Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All New Setting of Lights Service!

A Fast Luck Candle from our
Setting of Lights Service
It is with great enthusiasm that I announce our all-new Setting of Lights Service! Before setting of lights involved custom orders and needing to email back and forth to get clarity on the purpose of your light. Now, shoppers will have almost fifty different lights they can select for their Setting of Lights service! Setting of Lights is a candle burning service performed by our hoodoo rootworkers on your behalf.

Setting of Lights Hoodoo Style
Our Setting of Lights service is an effective and inexpensive way to have some rootwork done on your behalf. We use 7-day candles, dress them with Dr. E. Products' hoodoo condition oils, and pinches of real herbs, roots, flowers or minerals. We handcraft a name paper to connect the candle and the targeted person. We dress the name paper with Dr. E. Products' hoodoo condition oils, and attach them to the candle. We then bless and pray over each light and set them to burn continually on our altars. Once the candle is done burning we will write up a report and email it to you with any signs or interpretations of how the candle burned.

Special Setting of Lights
An Obatalá Candle from our
Setting of Lights Service
Our Setting of Lights includes classic hoodoo candles like Fast Luck, Money Draw or Uncrossing and many others. In addition to these we've just begun offering orisha candles for devotees of the orisha religions (Santeria, Candomble, Haitian Voudoun, etc.). These include our Elegguá Candle, Ogún Candle, Ochosi Candle, Obatala Candle, Oyá Candle, Oshún Candle, Yemayá Candle and Changó Candle. These are unique for they are actually set as petitions before Dr. E.'s orisha shrines and prayed over in the African language of Lukumí as a petition for the orishas; a truly unique offering!

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