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How To Remove the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a curse delivered by
an envious lingering gaze (sometimes
accompanied by a false compliment).
I often have people coming to me thinking they've been afflicted with The Evil Eye, and want to know how to remove it or whether they've been afflicted with it. Before we can really delve into these techniques, we first need to understand what the Evil Eye really is.

What is The Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a type of curse of affliction that originates from the people living around the Mediterranean Sea. This includes the people of Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, Albania, etc.), the people of the Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, etc.) and the people of North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.). Some neighboring cultures also inherited the idea of The Evil Eye but in all cases, the affliction manifests itself in the same way.

Symptoms of The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is typified with physical symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, profuse sweating, eye afflictions (infections, redness), possible bleeding from orifices (mouth, nose or anus) and general flu-like symptoms. All of these involve some form of fluid loss from the body. It is important to note that The Evil Eye is not a sickness or medical condition, but if you are experiencing any of these things you MUST go to a doctor and have them treat your physical condition. A magical curse that is afflicting your physical health causes real physical ailments. You must use medicine under the supervision of a doctor in addition to any spiritual courses of action, to remedy the physical ailments.

How Did I Get Hit With The Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a type of curse that can be cast on someone intentionally or unintentionally. (Usually it is something unintentionally sent against another.) The Evil Eye is cast on someone by peering or fixing your gaze at them while paying them a false compliment that is laden with jealousy. Jealousy and envy are the hallmarks of The Evil Eye, and usually it is another person's envy that is at the source of the problem. For this reason it is common for parents of children from Mediterranean cultures to lightly insult, or dismiss any compliments given to their children, to counteract potential Evil Eye. Some cultures will lightly spit to dismiss the devil or counteract The Evil Eye when a compliment is paid (the fluid of the spit combats the drying nature of The Evil Eye). Usually it isn't necessary to identify who hit you with The Evil Eye - it is better to remove it and then put up protections against any future problems.

How Do You Remove The Evil Eye?

Removing The Evil Eye or cleansing The Evil Eye can be accomplished in several manners. All of them involve some kind of moisture/fluid (to counteract the loss of fluids from the body) or something representing blood or water to counteract its effects. Each culture has a different way of removing The Evil Eye. Typically, the person afflicted with The Evil Eye is the one that has to perform the cleansing - or a parent (in the case of a child) has to perform it. I'll include some of my favorites below.

Egg Cleansing To Remove The Evil Eye

One of the simplest ways to remove The Evil Eye is to take a chicken egg, and pass it over your body from your head down to your feet, making sure to thoroughly pass it over the most afflicted area of your body. As you pass the egg over your body recite The Lord's Prayer and Psalm 23. When you finish at your feet, take the egg outside and toss it over your left shoulder into a crossroad (a "+" shaped intersection of streets or roads) and walk away without looking back. If you do not have a crossroad nearby you can also toss it against a large old tree and it will disperse the energy. After you've returned home, use one of the techniques later in this article to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Uncrossing Baths To Remove The Evil Eye

One of the best ways to remove The Evil Eye's desiccating force is to take an Uncrossing Herb Bath. Dr. E. Products' Uncrossing Herb Bath contains Rue - probably the best plant there is for removing the influence of The Evil Eye. Another good option is Dr. E. Products' 13 Herb Bath (which also contains Rue). Start by taking one bath, and if you need additional cleansing, take a few more to up the total to 7 baths. Follow this link for information on How to Use Herb Baths in Hoodoo. After your bath it is best to dress your body with some Fiery World of Protection Oil which also contains Rue, in order to prevent any future attacks. You can also use some of the techniques mentioned later in this article to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Dripping Olive Oil Into Water Removes The Evil Eye

This technique comes from Italy. To do this you'll need a large bowl of water and a bottle of olive oil. Drip the olive oil into the water until you are able to form a ring of floating olive oil in the water. Pray the Lord's Prayer while you do this. Once you have done this, you have successfully removed The Evil Eye. Toss the water/oil combination outside into the street and walk away without looking back. This technique employs the use of water itself to counteract the body's fluid loss when The Evil Eye hits. Follow this up with one of the techniques below to prevent future attacks of The Evil Eye.

Okra Baths Remove the Evil Eye

Okra's slimy, watery nature will break
away the drying nature of The Evil Eye.
Okra is a powerful and magical plant when it is properly used. It can cut through or remove almost any curse on the planet including The Evil Eye. Okra is called ilá by the Lucumí people who practice Santeria which means "tears". Much like the tears that are shed when enduring hardship or a curse, okra can cleanse away the negative effects of The Evil Eye. The juicy watery nature of okra will combat the drying influence of The Evil Eye and will take it off of you immediately. To make an okra bath, take 13 fresh okra pods and place them in a large bowl of room temperature water. Rip up the pods with your hands, crush and squeeze them in the water to get their juice out. Let the bits of okra sit in the water for about ten minutes, then using a sieve, strain them out. You only want the juice. Take your bowl of okra juice into the tub or shower and dump it over your head as you pray for any evil or negativity to be removed from you including the jealousy of others. Rinse the excess juice off of your body with a shower, towel dry, anoint your body with some Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and dress in light colors for the remainder of the day. You should follow up with one of the methods below to prevent any future Evil Eye.

How To Prevent The Evil Eye

Evil Eye beads and charms like
this one help ward off The Evil Eye.
The best cure is preventative measures. Before you ever get hit with The Evil Eye, there are several charms you can use to prevent it in the first place. These are called apotropaic charms and work to deflect, reflect or block The Evil Eye. If you have been afflicted with The Evil Eye, it is best to do one of the cleansing techniques above, then use one of these protective techniques to prevent future attacks.

Evil Eye Beads, Necklaces, Charms or Jewelry to Prevent The Evil Eye

Evil Eye beads are becoming very popular in current fashion. These typically are made of blue (or sometimes red) glass in the shape of an eye and are strung onto cords worn as bracelets or necklaces. They work through the color of water (blue) or through the power of fiery red to counteract The Evil Eye before it hits you. It is common for Mediterranean families to have a large version of these glass Evil Eye charms hanging on their front door or in the foyer the moment you enter the home. This works to protect the entire house and its occupants against The Evil Eye and any jealousy they may receive from visitors or neighbors. Dress these beads with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil in order to maximize their effectiveness against The Evil Eye. I recommend dressing the beads or charms once every three months.

Coral or Jet Jewelry Prevents The Evil Eye

A jet bracelet can prevent
The Evil Eye from hitting you.
It is common in some areas of the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy) to employ the use of coral or jet as an apotropaic charm to prevent The Evil Eye. Coral grows in the sea and its connection to water counteracts the drying effect of The Evil Eye. It is also red in color which fights fire with fire to deflect The Evil Eye. Jet is another gemstone (called azabache in Spanish) that works to absorb The Evil Eye so that it does not hit the person that is wearing it. Interestingly, both of these gemstones were associated with European magical workers or witches in their cultures. A simple bracelet, necklace or earrings made of coral or jet will work to effectively block The Evil Eye. You can amplify the protective nature of these stones by dressing them with a little bit of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil once in a while. This will also help polish the stones to they are nice and shiny.

Carry a Protection Mojo Bag to Stop The Evil Eye

Our very own Protection Mojo Bag is a powerful charm to prevent The Evil Eye in addition to any evil spell work, curses, negative energy, envy, dark spirits, hauntings or any other nasty thing that may try to approach you. Our Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag includes Rue - the most powerful herb for fighting The Evil Eye - along with some other effective and powerful herbs and curios to combat dark magic. You can purchase a Fiery Wall of Protection Mojo Bag from our website at (it comes with a full bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil too!)

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