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How to Use Hoodoo Oils, Condition Oils and Conjure Oils

Hoodoo Oils are one of the most diverse magical products we offer at Dr. E. Products - They capture all of the conjure power of herbs in their oil forms, blended together with a neutral base oil, for a concentrated magical punch of power. Hoodoo Oils are typically blended for a particular magical purpose and the variety of names of our condition oils reflect that.

The Right Oil for the Right Job

The vast majority of clients and customers for Dr. E. Products' Conjure Oils come seeking money or love as their magical goals. Often folks have difficulty knowing which product to pick for their situation. We hope this simply guide will help you select amongst those oils, which is the right one for you.

What is the Right Love Hoodoo Oil for Me?

Reconciliation Oil is perfect
for healing broken love

  • True Love Oil - for a perfect mate, for lasting love or to draw "the one"
  • Love Me Now! Oil - to make a specific person love you through controlling magic
  • Follow Me Boy! Oil - to make an existing boyfriend or husband be under your control and to keep him under your thumb
  • Hot Fucker Oil - not for love, this is only for drawing sexual partners
  • Reconciliation Oil - to repair broken relationships and reconcile lost love
  • Come To Me Oil - to make a lover come to you and be with you

If you're looking for a general love oil to draw in new love go for Dr. E. Products' True Love Oil. It is great for finding a lasting long-term relationship. If you want to make a specific person fall in love with you then use Dr. E. Products' Love Me Now! Oil instead. It is used when targeting someone instead of drawing in general love. It should not be used, however, for reconciliation cases. For reconciliation you're best off using Dr. E. Products' Reconciliation Oil. It is good at healing hearts, mending broken relationships and repairing love. Follow Me Boy! Oil or Follow Me Girl! Oil is best for keeping a wandering partner in line. It prevents them from cheating on you and keeps them obedient to your wishes. It is not, however, used to make someone love you. Use Love Me NOW! Oil instead.

How to Use Hoodoo Oils with Candles

Command! Oil is used to
command and control others
One of the primary uses for Hoodoo Oils is by using them with candles. They add the spirit medicine and energy of the plants contained therein directly to the candle. This is why it is important to use authentic oils that are constructed with real essential oils that contain plant essences in them. Synthetic oils will not work for this purpose. They have no spirit medicine or hoodoo energy in them. Dr. E. Products hoodoo condition oils are all made with real essential oils and even have bits of the herb in the bottle as our mark of quality.

First take a candle of the appropriate color for your goal. If your goal is money related use a green candle. If love related grab a red candle. If you seek protection, or blessings use a white candle. If you seek to curse someone use a black candle. For success use a yellow candle, and for personal power or to control others use purple candles.

Carve the name of your target into the candle's wax with a pointy tool like a chopstick. If the candle is for you, then carve your name into the candle. I also like to carve the person's birthday or zodiacal symbol for their sign into the candle. Then carve your desired magical goal into the candle. For a love spell you might carve "My perfect mate comes to me!" or for money you may carve "I get lots of money fast!"

Now that your candle has been carved, drip 2 or 3 drops of the right hoodoo oil for your goal, into your hand and stroke the oil onto the candle. I like to stroke the oil toward me for spells where I am drawing a goal (like money draw, to draw protections or to draw love). I stroke the oil away from me when I want to push something away or to afflict another person (like hot footing spells, curses or reversing spells).

Augment your Candle's Power with Hoodoo Powders and Herb Baths

Use True Love Herb Bath
to ring your love candles
for added power!
To augment the power of the candle, sprinkle some of the appropriate Hoodoo Sachet Powder on your candle as well. Just pick one that is the same as your oil and sprinkle it directly onto the candle once it has been oiled. You can even buy a packet of Hoodoo Herb Bath of the same kind as your oil and sprinkle the herbs in a ring around your candle for maximum impact. While they are designed to be baths, they are just raw herbs and you can use them for any purpose, not just baths.

Make up a Name Paper for Your Hoodoo Spell

Take a photo of your intended target and flip it face down. Write your intended goal 3 times stacked. If your goal is for money you may write "Money Comes To Me, Money Comes To Me, Money Comes To Me" where if your goal is reversing you may write "Your Evil Returns To You, Your Evil Returns To You, Your Evil Returns To You".

