation Powder can be used to dress letters or presents that you send to your ex, or it can be sprinkled on the ground where they will walk across it. Make sure to call them by name as you sprinkle it.

After the spell has been done it's important to let your ex know that you have an open line of communication either by speaking regularly or contacting them on the phone from time to time. Don't be pushy or oppressive or you'll drive them away and ruin the work you are doing.

Because reconciliation work is slow you should see results by the end of three months. If nothing has happened and your ex continued to want to be away from you, then you might want to look into some Cut Away work to heal your heart and move past the relationship.


Unknown said...

this is great do we need much hair or 1 or 2 little pieces would do??? can we also add honey to this jar for sweetening effect to somone?? i would like to try this but want to make sure to do it right. thanks

Dr. E. said...

Do the spell like it says. Don't get inventive.

One or two little pieces of hair will do. It's not about quantity it's about quality.

Unknown said...

thanks Dr. E....can i use that in conjuction with honey jar???? tryint to sweeten someone and from what i read it seems to be the best for that...

Lucky Stampede said...

The subject of this spell broke up with her boyfriend and it was largely my fault. He was bad for her anyway, but I'm still the one that drove a wedge between them. We were never really lovers either, though we both wanted to be, but the timing was never right. We still remain good friends, and I see her almost every day. The real problem is that when we've talked about it, she's said she doesn't think we could ever be lovers now because of the bad feelings from her breakup.

Is this a good spell for this situation? Or should I look at another one?