Monday, April 18, 2011

Stop Gossip Spell - The Sweet Way

As a compliment to my last Stop Gossip Spell, I offer a more subtle, sweetening Stop Gossip Spell. This spell will also use a beef tongue but works toward changing the way people speak about you from negative gossip into positive praise.

The Sweetening Stop Gossip Beef Tongue Spell
This spell combines together sweeteners along with commanding herbs and some palo herbs for maximum effect.

You'll need:

  • A beef tongue
  • a strip of brown paper for each person you intend to target
  • palo cambia voz
  • calamus root
  • licorice root
  • sampson snake root
  • a purple jumbo candle
  • a purple ribbon
  • Command! Oil
  • honey
  • a knife
  • a pen
  • nine long needles

Preparing the Components
Start by cutting a slit down the length of the beef tongue deep enough to insert your slips of paper. On your slips of paper, write the full names of each person you intend to target (those who have been speaking ill of you) - one name per paper. Dab the four corners and center of each paper with Command! Oil. Slather the beef tongue with Command! Oil as well. Set the papers and beef tongue aside.

Using a pointy tool (like a skewer) carve "Change your tone! Praise me!" on one side of the candle and the names of the people you are targeting on the other side. Dress this candle with Command! Oil by wiping the oil on the candle away from you. Set the candle aside.

Casting the Spell
Start by grinding up the Palo Cambia Voz, Sampson Snake Root, Licorice Root, and Calamus Root either using a mortar and pestle or an electric grinder (it might help to pulverize the palo cambia voz by grating it on a metal file first). You want to grind them down into a powder. Dust the candle with a bit of this herb powder. Place the slips of paper in the slit in the tongue. Sprinkle plenty of the ground up herbs into the slit of the tongue and cover the entire surface of the tongue with the ground up herbs.

Now insert one needle into the back of the tongue so that both ends of the needle are poking out of the tongue. Now do the same with the remaining 8 needles (four on each side) along the edges of the tongue. Take the purple ribbon and thread it around the needles and criss cross them across the tongue (like you're lacing up a shoe) pulling the ribbons tight causing the tongue to curl in on itself and be tied up. When you get to the end, tie the ribbons in a bow just like you would tie your shoe. Declare "I tie up your false words and change your story. From now on you will only speak highly of me and praise everything that I do! AMEN!" as you tie the ribbon. You may pray in your own words as well.

Now place the tongue on a large plate or in a bowl and begin to slowly pour the honey over the tongue starting at the back of the tongue and allowing it to run down the length of the tongue until it drips off of the tip of the tongue (so that sweet compliments will dribble off the ends of your enemies' tongues).

Take the candle and set it in a candle holder. Place this next to the plate and allow it to burn all the way down. When the candle is done burning, and the tongue has sat on your altar for three days, take the tongue and the remnants of your candle and put them in a brown paper bag. Take this to a large tree with a whole in it and stick it in there for the work to continue and so that the spell cannot be tracked back to you. If you can't find a tree with a hole in it, you can also deposit it at a crossroads.

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