Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Services: Magical Coaching and Santeria Lessons

Hello hoodoos! Dr. E. is now offering two new consultation services for those who are interested in learning more. These are a great way to get personalized help and one-on-one guidance from an experienced rootworker.

Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice
Get magical coaching or spiritual advice from Dr. E. himself in a 30-minute lesson over phone or Skype. Magical Coaching is a great way to receive guidance on how to cast your own spells, or how to perfect the rootwork you've been doing on your own. Spiritual Advice can help you learn more about working with the spirits, or how to make better choices centered around spiritual wisdom and practice. Book a Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice session with Dr. E. today!

Santeria Lukumi Lessons
Learn as much as you'd like about the religion of Santeria Lukumi, in a 30-minute long lesson on the phone with Dr. E. During your lesson, Dr. E. will cover any topics you'd like to explore about the Santeria faith or give you a general lesson on beliefs and practices. While these lessons are not a replacement for learning from a godparent, they are a good way to tap into the experience and knowledge of an initiated priest with over 11 years of experience in Santeria. Book a Santeria Lukumi Lesson with Dr. E. today!

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