If your goal is a positive constructive one, turn your paper 1/4 turn clockwise. If it is a destructive or afflictive one, turn your paper 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. Then write the name of your target criss-cross over the goal, three times stacked (just like the goal). You are making a matrix of the target and the goal criss-crossed like a crossroad on the back of the photo.

Now dab some of your Hoodoo Oil on the four corners and center of the photo. This is called "five-spotting" the name paper and it adds the power of the conjure oils directly into your intention. You can also dust your name paper with Hoodoo Powders for added effect too!

Setting up Your Hoodoo Candle Spell

Place your candle in a holder and place this on a white dinner plate. Put the plate on top of your name paper and sprinkle some herbs around your candle. Pray to God in your own words for your goal then light your candle and take a moment to gaze into its light and reflect on the power of your spell. When the spell is done burning, you can gather up the name paper and the bits of leftover herb and wax and dispose of them in a trash can at a crossroads. It's my preferred place to plant finished spells of any time.

Using Condition Oils with Hoodoo Spiritual Baths

After a cleansing bath, make
sure to use an oil for protection
for for your magical goal
Another great use for hoodoo oils is after a Hoodoo Herb Bath. After you've finished taking your magical bath and have air dried your body, dab a bit of hoodoo condition oil on your body. I often recommend dabbing a bit on each wrist, behind each ear, over the heart and on the bottom of each foot. Make sure to test a little bit of the oil on your inner forearm for skin sensitivity before using lots of it on your body since they aren't formulated for skin usage.

When doing a cleansing Hoodoo Herb Bath it's best to use a protective or drawing hoodoo condition oil to replace the energetic void created by cleansing. If you use Spiritual Purification Herb Bath, Uncrossing Herb Bath, 13 Herb Bath, Cut Away Herb Bath, or Road Opener Herb Bath, it's best to follow up your bath with one of these oils:

Using Hoodoo Oils on Hoodoo Mojo Bags

A Protection Mojo Bag is
a great way to keep you safe
after cleansing, and it comes
with a FULL BOTTLE of
Fiery Protection Oil!
Hoodoo Condition Oils are commonly used to "feed" mojo bags and keep them energetically strong. Dr. E. Products' Mojo Bags come with a full bottle of the appropriate condition oil used for regular feeding. You can feed your mojo bag by "five-spotting" the bag with the condition oil and praying over it explaining that you're feeding it so that it will continue to work hard for you. With your mojo bag always remember to call it by its name and instruct it to help you as you feed it.

Dr. E. Products offers the following mojo bags for your needs. Remember each comes with a FULL BOTTLE of Dr. E. Products Hoodoo Condition Oils:

Using Hoodoo Condition Oils for Sneaky Tricks and Spells

Shut up gossipping people by
dressing their phones with
STFU! (Stop Gossip) Oil
Hoodoo Condition Oils are a great way to affect people without them knowing it. Hoodoo Oils can be used on items that your target will touch, use on their body or somehow come in physical contact with. Here are a few ideas for how to use hoodoo oils without your target knowing.

Hoodoo Spell to Get Rid of a Coworker: Dress your annoying coworkers keyboard, phone or the doorknob to their office with GTFO! (Hot Foot) Oil. Make sure to call their name and command them to go far away from you and never return when you dress the object. When your annoying coworker touches the item they will be hit and affected by the magic in the oil.

Hoodoo Spell to Secretly Heal Emotional Pain in Another: If you find that your boyfriend or girlfriend is hesitant to move forward in your relationship or they are defensive because of a painful past relationship here is a great way to heal their emotional scars so that they can learn to accept your love. Put a few drops of Love Uncrossing Oil into their shampoo or body wash. Every time they take a shower or bath, they'll be covering their head or body with the power of Love Uncrossing Oil. Love Uncrossing Oil works to unravel the pain of past relationships and open you to accepting healthy love. I often recommend this trick to clients with "hot and cold relationships".

Hoodoo Spell to Help Sell Your Home: Part of selling a home is making it appealing to those who visit it during an open house or walk-through. A great way to do this is by dressing the doorknobs or doors of the house with Prosperous House Blessing Oil. Not only will it fill the home with blessing energy making it comfortable and "homey" feeling, but it will also draw a wealthy buyer that has the financial backing to buy the home.

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