Monday, February 4, 2013

Reconciliation Hoodoo Products and Reconciliation Spell Ideas

We just updated our site to include a Reconciliation Hoodoo Products page describing our entire line of Reconciliation Hoodoo Products and Hoodoo Spell ideas:

Reconciliation Oil

Reconciliation Oil is a versatile tool for many spells used to heal a broken relationship, mend feelings between people and bring back an estranged lover. Dress a pink candle carved with your name and your estranged lover's name, with Reconciliation Oil. Roll it through Reconciliation Powder and ring it with Reconciliation Herb Bath. Burn the candle in a holder on top of a photo of the two of you. Take the remnants and gather them together in a red flannel bag and carry it close to your heart or in your underwear to draw your ex back to your life and your home. You can dress the bag once a week with Reconciliation Oil to keep it strong.

Reconciliation Herb Bath

Reconciliation Herb Bath is great to use prior to performing any Reconciliation spells to amplify your power.  You can also take a Reconciliation Herb Bath before seeing your ex to make them forgive you and want to reconcile their relationship with you. Make a cup of Reconciliation Herb Bath and add it to the laundry when you wash your husband's clothes to rekindle the passion in your marriage when it has grown cold. You can also wash your sheets in Reconciliation Herb Bath to make your estranged lover come back and share your bed once again. Reconciliation Herb Bath also makes a good herb sprinkle to ring candles burned in Reconciliation Spells.

Reconciliation Powder

Reconciliation Powder is a wonderful way to affect your estranged lover and heal a broken relationship without the knowing. Dust letters with Reconciliation Powder and mail them to your ex. When they touch the letter the powder will affect them and make them want to reconcile with you and be in a relationship with you once again. Powder pink candles that have been dressed with Reconciliation Oil with some Reconciliation Powder before burning them in reconciliation spells. You can also sprinkle Reconciliation Powder where your estranged lover will walk over it to affect him through his feet and make him want to walk back into your life.

Reconciliation Mojo Bag

A Reconciliation Mojo Bag is a powerful charm to carry to heal a broken relationship, mend hurt feelings and reunite you with your estranged partner. Carry a Reconciliation Mojo Bag when you are going to see your ex or communicate with them, to soften hearts, soften minds and make you both want to heal any rifts between the two of you. Place a Reconciliation Mojo Bag hidden in a box under your bed to rekindle the passion between you and your spouse when the relationship has run cold. Wear a Reconciliation Mojo Bag until your lover comes back to you and remember to feed it once a week by dabbing a bit of Reconciliation Oil on it to keep it strong.

Reconciliation Spell Kit

Reconciliation Spell Kit has everything you need to cast a powerful Reconciliation Jar Spell. This kit includes Reconciliation Oil, a pink candle, a screw-top jar, Reconciliation Herb Bath, Reconciliation Powder, and all of the items needed along with complete instructions. Upon casting the spell you'll have your own Reconciliation Jar Spell that you can continue to work in perpetuity by burning pink candles dressed with Reconciliation Oil on top of the jar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while praying Psalm 32. This is a great value for those looking to work long-term Reconciliation Spells.

Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights

A Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights is great for bringing back an estranged partner, healing a broken relationship or rekindling the passion in a relationship that has grown cold. We will dress, bless and burn a Reconciliation Candle for you on Dr. E's altar (candles typically last about 5 days). Once your candle has finished burning we will write up a candle burn report and email it to you with any signs and interpretations of the candle's burn. We recommend sticking to one setting of lights per month as to not overload the situation.

Reconciliation hoodoo products are perfect for mending a broken relationship, bringing back an estranged lover and rekindling the passion in a relationship that has cooled off. Before you use any Reconciliation products or try any Reconciliation spell I highly recommend you read the article Things Every Reconciliation Client Should Consider.

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