Friday, March 1, 2013

The Amazing Lucky Hand Root - Now Available at

We've just added another cool hoodoo curio to our shop for your conjuring pleasure - the Lucky Hand Root. This incredible looking root is shaped like a little hand - fingers and all! Like many hand-shaped things in conjure it is great for good luck, money luck and gambling luck. Here are some ways you, too, can use Lucky Hand Roots.

Lucky Hand Root Mojo Bag

In a red flannel bag combine together a Lucky Hand Root, an Aligator Paw and Five Finger Grass. Dress this with Van Van Oil or Lucky 777 Oil and carry it for good luck with money and gambling/lotto. Dress the bag with some of the oil right before going into a casino or when you are looking to have another wave of money come into your life.

Lucky Hand Root Hand Rub

Grind together a Lucky Hand Root, some sugar and some marigold petals until they form a fine powder. Before you play lottery tickets, play dice, play cards or any other form of gambling, take a pinch and rub it between your hands. Clap your hands three times saying "I WIN!" with each clap, then go play your game. Don't take anything from another person's hand (unless it is that lottery ticket) or they'll take your good luck away from you. Once you're done gambling you can wash your hands with cool water and go about your day. You can always reapply some more of your Lucky Hand Root Hand Rub if you're going to have one of those long days playing in the casino or the bingo hall.

Lucky Hand Root Cologne / Table Wash

If you're going to host a gambling night at your house and play some poker with your friends, here's a great way to trick the table so the cards will play in your favor. Take a Lucky Hand Root, a High John the Conqueror Root and a Lodestone, and place them inside a bottle of Hoytt's Cologne. Let them sit in the bottle for 7 days before using this. When you're going to host that poker night or other gambling night, put a dash of the tricked Hoytt's Cologne on a damp rag and use it to wipe down the seat of the chair you'll be sitting in - but NOT ANYONE ELSE'S chair. Then wipe down the table stroking toward your chair saying "All the good luck in the room is mine! I win every hand! All the winnings come to me!" Make sure to do this well before your guests come to play and the odds will be tipped in your favor. You can also wear this cologne on your hands when you go gambling.

Buy a Lucky Hand Root!

If you'd like to buy a Lucky Hand Root, visit and while you're there check out the other great hoodoo curios we offer including High John the Conqueror Root, Lodestones and Magnetic Sand!

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shelley said...

Hello Dr E
I have looked on your website for the Hoyt's Cologne and can't find it so I was wondering if you can tell me where it is on your site so I can order it please. I really love your website and I can't wait for my order to arrive. Look forward to your reply. Thanks so much.